Remembering The Trojan Barrel

As so often happens when I write about USC history, after initially writing about a subject I learn more through readers and more research.

I asked if anyone remembered Stubby Shaw on Friday.

In 1955, Shaw opened “Stubby’s Trojan Barrel” bar near USC. Many students simply called it “Stubby’s.”

Around 1965, it was purchased by Marlin and Mike McKeever. I’m not sure how long the McKeevers owned it, but in 1975 Julie Kohl purchased the bar and it became “Julie’s Trojan Barrel.”

“It was so dark, you couldn’t see yourself,” a reader who went to Stubby’s in the 1950’s told me.

Frankly, that’s what I remember about going there when it was “Julie’s Trojan Barrel.” You could walk in for lunch and it was like walking into a cave.

A USC alum told me Friday he thought Shaw might have played for the L.A. Dons football team.

Over the weekend, I came across a photo from 1956-57 of Stubby’s and on the far right is Shaw himself. Now you know why he was nicknamed Stubby.

6 thoughts on “Remembering The Trojan Barrel

  1. Met Julie Kohl at the Trojan Barrel while I was in college. Very nice lady I remember her telling all of us she purchased this smaller restaurant because it was easier for her to manage at her age. I believe the Obradovich family took over the Original Julies in the 80’s after it had been closed for awhile, and actually it did quite well especially with the Raiders playing in Los Angeles during those days. What an interesting crowd the Raider games attracted to the local restaurants.

    Went to the Trojan Barrel as a kid also when the Mckeever’s owned it also. My parents use to like to go there and Karl’s before day and night football games. Football games in those days were at reasonable hours mostly 1:30pm kickoffs with one or two 7:30pm night games a year.

    Scott…how about some pictures of Karl’s restaurant which later became Margarita Jones around the time the Olympics came to Los Angeles. Like Julie’s it was a terrific gathering place before and after USC football games. The food at Margarita Jones was terrible but the women at the outside patio bar were quite pleasing to look at.

    Memories of USC football games will remain, but the last 6 -8 years have been easy to forget that is for sure.

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    1. WOW, Great Photo!

      Stubby was my father. And, thanks for mentioning my grandmother in your previous piece.

      Scott Shaw


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      1. Top 15 in salary? That’s the way it should be!


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