Pac-12 Expected To Name Commissioner Today

The Pac-12 will name its new commissioner late Thursday morning, according to John Canzano of the Oregonian.

Who will Carol Folt and Co. choose? Folt is part of the five-person search committee so she has a bigger say than some might assume.

The scary part is just about anyone could get the job although there has been speculation about Oliver Luck, the former West Virginia athletic director and father of Andrew Luck.

Luck is a safe choice, and knows sports, which puts him ahead of Larry Scott.

The interesting part is how the job seems to have not captivated as many people as originally thought. One of the early frontrunners, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, declined interest. So did Alabama athletic director Greg Bryne.

Even West Coast Conference commissioner Gloria Nevarez got a contract extension out of it and stayed in her current job.

That shows how the Pac-12 job, which grossly overpaid Scott, is still the fourth-or-fifth best conference in the country with financial issues that make it difficult to envision the conference competing against the SEC, Big Ten or even Big 12 in football.

With so many issues, including new TV contracts approaching, the sooner it gets Scott out, the better.

UPDATED: Looks like Luck is out.

32 thoughts on “Pac-12 Expected To Name Commissioner Today

  1. Wasn’t there a story about the Pac-12 splitting the job and naming two co – commissioners?



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      1. Well, if a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model can become First Lady of the United States, then anything is possible.


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      2. The Double Mint Twins!

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    1. Good! I don’t want a guy with emotional ties to one of our biggest rivals as Commissioner …

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      1. Wasn’t crazy about her as Secretary of State — but I’ve come to really appreciate her thoughtfulness and class.

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  2. Oh okay I’ll do it but I need to be brought i up p to speed on inter mural badminton. Oh and I’ll need a hotline to Scott Wolf. Maybe some jelly belly’s in my office. I thought MG and Owns were going to share responsibility here.

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      1. Now we need a Bozo cartoon. I like the one where he floats outta his bed and into space at midnight cuz the Dog Star’s light shines through a hole in his tent …..

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  3. Dear Clay. 2 more sleeps until Exhibit A. for what tough and physical looks like. USC used to be legendary for tough and physical football until your candyass showed up offering gumdrops and smiles for all. Guess it’s like my great grandpa used to say, “who needs a rushing attack when you’ve got gumdrops and smiles”…

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  4. It won’t matter. They will not care for the PAC 12 and they will just drag it down further. I am expecting a transgender asian midget women that was a man that has Gender Equality education wiht a B.S., Master’s, and PHD in the subject. Oh Well.

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  5. Unlike the blogger, I report my sources:
    George Kliavkoff, the president of entertainment and sports at MGM Resorts, will become the new Pac-12 commissioner this summer when Larry Scott steps down, sources told The Athletic on Thursday.

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    1. Like

  6. Hey Commish! Welcome to the P12, aka the Siberia of college football. Congrats, godspeed, and best of luck on digging out of massive hole your predecessor left behind. Because I like helping people do seemingly impossible things, I want you to know that after you:
    1. wrap your head around how much damage happens when a faded tennis exec thinks he’s gettin paid by the shovel full is made el jefe/head honcho, and
    2. you come to realize that the job you just took was prestigious 15 some-odd yrs ago, back when people actually gave two shits about football on the left coast, and lastly, but certainly not leastly,
    3. you discover it’s not a cruel hoax… it’s horrifyingly true that your most valuable asset by a long shot, which also doubles as your single biggest bargaining chip come tv contract time has become an all talk, no walk, donkey show because its been entrusted to the male version of Oprah minus the business acumen.
    I will be here to help in an advisory capacity. For example, if I were you, I would send Clay Helton, as a representative of the P12 to St. John where he’d get to experience a Ross “The Boss” Rhea’s science class firsthand. That’d be the first thing I’d do if I were you… just sayin. Got a bunch more just like it. Feel free to call when you get settled. Again, congrats!

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