The Other USC’s President Resigns

University of South Carolina president Robert Caslen resigned today.

 Caslen mistakenly congratulated graduates during his graduation speech as the “newest alumni of The University of California.”

He also plagiarized two paragraphs of the speech that were originally made by retired U.S. Navy four-star Adm. William McRaven during a 2014 commencement at the University of Texas.

That it?

It would take a lot more than that for a USC (University of Southern California) president to resign. Max Nikias barely resigned after a lot of corruption and still is around to this day with a campus office and title.

Different standards, apparently.

18 thoughts on “The Other USC’s President Resigns

  1. Whatever you might think about Carol Folt, she is head and shoulders above Max. Nakias couldn’t care less about football. He was a european who didn’t know the difference between a football and a watermellon. He was definitely against bringing back the glory days in football at USC.


    1. True that Nikias didn’t care about football. But Carol doesn’t care about football either. I guess it’s just a matter of degrees.

      But at the end of the day, USC’s last two presidents don’t care about football at a football school.



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      1. Yes, John would be great —but he’d be 103 today —if he were alive.
        Betcha there are some great living candidates….

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    2. Carol Folt is a nothing. Do you the BoT is asking for her input on anything? Nope!

      Has Folt been actively involved with any of the serious decision making regarding all the scandals C.L. Max Nikias enabled or was complicit in? Nope.

      Carol Folt wields no power, she is a figurehead and nothing more.

      Carol Folt is a puppet, that’s what she is…C.L. Max Nikias puppet.


    3. Here is your Carol Folt in all her glory, the imbecile doesn’t even know how to act.

      Folt is the perfect dolt to do C.L. Max Nikias, Caruso and the USC BoT’s bidding.

      Folt is being put up in a house in Santa Monica, paid a nice salary and expected to do nothing but be a meet and greeter on Twitter and posting about social events.

      Folt is a shameless joke!


  2. Perhaps, we will get lucky and Carol Folt will apply for the job opening at South Carolina. – Maybe Honest Max Nikias will apply also.

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  4. I thought he referred to ten apostles and twelve commandments, but what got him in trouble was reference to “Daddy, Junior and holy spook.”
    He wasn’t under the alcofluence of incohol, like some thinkle peep he was.

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  5. Off topic: How about Steven Carr transferring to San Jose State where he could start against USC in the first game? Isn’t Carr from Northern Cal?


  6. Mike Bohn: I hope you do us a favor and become the new Pac 12 Commissioner. There are alot of used cars you can sell throughout the Pac 12 market. It would be the perfect next step for your career, and we can bring in a new candidate who knows SC, Understands SC, and will be more dedicated to rebuilding USC Football which is the heart and soul of USC Athletics.

    By the way folks- USC is picked 4 in the entire Pac 12 conference this year. ASU is picked 1st, and trust me Herm Edwards is building a good, and consistent program at ASU. MIKE BOHN please take note your football program is in a deep slide, and nothing will change until you hire a new Head Coach. Hiring Assistants Coaching is only a temporary patch for a ship full of leaks and sinking fast.

    Sportsline projecting #USC Football fourth in the Pac-12 this season. ASU Is ranked #1 in the conference. 🏈


  7. Question: If Clay Helton was on the sinking Titanic ship would he be the first to jump on the rescue boats, or does he praise the lord, stay until the bitter end, and sink with the ship.?

    No question in my mind he is as phony as they come, and will do anything to save his own skin as evidenced by all the firing of his assistants over the last 3 years.

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    1. Tommyd –Doesn’t the fact he hired & fired his best friends say it all?


    2. That asshole Helton would likely fall overboard just as the Titanic was sinking into the ocean and land in a lifeboat loaded with women and children, breaking his fall, avoiding serious injury to himself.

      That is the kind of luck that clueless idiot Helton has.

      Fuck Him!


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