USC Won’t Lose Twice To Colorado Next Regular Season

USC will only play Washington at home and only play Colorado on the road next season.

Andy Enfield is probably upset he can’t play struggling Washington twice but is glad he can’t lose twice in the regular season to Colorado, which has beaten the Trojans seven straight games. USC will open its Pac-12 schedule at the Galen Center against Utah on Dec. 1 and a play at Washington State on Dec. 4.

Below is the schedule rotation for the next five seasons.

11 thoughts on “USC Won’t Lose Twice To Colorado Next Regular Season

    1. Last 7 bozo BB games vs Colorado:

      SUCC 0 – 7…….LFOL

      #The Booger and his old man are impressed


  1. Last 4 vs the sow 4-0… “WE OWN LA” but not in football or basketball…

    You remember when your coach said that? Almost as funny as the idiot who thinks losing is as good as winning, eh mud?


      1. Funniest of all is when your rival has to hold others’ deeds up because their team SUCKS…
        Can’t quite get it up anymore, so he pulls out his porn videos of Johnny Holmes as proof of his own virility…

        Nice try LOSER.


      2. Beat you twice last year! Why are you such a douche bag? Get lost
        somewhere in the desert for a few years.


  2. UCLA didn’t bend over 3 minutes into the 1st half and lose to Gonzaga by 19 F**K’ing points in the Elite Eight Tournament Round.

    Cronin got a contract extension; Andyain’twinning got a FU from the Boner.

    #Colorado7 – bozoBB 0 – just stinking impressive.


    1. Lil mick is 0-4 and gets extended… great for us. 4th place in the Pac12 and gets extended… great for us.

      I’d say we’ll be just fine as long as chocolate chip and the lil mick are locked in. Remember when they said chippie would get all the big time recruits??
      Hahahahaha 💋🤡💋🖕🏽🖕🏽


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