Johnny Knoxvile And The Stunt That Backfired

Johnny Knoxville turned 50 today.

So it’s a good reminder of a stunt that backfired on USC when Knoxville came to tape his show at a practice.

Knoxville wanted to get pummeled by the team and USC agreed to oblige him.

But the players wanted to hit him so hard that defensive end Matt Childers broke his hand or wrist trying to tackle him. If it happened in the age of social media, USC would have been pummeled. But 20 years ago, it wasn’t a major headline.

Here’s some video:

9 thoughts on “Johnny Knoxvile And The Stunt That Backfired

  1. I remember Pete Carroll running down field with the kick off team at a practice. Does anyone remember Helton doing anything athletic on the football field as a coach?



  2. Who the fuck was Matt Childers? Maybe I’m missing something and we lost a starter? Well, that was the gamble. Didn’t seem to matter much in those days. And that’s a good thing. Those boys had fun, as well as the Jackass Crew. Great clip. I was attending school at that time and a friend of mine who was a walk-on is in that clip. Flow, take note: It’s okay to have fun every once in a while. Fun sometimes has consequences.

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    1. oh4trojan,

      I don’t think Scooter is ragging about the fun they had. He is raggin on how a player broke his wrist and he thinks that the pansy waist nazi socalist media would crucify the action and the brokern wrist if it happened now. That is my take.


      1. Just a heads-up: Social media and socialist media are two different things. Even I know that.


  3. Confucious say out of big mouths comes dumb shit. It borders on disrespect when he equates a D. London to a Mike Evans. It’s a long road from playing air raid ball in the P12, drawing 2nd or 3rd best cover, and running over a couple undersized dbacks on a shaky opponent, to what Evans has accomplished in 7 yrs of NFL play. Want to say they are similar physically? Fine, say that. But the direct comparison, without caveat, is horseshit best left to the pundits who don’t mind whoring out their credibility to attract viewers, make headlines, etc for ad revenue… or in this case, left to coaches trying to counter the perception they dont develop NFL talent like their predecessors did by issuing some proclamation about how his unproven guy is just like some future HOFer. This isn’t anything negative about London. Kids got a bright future. However, it’s a long, long, long goddamn way between 8200+ recieving yds in the NFL, as WR1, and 1000+ yds in the P12 flag football league as WR3. Ah hell, wtf do I concern myself with this donkey show? Clay doesn’t care about proper perspective, never has, never will. Clown.


  4. By weeks end Slovis will be Montana, Foreman will be LT, and TO will be Buddy Ryan.* Alright, that’s enough outta me.

    *or some more current name the kids will recognize from TMZ’s NFL Instagram page.


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