USC Morning Buzz: LSU Love And Basketball . . . Discontent

Check the USC newsletter today for Part II on the USC basketball drama as Andy Enfield and Mike Bohn seem to have a difference of opinion.

  • USC announced it hired Amy Johnson as football dietician. She came from LSU.

I mention it because a USC source tells me Johnson got a sterling recommendation from LSU coach Ed Orgeron.

Even though Orgeron might still resent the way he was treated by USC, he speaks to people in the athletic dept. and will help LSU employees move west if desired.

Maybe Orgeron should resent the way USC seems to try to steal his staff.

It hired the hype video guys, which ultimately blew up in USC’s (Brandon Sosna’s) face and they left after about a year.

USC hired LSU Assistant Director of On-Campus Recruiting Operations Jeff Martin.

And now USC hired Johnson, who seems to be the one LSU wished it kept.

The fanboy sites go nuts over some of the hires, especially the hype video guys, and then when it blows up pretend it never happened.

39 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: LSU Love And Basketball . . . Discontent

  1. It’s fetching nutrition, fer cripesake.
    It’s NOT rocket science.

    These folks are truly a bonus to these young student-athletes and always dedicated to helping them achieve their optimal wellness. They don’t get a ton of respect along the way either.

    I recall the last one trying to get JuJu to drink his beet juice during games, as beet juice provides some anti-oxidants or sumpin’. And we all know JuJu was monstrous.

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      1. Sorry for such a tardy reply, Michele.
        I failed earlier today to note the gravitas of your post.

        Indeed, you hit the target.
        Show Cause Chocolate Chip has elevated sport nutrition to the next level for his student athletes while also diverting the team dietician in augmenting his own man-boob bra size.

        Still I fear that despite Chip’s gender-bender cup size, he might be building an 8-4 winner in Westwood which could regulary (in italics) beat a lazy Trojan squad.


  2. I hope that instead of the team eating kale, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, and radishes, that they get jumbolya, hammock, grits, rice, beans, and that good southern cooking. The boys are getting blown off the line because they are too light.

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  3. Scooter,
    I read your newsletter. If Enfield is starting to look for another job, then let Bohn help him and get rid of him. He really hasn’t done anything in the ncaa tournament. Let black assistant, I forget his name take over. He is a good coach.

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    1. “Notre Dame Fan” needs to marinate on the idea of Dart taking over in second half IF his defensive ends really do get to Kedon…..

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      1. P.S.
        The only games Enfield lost this year were the ones played AFTER Bohn gave pep talks.

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    2. Very Petty Point Department:
      Since the Gatorade Award was on the lap of the player sitting next to him, maybe it would have been better for Jaxson to say “yeah, I already know” than to say “no way!” when Lawrence announced the winner…..

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    3. Alex Trebek:
      “This can’t miss QB and gatorade POY left his home school to find fame and fortune at UGA.”

      Ken Jennings:
      “who is JT Daniels, Alex.”

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      1. Ken:
        “I’ll take USC QB for 1000, Alex.”

        “This lowly rated USC QB beat out TWO gatorade POY to win the Heisman Trophy in his Senior year.”

        “Who is…..Cody Kessler, ALex?”

        “Oh, sorry, Ken. That would be Kedon Slovis. Kedon Slo-VIS.”

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  4. I’m not here to antagonize but ah, what the hell. The blog is D.E.A.D.

    Lindsey Gottlieb, a gift from Cal by way of the Mistake on the Lake. The coach AD Bohn got correct

    And for ‘S'( so named by mommy to make it easy for him to remember his name) and that guy who sarcastically lumped Cal into the world power category, we did whoop ‘poverty with a view’ Oregon last year. USC, juuuusssst a little short.

    Just remember $C, you have a long way to go to catch up,
    Pro money, 2021
    #1 Alabama 81active $901,250,758
    #2 California 28active $820,361,57
    The rest, Pfffffttttt.


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    1. And yet Kal still is eliminated almost instantaneously from contention as each season begins. Not sure which kali public school suffers from greater futility…

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    2. Cut and paste–CalSeventy-Five–from the Wall Street Journal.
      (For the shorter version, see * below)

      And I quote:
      Among private schools, two of the country’s top 10 colleges of any kind are located in California—Stanford University, ranked No. 4 overall nationwide, and the California Institute of Technology, No. 7 overall.

      The WSJ/THE ranking is based on 15 factors across four main categories: Forty percent of each school’s overall score comes from student outcomes, including measures of graduate salaries and debt burdens, 30% from the school’s academic resources, including how much it spends on teaching, 20% from how well it engages its students and 10% from its environment, a measure of the diversity of its students and faculty.

      The University of California, Los Angeles is the highest-ranked public school in the West, at No. 26 among all colleges nationwide. The University of California schools in Berkeley, Davis and San Diego round out the top four Western public schools, in that order. All four are also among the top 10 public schools in the country.

      Notes on the News
      The news of the week in context, with Tyler Blint-Welsh.

      Enter your email
      SIGN UP

      The University of California system’s schools in Santa Barbara and Irvine are ranked sixth and seventh, respectively, among public schools in the region. The University of Washington-Seattle is the highest-ranked public school in the West not located in California, at fifth among the region’s public schools and No. 45 among all colleges nationwide. It also made the top 10 public schools in the country.

      In addition to Stanford and Caltech, two other private schools in the West are among the top 25 colleges overall in the country—the University of Southern California, at No. 19 overall, and Pomona College, at No. 24 overall.

      *USC #19, UC Berkeley #34.

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  5. Oh Lord you people are touchy touchy.

    1. Alabama
    2. CAL.

    And few scandals. CAL that is. OUR 2/3 deeps still have to pass chemistry.

    Owns, help me out here.

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    1. A guy that used to go to my old gym played DL at Cal in the early 70s and was a high school teammate of Haden’s at BA. This guy told me some great stories about Chuck Muncie and his minder Artie Gigantino when they had to stash him at a JC to get him eligible. Chuck left Cal more or less illiterate.


      1. Knew Gigantino well.
        The only verbal skills he could teach started with Ç0Çk, ended with sucker
        with the rejoinder starting with mother and ending with, well, you know.

        Artie thought it was clever cuz it rhymed.

        That said, he was gifted with some great LB recruits at USC and seemed to develop them until Tollner&CO proved they couldn’t recruit USC. Gone by 1987.

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      2. More or less?

        He followed in the illustrious footsteps of Isaac Curtis and Herm Edwards.


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    2. Ken Jennings:
      “I’ll take California student-athletics for 500.”

      “This proud, highly selective, prestigious Bay Area school annually ranks highly in both academics and Power 5 athletics but has failed to produced a Heisman Trophy winner.”

      “What is….what is…. Stanford University, Alex?”

      No. No… it’s Berkeley, Ken.. Cal Berkeley. Sorry. Your still have the board.”

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    3. Bourbon, name the Pac-12 school with the most 5* FB recruits that is barely in the top 20 in NFL top players determined by salary. Need a hint?

      Alex has morphed into GOAT, Aaron Rodgers.

      Remember, Bourbon, Cal has to take ‘all comers’.


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      1. Indeed, Cal75, Cal takes “all comers.”

        That is, a lazy, impudent Cali HS “retread” (pardon my misspelling of the obvious) who sneaks through the Juco system in Cali can apply to UC Berk, gain admission, graduate, and claim he is a Berkeley quality “grad.” My business partner of 10 years was such a loser. He showed his lack of intelligence, skill, and fortitude daily–but proudly put his Cal diploma on the wall of our office.

        “Never before has so much been done by so many for the benefit of so few.”*

        As a lifelong, pre-prop13 Californian, I proudly embraced UC Berk and UCLA but SMDH as I see the vaunted UC system descend into the £ibt@rd abyss. Point of no return. See NY state/Ed Koch et al.

        *Bourbon4me, (original paraphase), InsideUSCScottwolf 2021/May


      2. Touche. (a French term for “put a sword through the heart muscle, bitch.”)

        No one wastes FB talent like the University of Southern California, Cal75.
        Unfortunately, no one wastes Taxpayer dollars like the UC system, though NY may have a claim therefore.


  6. Stay in your lane helton.

    My next door neighbor always jabbed me on the Heisman number.

    Alex: Humiliation for $1,000
    name the school that has had two Heismans reclaimed by the committee and the school that has suffered ten years of humiliation because of that behaviour.
    Daily double: and the ob/gyn that resulted in a billion dollar settlement.

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    1. My lane= national championships, rose bowl wins, heisman trophies.

      Your lane= ? Rodgers and Goff make a bunch of money but your football team never does anything.

      I’ll stay in my lane.


  7. You live in your dreams Mrs badminton. The past. Goff and Rodgers make 25% of Cal NFL salaries.
    You’re a whiner. You don’t like your coach, your AD, the old AD and the one b4 him. You don’t like Caruso. You just whine. You’re a fucking critic that fits right in. You whine about every damn thing. I’ve never heard you say one fucking thing positive about SC. Are you a bruin?


    1. You don’t pay attention. I do like our AD, haven’t posted anything negative about him. I Literally have never posted about Caruso. You are a Cal fan on a USC board who can’t take a little poking or the truth. The truth is your football team is entirely irrelevant, but I don’t go on a cal message board to point it out. Simmer down and stay in your lane. Go read about Cal salaries in the NFL it will make you feel better.


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