Memo To Coach Bohn

Did you see this quote?

Mike Bohn likes to talk about the fans’ “intensity of interest.”

There is no intensity of interest at USC right now. Just anger about Clay Helton.

So how about giving them a reason to go to a game?

19 thoughts on “Memo To Coach Bohn

  1. Inside concessions have to compete with the AM PM across the street. You can get eleven hot dogs for the price of one inside. That’s why they insist on clear bags. And there’s the shopping cart bacon wrapped hotdog. If you’re lucky the vendor washed his/her hands this week. (And never question the ingredients)
    I suppose $11.00 for 20oz Coke is right online with Disneyland so that’s fine although you can buy it in the bottle inside the stadium, you will be made to throw it away if you try bringing it in your clear bag. (I was told by the gate person that they didn’t want fans throwing bottles) I told them my father used to bring iced Hires root beer in a small cooler (glass bottles) and I had to lug the empties to get the $.03 deposit…. They didn’t believe me.

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    1. You’re kidding about the Disneyland prices, right? California Adventure vendors charge $20 for a slice of pineapple.

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      1. I shouldn’t say this —I have no right —but I hope you were on the A&W side…

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      2. Wasn’t that a little too “old fashioned”?

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      3. 67 —Actually one of the treats here is Fever-Tree Ginger Beer —goes great with Ono tacos.


  2. USC…..the school that charged me tuition of 60x for my kids than I paid at Illinois 50 years ago……is going to worry about how much I pay for a coke…….Right.

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    1. That’s not fair, Fred. Coach Bohn really struggle with this issue —before deciding it was best to leave everything alone…

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  3. Interesting…. But

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  4. Well stated Scott Wolf. Bohn, is a piece of work phony as they come it’s almost like he is made completely out of plastic.

    How does he see an “intensity of interest” in USC fans when the fans have not even had a chance to attend games in the last year for a full season , and I think he will be in for a big surprise in game one vs. San Jose St.

    I am sure USC will raise ticket prices, concessions, and try to grab every extra buck they can this season so he can hire more of his buddies from Cincy. Sadly, if the team gets off to a badstart which I think is a big possibility this season he might have to give away some tickets,

    Mike Bohn is not the right guy for USC. I might agree that Andy Enfield needs another return to the NCAA to deserve a raise, but I do think the best coach at SC right now is the Track Coach who had to totally rebuild the program from scratch to what is now a national power men’s and women’s track program.

    UCLA may be the surprise this year in the Pac 12 Football. Chip, is on the hote seat, and with an experienced talented returning offense I give them a shot to win the Pac 12 South.

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  5. Eat and drink your fill at your tailgate outside and then come inside to the game.

    And if I remember correctly, the student body always had creative ways to sneak in booze, liquids during the game. Get some info from them.


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      1. But I don’t think we knew each other back in the day.




  6. Scooter, what team is Coach Bohn coaching? BTW, Ardmark, the food concessioners have a say in the price and SC needs their high cut of profit like they are selling the last hotdog here on earth. Just bring your food into the Colisuem. Tell them it is a very strict diet by dr’s orders.


    1. hi trojan fans, these guys shalmet and tray young bb players are they clones like!? the fellow lopez has variety of jump hook shots kind of amasing ? jona v hey pimp slap morant up side his ball hog head!tell him u want the ball more often!!!!sincerely, Edward


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