A Small Crowd Can Roast At USC-San Jose State Game

I’ve been intrigued by the potential attendance figure for the USC-San Jose State game.

There’s not a lot of enthusiasm for USC right now.

San Jose State won’t excite anyone.

And now the kickoff time will be 2 p.m. On Sept. 4. How hot will it be that day?

This is a trifecta for missing a game. Also that day at the Rose Bowl is UCLA-LSU.

But if you want to watch, it will be on the Pac-12 Network. If you have it.

The USC-Stanford game will be on Fox and kick off at 7:30 p.m. The USC-Washington State game on Sept. 18 will be on Fox and kick off at 12:30 p.m.

25 thoughts on “A Small Crowd Can Roast At USC-San Jose State Game

  1. This could be the best game of the season. I’d wager it will reveal who the Trojans are and if they got their money’s worth hiring the assistant coaches and nutritionist.

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      1. Go easy, 67. It has to be painfully difficult for poor UCLA fans to frantically search these lists —only to find (once again) they aren’t mentioned….

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  2. My guess for the attendance at the USC -San Jose St. will be 33,000 only because the Trojans fans like to tailgate, but could care less about the outcome of this year’s team.

    Bohn thought he could plug holes in the program by hiring assistant coaches, but it is not going to work, and the dam is ready to break. Never have I seen a potential starter who had a great spring practice decide to transfer out before the season. Do you think Marv Goux will allow a player to transfer who was his projected started? The rules might be different now, but I would bet on Coach Goux i getting the kid to stay and not transfer if in fact he was still around.

    Assistant Coaches help build a consistent programs, but in order to win you need talented players, and depth at every position. Sadly, a very low quality head football coach at USC in this case will cause the dam to break this season, and sadly everyone knows it including the players who want to head for the high country before the flooding actually occurs. Can you blame them????

    The greatest opponent or enemy for USC on the schedule this season will be none other than USC itself.


    1. I guess when Ykili Ross transferred just before the first game you weren’t here? You remember, he’d have been the starting safety after Bubba got suspended.

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    2. tommyd — Crowd will be closer to 40,000 -45,000 cuz nobody gets Pac 12 Network.
      And —they may be wrong —but Las Vegas doesn’t see “the flood” coming this year. USC is favored in virtually every game.

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      1. Hey! My favorite racist litigator! Have you researched San Jose St.? I bet you haven’t. Just remember BYU in 2019. This is gonna be funny and I will be merciless.


      2. Have you researched how a lawyer would go about litigating “racist-ly”?

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    3. I’ve thought about losing Toia more and come to the conclusion that this is all about loyalty. But it isnt about player loyalty, it is about the loyalty, or lack of loyalty from Helton and his coaches to the players.

      Helton has publicly talked about using the transfer portal to get players, but what does that say to the current team players and future recruits that SC is going into the transfer portal to pick up players that might play ahead of them? Both Stephen Carr and Jay Toia were impacted by an incoming transfer portal player. Maybe Toia saw that he would have to compete against Sopsher this year and then saw that they are recruiting for more DT talent in the 2022 class. Maybe he heard the coaches talk about competing for playing time and decided he wanted to go to a place where the coaches develop the players they recruit out of high school into the players they want to put on the field. I think Dabo Swiney at Clemson has made it clear that he isnt much interested in the transfer portal.

      There needs to be a roster management philosophy at USC. That means they need to plan out their depth chart over several years, not just for the coming week. And they need to make sure they develop players so that the next man up on the depth chart is good enough to play the position. That means that they need to stop adding bodies to the roster who are not good enough to ever play. Just because you have an extra scholarship doesnt mean that you recruit a player who will never be good enough to play on your team.

      Helton and staff made a big mistake in bringing in so many transfer portal players. Sopsher was a mistake. Ingram was a mistake. The two receivers were a mistake. The only transfer they really needed was the safety Xavion, because the depth at safety was sorely lacking. I could easily see Gary Bryant or Kenon Christon’s name pop up in the portal next. Neither of them probably feels any loyalty from the coaches.

      Someone also needs to tell Helton that the way he talks about the transfer portal will only demonstrate that he has no loyalty to his existing players. The transfer portal should only be used when there is no upcoming talent that can play on the field. And the coaches should be asking themselves why they havent developed the talent to put on the field from their recruited players.

      Helton isnt managing for the long term because he might not be around, but this is a huge problem that will impact the roster quality for several years to come.

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      1. Since you mentioned him, let’s look at Ingram. Why did Helton want him? Why did Helton NEED him? Cuz Carr and Stepp had been injured multiple times playing in Helton’s weak lined offense. And you know Helton: once he’s burned somebody out —as a player or a coach —he lets you know he’s no longer “in love” with you.
        [If Kenon does leave, we’re screwed —Ingram wouldn’t last all the way to South Bend]….

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  3. We’re playing San Jose State and UCLA is playing LSU? Remember the good old days when those types of schedules were flipped? Wonder how loud the Fire Helton chants will sound echoing off empty seats?


    1. SUCC fans love good cupcake FB game. Remember when the bozo’s were 41 point favorites vs Stanford at the crumbling mausoleum?

      Don’t you love it when SUCC flexes its offensive muscle and looses all their incredible talent?


      1. loses, owns, loses, not looses. But no matter, don’t get too comfortable in that glass house when you face LSU. That could well be another game like the last one ucla had versus Oklahoma in which OK had over 300 yards of offense in the first quarter.

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      2. 67 — I don’t even like to think about what Orgeron has planned for UCLA…..

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      3. I remember the Bruins were undefeated and still decided to play a game in Miami………..Not a wise decision.

        Close But No Cigar!


    2. We can’t force any team to play us. They have to agree to it. Why do you think LSU is playing SUCLA? They wanted a cupcake to start the season. FIVE LOSING SEASONS IN A ROW! LOL


  4. Gee ’67, wrong again.

    3rd person present: looses
    set free
    turn loose
    set loose
    let loose
    let go

    Just not LOSE, Einstein!

    LOSE: UCLA 13 – bozo FB 9 – SUCC LOSES a sure invitation to the BCS game.

    Dear Pisley + ’67 = 32.5 IQ, Clown U conjoined blockheads


    1. owns – I know the verb “to loose”, but I don’t see it fitting there whatsoever. I am the reader of your prose, and the customer is always right.

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      1. You have to hand it to Owns, though, 67 —that was one of the better “saves” I’ve read on this blog…..

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      2. “Mean It”
        [Maybe you don’t even have to make corrections within a hashtag —but I don’t know what Cal75’s laws are]….

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