USC Defensive Tackle Jay Toia Enters Transfer Portal

Freshman defensive tackle Jay Toia has entered the NCAA transfer portal after being labeled one of the breakout stars of spring practice.

I considered Toia a starter at defensive tackle and now another freshman, Jamar Sekona, could be starting at the spot. Remember that veteran Brandon Pili tore his Achillles’ during spring practice, so who knows what he can do this fall. And 24-year-old Caleb Tremblay recently transferred to Tennessee.

There’s also Alabama-transfer Ishmael Sopsher, who missed spring practice after having surgery for compartment syndrome.

At best, depth takes a hit. At worst, USC loses a key player.

Now let’s talk about defensive line coach Vic So’oto. There’s been a lot of hype about him so far. And little return, even in recruiting.

Some will mention Korey Foreman but that was a Donte Williams production. I say this because some people keep plugging the staff hires of the past two years but I don’t see much improvement. Certainly not enough to become a national contender again.

30 thoughts on “USC Defensive Tackle Jay Toia Enters Transfer Portal

  1. It would be nice to know why he decided to leave. He had everything going for him at SC. Something else must be going on here.


    1. Under the tutelage of Clay Helton and Graham Harrell this kid Jaxson Dart will have regressed to a 1 star by the time he’s done at USC, having played his best football during his high school days


      1. Jay Toia enters transfer portal, no big loss. That polynesian pipeline hasn’t been worth a shit for quite a while.

        Would have been just a matter of time before that girl Toia sprained her toe and was placed on the injured list anyway.

        One less unproductive mouth to feed and care for.

        Good Riddance.


  2. As far as not seeing much production from the coaches, I think they did alright last season. They had very little time with the players last season. They had zoom meetings and split practices. Trying to teach any sport in a zoom meeting is like trying to teach a musical instrument without actually having the instrument, over the internet. Imagine a mime mimicking a person choking on a tire iron.
    You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there. (Interesting saying and answer to today’s cryptoqoute from the OC Register)


  3. Jay T, recruited as an O-lineman (#7 nationally?), switched to D-line, now entering the portal. Looks like a great prospect. Sad to see him leave.
    This is CFB for the foreseeable future.*
    Next man up. What a great opportunity to show your skill set.

    The talking points above are definitely concerning.
    I’m thinking a torn achilles tendon is 6months of healing of the repaired tendon without any stresses and likely a one year rehab before full force. I can’t see how
    Pili contributes in 2021. I think the rehab from compartment syndrome is shorter, so Sopsher should be a go for August.

    The fast paced game of no-huddle offense DOES require depth at D-line, so
    So’oto has some work to do to get this D line to New Years Day. I’m confident
    he’ll do it.

    *Being the #19 University in the USA sure is helpful, no?

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    1. Funny thing aboot what happens when Heltons penchant for playing favorites, owing favors, and making promises re: who gets on the field comes face to face with the realities of finite playin time… all his promissory notes & I.O.U.s are starting to add up faster than kids he made em to are matriculating out of the program. He’s promised 100 Snickers bars but can only come up with 10. Much like his pressers have shown, Helton will do and say anything to remedy/address short term shit, no matter how asinine, and no matter how damaging it is to the longer term stuff a program requires for sustainable success. Shouldn’t be a shocker tho… short term outlook is what you get when you perm hire a coach who was, is, always will be, a short term type of solution. Extending him one second past the end of the Vegas bowl is equivalent of taking some dude who barely managed to assemble a shelf from Ikea and hiring him as Halliburtons Gen Contractor for a mid east construction project.


  4. Maybe you should use your site to look into possible tampering. Some coaches have very questionable past,like Kelly at UCLA. Alabama doesn’t do it same goes with Clemson. If the PAC 12 wants to compete with those 2 programs, you can’t allow garbage like Kelly to get away with this.

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    1. Speaking of questionable ethics Mr. Brown, Coach Kelly has yet to stoop so low as to employ the father of special recruit(s) he wants to induce to commit to UCLA.


      1. No but he did pay recruiters to send him kids… did he follow the money? How much did their daddies get, curious minds want to know!!

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  5. This is an issue that deals with the coaching and Humpity Dumpity Helton. Why is SC losing d tackles and other players that have or will play? Is it the condition/atmosphere at SC, do they see that Helton will only play his favorites, do they see Helton and company being incompetent? Just wondering

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  6. This is never a good sign. Congress getting involved in college athletics…

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    1. hi fans,this fellow tray young and morant both stink these are ball hog gunners! defense is lacking?pass the ball out of well frustration! problem with pro sports in general many athletes are just plain stupid and ignorant!? sports is unimportant just a past time!!Sincerely, Eddie


    2. I can go along with a lot of what you post, Pudly …..but nobody has the right to question the insight or abilities of the U. S. congress……

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      1. P. S.
        We have every right to expect the same perfection we’ve seen in their response to the “pandemic”….

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      2. Here is HOW “with you” I am, 67 —– I’m not only all for term limits on Helton but I’d like them applied retroactively —all the way back to 2017. The NCAA will have to take action (providing us with the reverse of what happened last time —where we lost our National Championship retroactively). The Cotton Bowl NEVER happened. The Holiday Bowl Never happened. The Oregon win in Pac 12 Championship NEVER happened.

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    1. So glad to see Pac 12 Network launches the season —their announcers are the BEST EVER…..

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  7. Memo to: MG and Dear Pisley

    I bet dollars to donuts EM wishes he signed with UCLA. That pathetic 19 point Gonzaga tournament loss/humiliation will haunt his BB dreams into old age.

    That Gonzaga disgrace is worse than SUCC’s 52 – 6 ruination at the hands of Alabama in Tixas, ’cause nobody expected bozo FB to measure up to Alabama FB except some half-baked Rah-Rah’s on this blog.


    1. No body wants to have been a sow student. Except some midwest sow wannabe transplant. This is the same school who can’t give tickets away to the rose bowl?

      “Hey Michael remember that game we almost won? Well that’s close enough, we’ll count it anyway!!”.. says no one with half a brain.

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      1. Owns is too smart not to KNOW that his favorite brand is in free fall — worse, a death spiral —everything it touches turns to ashes —as does everything touched by the rest of the U. C. system….Chip Kelly has become the bloated metaphor for U.C. failure and incompetence (and gluttony and lust—even though that doesn’t make any sense…. but I’m on a roll…..)……

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  8. hi folks, this jay are u sure its not a women dressing like a man? and if this fellow was under way under 325 would it offered a football schlarship? jays a body????????? Sincerely, E


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