USC Sunday Buzz: Marv Goux Enters The Twilight Zone

I’ve watched every Twilight Zone episode more times than I can remember and I’ve seen the episode “Third from the Sun” many times.

But I never noticed Marv Goux. Even though he has a couple shots.

I wonder how many people recognized Goux when the episode aired in 1960 without the technology to replay or rewind.

I’ve watched this episode plus the 1959 episode of Wanted: Dead or Alive where Goux made an appearance and never noticed him before. Only when I specifically watched to find him did he stick out.

Goux really had the Average Joe look around this time that made him a perfect extra.

I can imagine him doing this extra work, then returning to USC and calling John McKay by the first name of Jack, which he regularly did to try to irritate McKay.

26 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Marv Goux Enters The Twilight Zone

  1. The twilight zone is still airing. We call it the PAC 12 channel. It’s where you see a football game between the middle of nowhere Oregon and a team from the middle of nowhere Washington playing in slow motion. This story goes to show how little coaches were paid back in the day.

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  2. Why were the Assistant Coaches and Head Coaches so much better back in the 60’s and 70’s. The reason is many paid their dues as assistants for quite some time before, if ever,becoming head coaches. Simply, put they built their resumes with years of experience as position coaches on both sides of the ball. One of the problems with Clay Helton is he lacked alot of experience before becomng the head coach of a major program which he was definitely not qualified for, and what experience he did have was only on the offensive side of the ball as a QB Coach.

    Was Marv Goux every considered for a head coaching position? Probably not, but he sure knew how to teach, motivate, and develop young football players an important element which is missing today in many of the coordinators who become head football coaches either in the NFL or College before they are ready. Ed Orgeron, was very similar to Marv but got a second chance to be a head football coach after failing the first time at Ol Miss.

    Dave Levy, another longtime assistant in the NFL and at USC was also like Goux more than qualified to become a head coach, and probably should have gotten the job over Ted Tollner when John Robinson left.
    Perhaps, he did not have the Hollywood looks, but that man knew every position on the football field on both sides of the ball.

    Bottom line great offensive and defensive coordinators do not always make great head football coaches. USC failed on the hirings of Ted Tollner, Paul Hackett, and now Clay Helton. All tried to make changes in the SC offense, and all failed to teach young players the fundamentals, and importantly lead and develop talent even though they all did well in recruiting players.

    There is no substitute for experience in any field. USC, does not need a rookie head coach or promoted offensive coordinator to become the next head coach unless he has years of experience in a major successful program. USC, needs to do their homework this time, and recruit a successful head football coach. Please do not hire another offensive coordinator who had 1 good season at Texas, or Texas Tech and then comes to SC, and we find out later he could not recruit, develop players, or motivate the players.

    Graham Harrell- I hope your reading this. Please take your air raid offense to UT / San Antonio I hear it will work in a smaller conference where you can win 3 games a season, and still win the conference. You came here with the promise that the air raid offense was unstoppable, and unfortunately that is clearly not the case. North Texas State, and Texas Tech are NOT USC, and never will be.

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    1. tommyd –Harrell is far from perfect but he’s added a few points to our scoring. And that’s enough to win some of the games we lost before he got here.
      Question: “Great offensive coordinators don’t always make great coaches.” ??

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    2. Marv Goux would have never gotten the HC position at USC in the early eighties because of the ticket scandal with the players that landed the school on NCAA probation for a couple of years. You don’t hire the ringleader of a scam to be the face of the program.



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    3. Dave Levy had not actively coached for years when JR left for the Rams, though Levy offered a great class in the PE dept for the Sports Information people on Football strategy and tactics. I dropped the class after a few days, as it would have been a waste of precious tuition money.

      Marv Goux was not intelligent enough to be a head coach nor even a DC. (I only spent one year with him, however). He was great with the fundamentals, with drills, and with motivation.

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      1. You’re in a much better position to judge Marv’s potential as a head coach than me, Bourbon. But one thing I loved about Goux was his love (real love, not Helton ‘luv’) for his Head Coach, John McKay. When Coach McKay was dying (and had the balls to tell the doctor not to amputate his legs to buy some time–“I came in with my legs and I’m going out with them”), Marv went to visit him everyday. And when John died, Marv said “I lost my friend.” Not “I lost ONE of my friends”, “I lost MY friend.”

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    4. USC offense #9 (per ESPN FPI algorithm) in 2019–the last full season of real Football without COVID. It was Harrell’s and Slovis’ (and Fink’s) first year. Indeed the run game suffered and needed improvement–which did not happen. Having Pittman in 2019 sure helped.

      We’ll see what happens in 2021. Losing Pittman and Amon-Ra and two good linemen is huge.

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      1. Devil’s advocate –London is gonna be better than Pittman, Ingram is gonna be better than Stepp, Slovis is gonna be better than he was as a frosh.
        Nothing we can do about the line but pray.

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    5. GREAT POST !!! Coaches Goux and Levy were my Defensive Coaches from 1966 -1970. 4 straight Rose Bowls, 1 national championship, lost another one in the 1969 Rose Bowl to Ohio State, finished 33-2-2!! including a undefeated 3-0 freshman team record. They were certainly qualified, great motivators, and just outstanding!! Helton and his current staff of twits and dimwits should be at the high school level, if that!! USC is just a Total embarrassment from the Football program to the Administration! You can’t make this up!!


  3. I vote for a new episode of Twilight Zone starring Carol Folt as a ventriloquist with a conniving, back-talking little dummy in her lap….

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      1. Owns? Not the right choice. We must protect the honor of our (sometimes) noble adversary. [Actually, I kinda had my heart set on Pete Buttigieg as the cute little dummy in Carol’s lap]….
        [Classic quote from Pete : “All those pipeline workers outta work? No problem! We’ll get them BETTER jobs!”]…

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      1. Not that I’m not all for it — but expect Carol to go 100% full fledged Omarosa …


  4. Clay Helton and Graham Harrell were not even great offensive coordinators when they came to USC. If USC hires Graham Harrell to replace Clay Helton they will be making another huge mistake.

    This is year 3 the other teams in the Pac 12 will be defending against the Air Raid. Defensive Coordinators will be even better preparing to defend against this gimmick offense especially with no running game.

    Could be a long season for USC in my opinion.

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    1. There are some games that we should win (Arizona State, Utah, UCLA, BYU) …but COULD lose. If Helton gets some bad breaks it could be a lousy year. But I have confidence in Slovis, London, Ingram, McCoy …and, should we need him, Dart. That’s a lot of offensive talent for any Pac 12 team to deal with.


      1. With freshman showing up for summer school and PRPs, I saw this picture of Michael Trigg, another nice sized basketball playing TE/WR.. kid looks fit.

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      2. You could’ve warned me that Helton was gonna be in the picture….

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      3. Gonna need Olinemen. Ain’t going anywhere without them.


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      4. We do have o-linemen, marvienna. It’s just that they’re very average….and get very average coaching….and every defense coordinator knows Helton’s fine with average linemen…so they can’t wait to attack them..

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  5. hi trojan fans, coach carroll let jones slide ?????thats a good choice! Doncic carries a heavy load in dallas!!defense needs tightened up and need another player to reduce the scoring load on doncic this guy is the best player in the nba no doubt?! sincerely, edward


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