Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Jay Toia

Yes, a winner. I’ll have the reason why he transferred on Tuesday, which also explains why he is a winner.

USC history

It was a fun week getting to write about Marv Goux’s acting career and nose tackle Rich Dimler.

USC schedule

An over/under of nine wins? Yes, when you look at that easy schedule.


USC football

There is still too much drama in the program. Players resent the coaching staff’s worshipping of Texas talent. An incident in spring practice (that I will detail later in the week) showed discontent with the coaches. And then there was the football imposter. Too much drama.

Jason Gill

Year 2 is over for the USC baseball coach and the Trojans went 25-26. He had to deal with COVID-19 but so did everyone else. There are some apologists out there making excuses but the bottom line is baseball is still nowhere near where it needs to be.

Andy Enfield

Here’s the deal: If he really thinks he could go somewhere else, who would want to hire him?

Defensive line depth

You don’t lose Brandon Pili, Jay Toia and Caleb Tremblay in the spring and just soldier through it.

21 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Brandon Pili, Jay Toia and Caleb Tremblay but don’t forget Jay Tufele and Marlon Tuipulotu. That’s too much to lose on the defensive line and I’ve never had any confidence in the O-Line. You win games on the LOS


  2. Easy schedule? Whatever we think of their recruiting, Stanford, Arizona State, Utah, Notre Dame and BYU have way better head coaches than we do. And you can probably throw in Cal & UCLA, too. And, obviously, Oregon…if we get that far.

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  3. Every week there’s something to cry about at USC. Losing a talented but untested freshman to the transfer portal is inexcusable. Helton should pay for that offense alone, but nobody has the guts to fire him. And it really doesn’t matter from where we got our coaches, they should be USC honks the minute the ink was dry on their contract.
    The real loser in this mess is the average fan. Paying full prices for a football game at the coliseum is like buying tickets for Hamilton on Broadway and getting the local high school drama department production. USC football is directed, staffed and coached by rank amateurs. If the team had any substance on opening day, they wouldn’t be slated for an appearance on the PAC 12 channel. Someone please tell Bohn that “Helton has the gravitational pull of Uranus wherein is located his head.”

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  4. V, So’oto is the reason.

    Boy that was hard to figure out.

    Shocking how Wolf earns a living on this blog.

    Outside SC Looking In should be the name of this blog!!

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  5. Thank you Rialto Trojan. I have been reading the various sportswriters and finally most are joining Scott Wolf in seeing the failure and ineptitude of clueless clay. Zemek is doing a great job. Katz did a great job comparing helton to hackett. Do you think Bohn reads any of these?
    Do you think he and his low football IQ boss care if the fans are unhappy? After all the data showing SC’s continued decline in the helton era, it’s hard to understand … even with the swann golden parachute…how they could allow him to continue to destroy SC traditions, reputation and pride. He’s an on the job trainee who has never learned the job. He has to go and we need a BIG NAME COACH to try to quickly get SC back on its feet.

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  6. Sep 4 is right around the corner.
    We can start b!†ç#ing halfway through the first quarter of the SJSU game…

    For now, the sun shines brightly on Trojans.
    Top 8 in hoops with a good core returning.
    Good core of FB talent (AC and players) with improvement since the 2018 debacle.
    Fer cripesake, 127 of 128 D1 football programs would love to have Slovis as their QB.

    Great T&F season, steady improvement in Women’s sports.
    …and the #19 ranked University (per WSJ–not the cheezy USNWR) in these
    hallowed United States of America!
    Love my Country. Love my school.

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      1. P. S.
        I hope this decision is for the reasons he stated ….and not a result of his taking USC coaching on a ‘test drive’ this spring…..

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      2. Nansen, now at sow as the Dline coach, was his recruiter. Nothing would surprise me about he and Jay reuniting. Just curious how an official visit to sow makes a difference in his decision when he lived so close by anyway.

        Hope he finds what he feels he needs.

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      3. I hear ya —but there are numerous government reports indicating most Americans were extremely careful not to travel into Westwood —particularly the area known as “UCLA” —during the height of the pandemic. Most often heard explanation: “It looks dirty.”

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      4. I doubt Nansen would be that simple, and I’m not saying that Nansen was THE instigator. There’s usually a go between that makes contact. A friend, relative or an advisor of sorts… Jay did say this was a family decision. The fact it comes shortly after the ncaa & Pac12 allow immediate unrestricted transfers is most interesting. It’d be different if he was buried on the depth chart, but he wasn’t.

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      5. Hmmm. Good point. The old third part contact trick. I guess maybe the subpoena (actually, SDT) should read: “Phone records of every Las Vegas Outcall Service contacted by Coach Nansen from March 2021 -May2021.”

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  7. Losers con’t:

    SUCC softball and baseball teams flunk NCAA regional tournament selection and hopa, hopa, hope for maybe next year.



  8. Wolf is obviously still angry that he’s not allowed inside any Trojan locker rooms!

    Add Petros to that list.
    Say what you want Wolf but as it stands Andy Enfield is the head coach at USC and his job seems very secure pal.
    Maybe you can tell us when there’s a new sandwich at Subway. Stick to the fast food reviews.



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