Munir McClain Transfers To Utah

Utah has added another transfer: Wide receiver Munir McClain of USC.

McClain had been in-and-out of the NCAA transfer portal. His brother, Abdul-Malik McClain, had transferred to Jackson State.

Utah had previously added linebacker Josh Calvert, wide receiver Theo Howard and tailback TJ Pledger.

13 thoughts on “Munir McClain Transfers To Utah

  1. Wonderful—-and the beat goes on until the Helton regime comes to a end. Utah, has some outstanding transfers coming in . Their offense is usually very dull, but the more play makers they get the more dangerous they will be this season.

    My predictions: Pac 12 South

    1) Arizona State- Great defense with an explosive running game and QB
    2) UCLA—-might beat LSU at the Rose Bowl in September, and if they do that watch out.
    3) Utah and USC a toss up
    4) Colorado
    5) Arizona

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  2. There are alot of players that have left this program who were highly rated recruits. That is a real problem in roster management.

    One recruit leaving is not a sign of a problem, but with SC this year, they lost Stepp, Carr, EA, Toia, McCain, I’m sure there are others I have forgotten.

    I think that the coaching staff is a four-headed monster of Orlando, Graham, Helton and Donte, and that it creates alot of confusion and strife in the team. This team really needs a good culture or else it will fall apart. It has to be hard to be part of a team that has such little support/faith from the fan base.


  3. Everytime Clay uses the word tough he cheapens its meaning. Everytime he talks of bravery and a warriors mentality he disrespects anyone who has ever displayed these attributes. As it relates to football in our small part of the world, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Trojan or a Bruin you know what tough looks like. As a Trojan suffering through the Helton era, I also know what it doesn’t look like. On one coast you’ve got a team who supposedly begged to play their season bowing out of a bowl game cause their qb got a boo-boo, and on the other coast you got this.

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  4. So Manure found a new field to fertilize? Good, if USC reads an article about wrong doing, the NCAA is all over them like stink on…well manure. He is lucky someone wants him, even giving him the benefit of the doubt he brought this on himself.
    I wish him all the luck and daily visits from the elders from the nearby church.


  5. I”m glad you guys a finally seeing the light about Helton. I’ve been on his case since 2017.. That’s when I saw how poorly his practices where when I attended my 1967 50 year football reunion at the now defunct Salute to Troy event in August. USC football is currently a big Joke with little direction and inept leadership. Time for a Big Time change at Head Coach and his poor Staff.


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