USC Morning Buzz: A Football Role Reversal

A USC player from the 1960’s could not resist contacting me after reading that a defensive lineman reportedly threw a punch at defensive line coach Vic So’oto.

“I can remember when Marv Goux initiated an altercation with a high-profile player to set him straight. Nobody challenged him when I was on the team. A player would have been foolish to try something with him.”


18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Football Role Reversal

  1. The transfer portal back then was “Get out and Stay out.” and players went both ways on the field. They were creating men, not entitled babies.

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      1. Clay Helton was bitchslapped by E.J. Price a few years ago and now the Pineapple Express coach is on the receiving end of a haymaker.

        Trojan football coaching staff, the Rodney Dangerfield of college coaching staff’s.


      2. Don’t ever mention Helton and Pineapple Express in the same post again!
        [Yes, I know Seth Rogan has disowned Franco —i.e., the same Seth Rogan who said ‘bros before hoes’ ]…

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  2. Respect for authority and leadership among the players like Marv Goux had at SC no longer exists at USC because THERE IS NO CURRENT AUTHORITY OR STRONG LEADERSHIP ON THE CURRENT COACHING STAFF LED BY UNCLE FESTER HIMSELF -CLAY HELTON.

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      1. Lay off this wonderful man. Everyone knows that the entire team gets it’s dog whistles right here.


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      2. Clay is all about emotions —-


  3. Back in the day……when a soldier acted out……the sargeant’s held a party…….it was them and the actor behind the gym for extra PT. He ended up with sore ribs……or anyplace else it would not show. It was the last time he forgot to show respect to an officer.
    We discovered the bomb and realized we would never fight another big war… discipline was not as important. Fragging was invented…..and we went all volunteer.
    Today…..everyone is special…..its our duty to offer opportunity and if you don’t feel its your cup of tea……find your variety somewhere else. Acting out is simply being expressive.
    So…..they will come and go…..and go and come…..the quality of the game will suffer…..but…..nobody will care……its just a game.
    The quality of NCAA basketball is a joke compared to 1980 basketball due to the three point shot…..but nobody cares…..its just a game.
    Now that free agency is here (the all volunteer force) except for the great coaches expect a lot of turnover and loose talk. It is our world now.
    Bobby Knight would never make it today.

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    1. Nor Woody Hayes or most other coaches from Bach when it was okay to whack a kid. Hell, I had nuns that would break a ruler or two a day on a kid’s head to get their attention.

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      1. A ruler? A ruler? Father Everistus broke his hurling stick on his 3rd full force swat on my ass. Yes, it hurt —but nobody in class could tell… least of all the holy man who administered the swats [and he lost his All Ireland hurling stick —it served him right]……

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  4. Phones were tied to walls in the sixties too. This is as dumb a comment as wolf has made in days… can you imagine the idiots in the 60’s didn’t even have autocorrect, seatbelts or prewashed salads in a bag.
    Yup Vic shoulda cold-cocked the guy like a drunk beating tbone’s son-in-law senseless.


  5. hi folks, well the singapore bound ship that sank with chemicals on board!!!!!!well it loaded up in iindia was heading back to singapore! well send support funds to greece u folks in the singapore area ? that sinking saved alot of problems with chemicals! achilles has expenses to cover all this work done against evil. sincerely, eddie ps lets take a break from football forl awhile!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. edward —you are so on this one! Evil expansionism, chemicals, hidden agendas, probably UFO’s, NASA cover-ups —it’s all here!

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      1. Ed isn’t a Bay Area guy, Cal75 — your hotel references are wasted on him…


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