College Football Hall Of Fame Gets One Right, One Wrong

The College Football Hall of Fame wisely dropped former USC linebacker Jack Del Rio from the new ballot released this week.

People forget Del Rio was second-team All-Pac-10 his senior year, which is hardly a Hall of Fame credential.

But it screwed up by not replacing Del Rio with Chris Claiborne, the only USC linebacker to win the Butkus Award. Even some of the contacts I know were surprised by Claiborne’s omission.

Reggie Bush, Jeff Bregel and Mark Carrier are the USC players on the ballot. The problem with putting Bush on the ballot so early is he sucks up all the oxygen and is likely to be elected now while older USC players will have to wait even longer because two Trojans in the same class is unlikely.

21 thoughts on “College Football Hall Of Fame Gets One Right, One Wrong

  1. So is it correct that this Vic So’oto was punched because he was coddling the polynesian pipeline players?

    If it is, which I highly suspect is true, then those polynesian pipeline girls have become an even bigger distraction.

    Someone at USC needs to put pressure on that clown of a head coach to start recruiting more blue collar players rather than the overhyped grass skirt wearing, can’t make it out of a spring or fall practice without getting hurt polynesian pipeline girls they keep going after.


      1. S. Ketsup must work in the Trojan athletic dept. because can’t tell his head from his ass, let alone proper English.


    1. tebowobuma,

      If you hypothisis is correct, then why did that player leave this week and go into the portal? Besides, if you bleive this, then don’t blame the dline coach, he has good credentials from his previous job, you blame Humpty Dumpty Helton for his aslasym job he has done.


  2. Clay Helton certainly won’t make the college football hall of fame, but with Carol Folt and Mike Bohn leading our athletic department one has to wonder if Helton will make it to the USC Hall of Fame for 1 Rose Bowl win, and for bringing this wonderful air raid offense to USC.

    Something that has not been touched upon lately by Scott Wolf!!It use to be that many of the former USC players would visit practices on a regular basis, and be on the sidelines for games, but not any longer I think it is very fair to assume that they also are fed up with this entire Athletic Dept, and especially the football program under Clay Helton’s leadership. I am sure many of our former players are not even assisting with recruiting any longer which use to give us an edge but not any longer.

    I have seen Marcus Allen attending some LSU games, but Charlie White, Lynn Cain, Mike Garrett, Reggie Bush, Lendale White, and Anthony Davis are no longer around much and that is a shame they are not appreciated by Helton, Bohn, and Folt.

    Oh well………….let’s hope for better days ahead.

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    1. As a Former Team Captain, I have stopped visiting and supporting USC Football as long as these Dimwits (Helton, Folt, Bohn) are on campus and somewhat in charge.. USC Fans,Students, Current Players and ex Players deserve better..


      1. If you really gave a shit about Trojan football you would go public with your sentiments


  3. That was a great moment between Reggie and Markese, but I recall Scott being a Debbie Downer about how Reggie was part of the broadcast team and should be unbiased…

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    1. No matter what the records are, I really, really can’t stand the little leprechaun guy, with the ginger chin whiskers and the fake pipe. There ought to be a law…

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    2. Won’t happen.
      Kelly has them playing Kelly Football.
      Might lose 2-3 games, but tank? Nope.

      Fortunately for USC, we have a bye week before visiting South Bend.

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  4. As to the topic of the day…

    Jack Del Rio is probably CFB HOF material. Started and played splendidly as a Freshman on a team with great Defensive talent. He was well-coached his first two years, and then had to deal with the departure of JR and a large chunk of the coaching talent for the 1983 and 1984 season. Second-team all-American is not bad considering how horrific 1983 was and how 1984–first year off probation–was really a rebuild year.

    Reggie is of course first ballot HOF.

    Said it before, Jeff Bregel was one tough dude and a great O-lineman. I’d like to see him in the HOF, but I’ll leave it to the guys who know the OL better.

    My recollection of Carrier was that he was fast, tough, a ball-hawk and had a fine NFL career. Back in his day, he was a superior DB and likely HOF material.

    But I’m not biased…


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