If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

I’m starting to wonder how many people working in the USC athletic dept. are looking over their shoulders?

Or are at least a little wary of the schism created by Mike Bohn, where people from the University of Cincinnati are now working throughout the dept.

You have a hush-hush husband-wife team of administrators (one replacing Steve Lopes) and Bohn’s shadow (Brandon Sosna), then there is the new strength coach, Robert Stiner and his minions. At least five employees came from Cincinnati.

Already, at least two people appear to have been demoted (in duties, if not title) in favor of the Cincinnati crowd. That can’t be good for morale.

Clay Helton should be looking over his shoulder. Not rank-and-file employees. That shows how backward USC can be.

  • I might be in the minority but I don’t get making a big deal out of recruits making visits to USC in June. What out-of-state prospect doesn’t want to visit Southern California in the summer? Let me know when the same prospects are making official visits (which can also just be a free trip, to be fair) or better yet, signing a letter-of-intent (and then transferring).
  • USC failed to convince Arkansas offensive line coach Brad Davis to work for Graham Harrell/Helton. But Davis agreed to become LSU’s offensive line coach Thursday.

LSU fired its offensive line coach James Cregg, who was the USC offensive line coach under Lane Kiffin. Cregg was national offensive line coach of the year in 2019 at LSU. Things change fast in the SEC.

  • I’m more inclined to go to the UCLA-LSU game than the USC-San Jose State game on Sept. 4. Just being honest.
  • Here’s a job at USC that Helton should try instead of coaching.
  • I told a USC donor that Andy Enfield says he could leave after this season. “Tell him not to wait,” the donor said.
  • Rayah Marshall of Lynwood scored 43 points on Wednesday night in a playoff game vs. Mater Dei. Marshall, a McDonald’s All-American, will be a freshman at USC next season for new coach Lindsay Gottlieb, who owes a thank you to former coach Mark Trakh. Gottlieb got her first commitment this week from guard Isabella Perkins of Fairfax, Va.
  • How’s this for taking advantage of the transfer rules: Guard Both Gach played at Utah in 2019-20; played at Minnesota in 2020-21 and will be back at Utah for 2021-22.
  • USC third baseman Ben Ramirez, who had 54 RBI, and catcher Garret Guillemette (.299 average) were named the All-Pac-12 baseball team. Pitcher Quentin Longrie (1.73 ERA) was honorable mention.
  • USC four-time water polo All-American Maud Megens was named National Player of the Year. USC water polo coach Marko Pintaric was named National Coach of the Year.
  • And now for some history:

Do you recognize the player above?

He’s another one of those underappreciated Trojans who would probably have a much-higher profile if he played today when everything gets inflated via social media.

John Robinson called cornerback Ricky Odom “one of the best one-on-one cover men I’ve ever seen in college football.”

Odom finished the 1976 season with five interceptions, the second-best total in the Pac-8. He also broke up eight passes. Odom’s highlight came when he intercepted three passes in the first half against Stanford.

Odom picked off two passes by Stanford QB Guy Benjamin, then made a brilliant diving interception on a reverse play where Benjamin handed off to wide receiver James Lofton, who threw a pass.

Odom also made 35 tackles that season. He was an All-City Section wide receiver/defensive back at Los Angeles High School and MVP of the Southern League.

“My three favorite athletes are Paul Warfield, because of his moves; Gus Williams, because of his quickness and Steve Garvey, because he’s a hitter.”

  • Here’s another note on last year’s player in the spotlight, Rich Dimler. When USC went the Beef Bowl prior to the 1977 Rose Bowl, Dimler ate three prime rib steaks, which was the second-highest mark on the team. Only offensive lineman Chris Foote, who ate four, bested Dimler.
  • Our latest edition of restaurants that used to be around USC takes a look at the 32nd Street Cafe and Saloon, which was located in the University Village.

It was open from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. and had an unusually varied menu. You could order omelettes, French toast, Mexican food, sandwiches, burgers and more.

Of course, the students headed upstairs to the bar, which featured photos of the Olympics and USC athletics. And it sometimes got rowdy.

In 1984, a USC men’s volleyball player was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon in an incident that occurred at the 32nd Street Saloon. The volleyball player allegedly hit another student on the head with a beer bottle. The victim was the son of John Severino, who was vice president of ABC’s owned-and-operated television stations and long-time general manager of KABC-TV (Channel 7). The case eventually was dropped.

It was surprising how you had two places (California Pizza and Pasta, 32nd Street Saloon) right near each other that featured good food, considering how often people said/say there is nowhere to eat around USC.

And here are two more places to jog some memories:

  • Who went to Substation on Figueroa St.?
  • How about Perry’s Pizza in the University Village? The Perry’s Pizza in the San Fernando Valley was where Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates worked in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”
  • They didn’t have the Trojan Specials at the Valley location.


47 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

      1. One difference between Carroll’s team and the team that Helton sent to the Cotton Bowl: Darnell Bing wouldn’t have intercepted (cuz today’s USC corners don’t think that way)—the ball would have gone off his hands —and everybody would have celebrated the pass break up for 2 minutes.
        Another difference: Helton wouldn’t allow a new quarterback to pass into the endzone on first down. So….no quick TD.


      2. What went wrong with #20 Darnell Bing…dude should have went onto become a multi-year NFL Pro Bowler.

        Still scratching my head he didn’t.

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  1. Bravo on the local restaurant history, Blogger.



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  2. I shouldn’t have laughed at Scott’s job suggestion for Clay—– but I did…
    I don’t really feel sorry for Clay —-he negotiated an extension at the EXACT time he should have stepped down. A lot of people have been hurt by that selfish move. Some physically (since Clay can’t recruit the players he needs to protect his skill guys —- or attract the coaches he needs to develop raw talent]. And some have simply had truncated NFL careers —having emerged from a lazy, disorganized, hug-a-thon rather than a competently run college program. [The growling animal routine before the Alabama game comes to mind —- so does Biggie Marshall screaming at fans as we lost to lowly Cal]……

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    1. F fking U mg.
      I kid.
      Lowly Cal

      How about lowly poorly coached SC? Biggie 5* too big to be coached.
      Is Helton afraid to admin discipline any of these guys? Like the jackarse who poped JT on the sidelines and didn’t get deep sixed from the team.

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    2. MG I gotta remember to click the red link. My immediate thoughts following your comment was Clay would be in stiff competition with Pat Haden , Lynn Swannn and Mad Max. But being a medical position, hugs has it in the bag.

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      1. I really like the idea of creating an “Elmer Gantry” professorship at USC….


  3. There’s still a couple of Perry’s pizzas out here in Orange County. West Garden Grove and the border of Westminster and Huntington Beach. Make sure you get your pizza cooked extra crispy so you won’t get a yeast ache from the under cooked dough. Lol.

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    1. Perry’s Pizza, used to be one next to Marie Callender’s in Redondo Beach…too much sauce.

      Big time overrated.

      The Pizza Show that used to be down the street by the car wash, also crap.

      BTW, Orange County is a shit hole. Newport and Huntington strand smells like tar and vomit. Bunch of lowlife drunks puking all over the place on the weekend.

      Don’t know who smell worse, the homeless that smell like shit and piss or the locals down there.


      1. tebowbuma,

        Compared to Garcetti’s dump called L.A? Tebowobuma, dude, pull yourself out of the gutter and go make money. Dude, once you make money you can live independently and not take Garcetti’s and Newsome’s chicken feed for money.


      2. Pasadenatoejam mounted a gopro on his handlebars to bring you this view of the Orange County shit hole beach communities…

        You won’t see a tent city shit hole in Redondo Beach or other South Bay cities like the one Pasadenatoejam lives in down in Orange County



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!




  4. i dont have any problem with SC athletic department staff feeling pressure from outside people being brought onto the staff. but the question is whether these are the top people in their position, or just people Bohn knows?

    it doesnt feel like SC is yet bringing in the top people, just different people.

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    1. Mike Tyson line: “I’m sick of being let down by everybody on my staff —everybody goes! From now on when I get fucked over, it’ll be by all new people.”

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  5. Anytime a judge took me to lunch (okay, okay —the ONE time a judge took me to lunch) it was at the 32nd Street Cafe & Saloon. The food was good and the young waiter told us his favorite professor was the great Kevin Robb– my own all time favorite philosophy instructor from 20 years earlier.

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  6. Writing is on the wall for Bohn to bring even more of his buddies from Cincy including Luke Finkel.

    The buddy system usually looks good on paper and eventually fails with the guy at the top being forced to step down. I am hope you are reading this Mr. Bohn.

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    1. He’s probably NOT reading it, tommyd….


      1. “I resemble that remark.”

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      2. The Grateful Dead are the most overrated band of all tims, shit music.

        Same as that shit band Phish…total garbage. No wonder those idiots that listen to that crap do so much acid, only way to tolerate that shit so called music.


  7. Speaking of Great food——How about some memories including late night memories from “Tommy’s on Beverly. One time I saw the great Gary Jeter former USC defensive tackle down 6 double cheese chili burgers at 2am.

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    1. Why the fuck would someone watch someone they didn’t know eat 6 shitty cheeseburgers?



    2. Don’t pay no heed to tebow, tommyd. I watched Raquel Welch eat apple pie at Cole’s French Dip restaurant (across from the downtown Greyhound Bus Station).


      1. I was more a “Phillipe’s” french dip guy, but I would have switched to Cole’s if Raquel was a regular.

        Now I have this erotic visual of a young Raquel and a slice of gooey apple pie. Thanks, Michael.

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  8. That’s why I do believe that CH better have a remarkable year this year because just as Bohn has brought in all his other people from the U of Cincinnati, I think he wants to bring in Luke Fickell and I can’t help wondering why Fickell hasn’t already moved on from Cincinnati other than maybe Bohn has already offered him the job as soon as it is the right time to fire CH.


  9. Scooter,

    Substation rocked. I went to both stores, on Figueroa and the on on Colorado in Pasadena. I bet you did not not that. They had sandwhiches named after famous actors and actresses. In the Figueroa store, they had SC stuff hanging. I like that one better than the one on Colorado because it was close to my high school and SC. I keep looking at the locations to see if they reopened. I am hoping one day they will. Great food. They were ahead of their times. Their sandwiches are better than subway or Jersey Mike. They had this cool which was the best for the sandwhices. Need them back.

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  10. scooter,

    Helton is not good enough to be an admin. assistant. he is not orgainzied on the field. Who says he can even answer the phone properly let alone have his hand in stenogrpahy and taking notes to prepare letters for the boss? He is no Girl Friday.


  11. I’m expecting great improvement from Gottlieb.
    Having NBA cred and connections should go quite far.

    Compare and contrast to the Helton pipeline….

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  12. You could take your parents to the 32 for a decent sit-down dinner (which the parent paid for) and not be embarrassed. Send ’em home, pretend you were going home to study, and then head back upstairs to the 32 for some good live music.

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    1. Buckwheat pancakes with lots of maple syrup! [Betcha tebow would do just about anything to watch Jeter eat 6 stacks of those]!

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    2. Yep. Bourbon nailed the “inviting the folks to dinner while in college” routine. “Great meal! Oh, crap! I seem to have forgotten my wallet! Can you guys get it this time?”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I knew plenty of USC girls who used it regularly (insert “purse” for “wallet”)……


  13. The Pantry had quality food very interesting place. The steaks, roast beef, cole slaw, and hash brown were also fantastic. They also had buckwheat pancakes. I remember Mario the waiter worked there for many years. I believe Mayor Riordan owned it for quite awhile.

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    1. My vague recollection was that the Pantry NEVER closed.
      Wall Street crash of 1929. Open.
      Sylmar Earthquake. Open
      Pearl Harbor attack. Open.

      Even the rich folk had to stand in line and wait to be ushered in for a table.

      Evidently, they were closed by the Health dept in 2019.

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  14. With all due respect to the young kid. He is very lucky to be named Pac 12 All Conference with stats both Offensively average at best and Defensively average at best. .299 in college baseball is very respectable but it’s not worthy if you aren’t someone who commands the attention and respect of not attempting to run over the course of a series. All of his defensive categories are low in the conference. He made only 2 errors but that must mean the other catchers were perfect with him being bottom of the conference. It seems the Pac12 had good catchers who were behind all other power 5 in hitting and it’s just a weak position still. Congrats to the kid but this is something that irritates me when we had great catchers traditionally and they hit the ball.


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