An Underappreciated Trojan

This week’s USC column supplement looks at William Gay, who led the Trojans in minutes played in 1976 and 1977.

7 thoughts on “An Underappreciated Trojan

    1. Great memory!
      I had to go back to the wiki, but yes he recorded a ton of sacks in his career with the Lions. Good to see that he is still alive and well.

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  1. Greatest moments of the 2010’s USC Football and it starts off with that girl She-don Slovis getting hurt. What a shocker, huh? Slovis might be part polynesian, the part where she’s always getting hurt.

    And what happened to Drake Jackson?

    Chalk up another talented player wasted under that incompetent fool clay helton.


    1. Great game for Matt (The King of LA River) Fink at #10 highlight. Fink, with Pittman, Vaughans, St. Brown, and Stepp really delivered.


  2. I remember Bill Gay playing TE for SC and I saw him play. I thought he was average, but he did well in Detroit.


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