Recruits Getting NFL-Themed Visit

Look where USC is taking recruits this weekend:

Did USC spend more than $300 million on the Coliseum renovation to take recruits to a “better” stadium? Then go play there.

Oh, it’s to show recruits they can play in the NFL?

The recruits would be better off looking at the list of USC players drafted in recent years.

These “look at everything in L.A.” visits are pretty much meant to keep everyone’s mind off the big issue: Who is the coach?

14 thoughts on “Recruits Getting NFL-Themed Visit

  1. Scooter,

    You are right. They should be at the halls of Heritage Hall studying all the players that have played in the NFL that went to USC. That is over 500 players compared to ugly which there list you could place on a match book.

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    1. “Recruits Getting NFL-Themed Visit”

      “Oh, it’s to show recruits they can play in the NFL?”





  2. Nothin’ but a bunch of tourists. If the recruits were fu#king serious, they would have said why go there. The only place that matters is SC and the Coliseum. They look like a buncf of tourists.


    1. I like how many times everybody sez “like” ……
      [I also like how Slovis felt the first time the Air Raid was explained to him:”There’s no way this is gonna work”…..]

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  3. They were scheduled to see the Lakers play but the fell through like USC playing the Zags. I guess USC wanted to show Helton the stadium where he can soon be a towel boy in the visitor’s locker room .


  4. I recently listened to some podcasts from Max Browne and although he doesnt blame Helton for what happened to him, I do. It isnt just Max, but every player that came to USC and expected that they would be part of a team that was coached to perform at a top level.

    But that is old news, some things have changed at USC.

    Looking at break-downs of the past season, it is pretty apparent that the coaching on the defensive side of the ball is good. The defense got generally better from game to game on the defensive side of the ball. USC would have beaten Oregon if not for those 3 interceptions thrown by Slovis.

    Which leads to the REAL problem at USC. Graham Harrell. He is an amateur that never even really ran an offense before (because Seth Littrell was really the one running that offense) and then he comes to USC where he doesnt have to listen to Helton. This is a huge problem.

    With the way college football is going these days, you need to score big to beat good teams. It is very difficult to win with a great defense, but no offense. Alabama wins with offense, the defense is really good, but the coaching on the defensive side of the ball is not necessarily better than our defensive coaching. But on the offensive side, we have a huge schematics problem with GH.

    The core problem of a GH offense is that the simplicity and lack of a running game simply makes it too easy for defenses to game plan their defense and prevent any mismatches. If you look at the winning plays, you will see that USC receivers are almost never actually open, they must win tightly contested battles. It is only superior skills that allow USC to win. The coaching battle of strategy is NEVER won by Graham Harrell, he requires his players to go out and win despite being out-coached.

    So I really dont agree that coaching on the defensive side of the ball is bad. It is better than the other teams in the Pac-12 at least. Maybe Orlando is not perfect, but he is very competent. It is the offense where we have a major problem.

    Quite frankly, any high level recruit that signs with USC is smart, because Helton is on his last year and with GH and CH gone and with an effective coach at USC, the team will quickly be improved and be the most exciting place for any player to be. Smart players are looking at where the team will be in 2-3 years, with a new Pac-12 commissioner, an 8 game conference schedule, non-conference games that are structured to be played in major media markets so they generate the funds and exposure that only USC can generate.

    We are really just six months away from USC being in a really good place. There is simply no way that Helton is the HC any longer and no way that a new HC keeps GH.

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    1. Agree about the defense, they gave up only 243 yards of total offense against the quacks, that has to be a low for the quacks for at least the last 20 years. Orlando has been able to generate a big improvement in his first year at different places, hope he can now maintain that here.

      Harrell, what can you say. If only he would use the remarkable running back talent on the team, and run the ball against the now commonplace “let’s drop 8 guys into coverage” zone every team uses against the spread.

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    2. “No way Helton is HC any longer.” Unfortunately —and I’m sure this has been explained to Helton —there is ONE way he gets to come back: Win every game. [‘Come to Think of it Department’: Since winning every game means going to the playoffs and winning the National Championship —I guess it’s okay to say “there is No Way Helton is HC any longer”]…..

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  5. Much with which to agree.
    Still, fact is that in 2019–the last full season where “normal” CFB was played–USC’s offense was #9 in the country (per ESPN’s FPI, which is a strong, computer data based metric). It was Harrell’s first year at a Power5 school. Compare the O from 2019 to 2018. The personnel was nearly identical with the exception of freshman JTD at QB.

    I cannot infer anything from 2020, other than we got to play 6 live scrimmages against good competitors. The drop off in the run game IS perilous, and USC will descend to mediocre (at best) if Harrell (and Helton) fails to recognize this. We know where that leads.

    With St. Brown AND Pittman off to the NFL, 2021 will be a real tester for Harrell/Helton and for Slovis/Dart/Moss. I AM CONFIDENT that Colbert will have a great group of WR to support the team.

    I do not know why Orlando’s D was ineffectual in Texas. Maybe it was the head coach
    (who is already gone)? First good look I received of his D is that he’s a real gambler.
    Lots of Corner blitz, Safety blitz, etc. With good film study, a QB can be taught to read and adjust and BURN the D. I wonder if Lincoln Riley (and his cohorts) figured it out?
    Nevertheless, 2020 defense was FAR BETTER than 2019. We’re starting to recruit good D players again. (Sark and Kiff actually recruited and developed some great defenders.)

    We may gripe all we wish. We’ll see how things go Sep 4 and 11 and 18. Should know by then.

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