Morning Buzz: Of Course There Is A USC Flavor To ASU Story

There’s a USC flavor to the Arizona State story from Yahoo:

“As (associate head coach Antonio Pierce) accumulated power and convinced (Herm) Edwards to bring in recruiting-focused coaches like defensive backs coach Chris Hawkins and receivers coach Prentice Gill. Neither had on-field experience at a Power Five school. They replaced veteran coaches who Pierce didn’t think recruited well enough.”

Remember, Gill turned down a 3-year contract to become USC tight ends coach back in January. He was a graduate assistant at USC from 2016-18.

Hawkins was a graduate assistant at USC before he got hired at Arizona State and obviously played safety for the Trojans.

20 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Of Course There Is A USC Flavor To ASU Story

  1. First you get angry at letting assistant coaches go, then you claim the assistant coaches that were let go somehow represented the university by cheating for another school.
    Do I have it right?
    I think this is apples and peanuts as a comparison. When it gets to the level of Pink Ladies and Granny Smith then there’s a story.
    Just my opinion.

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    1. Clay Helton can’t coach worth a shit.

      If Clueless Clay were head coach of say the Los Angeles Chargers and they played Alabama or Clemson, the Bolts would lose by 25.

      That’s how bad Helton sucks as a head coach.

      Clay went from being Steve Sarkisian’s Errand Boy to being the head coach…




  2. Herm is up to his eyeballs in this, as I said yesterday. If this was Enfield you’d be all on him, but it’s easier to try and trash some young inexperienced guys with the USC connection…

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  3. Herm let a former high school coach Antonio Pierce run his program and bring it down Lol………..Prentice Gill I see why you turned down 3-year contract to become USC tight ends $$$$$

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      1. The answer to Wilner’s question [“Did Herm Edwards violate NCAA rules?”] seems to be answered by Herm’s criminal defense lawyer responding to all questions with “Mister Edwards will be taking the 5th on that.”

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    1. Funny, or rather sad, is the fact that prentice had worked for the quacks and made quite the fuss as he left. Some even accused him of handing out the duck’s playbook as he was leaving… I guess the old adage “payback’s a b!tch” is true, unless you’re a ruin.

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      1. For UCLA “payback” comes in the form it’s players throwing games away in the final 30 seconds…

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  4. This is great news for USC. Maybe Larry Turner Gooden decides to abandon the sinking ship and returns to USC, where he belongs.

    Lots of positive momentum right now. Expect Christen Miller to commit and Jaeden Gould. Maybe even get JT??? Maybe a commit from Gentry Williams soon??

    The next big push needs to be the offensive line. If we build a top defensive line, it will make it easier to land o-line recruits, since they will know they can practice against a top d-line. I noticed that a 5 star 2023 running back has decommitted from Texas and is visiting USC. We need to show that top o-line recruits are coming if we want to land that type of talent.

    We are not yet landing top receiver talent and with an air raid offense, this needs to be an area where USC dominates.

    Not saying everything is suddenly perfect, but lots of forward momentum. The Helton/Harrell/Air Raid problem is still an issue that needs to be further resolved. Either GH needs to show he can grow up and create a complete offense, or he needs to get the boot. I think he has to show results this year.

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    1. I’m hearing that SC doesn’t really want LTG anymore. He’ll be visiting texass soon.
      Although things in recruiting are fluid, sometimes stuff happens and the window of opportunity slams shut.

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    2. gametv,

      SC will never be good due to them running the air raid offense. This is a offense that is for inferior players and inferior schools. If I were being recrutied as an linemen, I would really think about not committing. the reason is, linemen want to run block and then pass block. Run block is easier for a lineman. They can be agressive. Pass block, you have to be passive and take the hit. Once you get hit, then you can hit back. However with run block, you hit them first.

      Also, to build a team to win, and this is my opinion, you start from inside out, not outside in. That means that you start with the best line and dline available. Then you get libers, qb, and rb’s. 60-70 percent of the play is between the tackles. Also, if you can run the ball, you control the game. With Harrell, he has built the team from the wides receivers to the center. He is depending on the reciever to make the play 60-70 percent of the time. Those odds are not good since, two out of three things can go wrong with a pass and they are incompletion or interception. With the run game, your odds are up. The qb just hands off the ball and let the line and rb back do the job. SC has always played power football. Helton does not understand or he is trying to change the culture at SC. Nor does he care about SC’s history. He shows it in the play call. When he is on the goal line, he does not have a fullback to block and the run is stuffed four times, this happened against texas at the coliseum.


  5. Excellent post Pasadena Trojan- Finally there is a post where somebody knows what they are talking about. We need to run the ball defenses can easy prepare for a 1 dimensional offenses especially the good teams. It appears Orlando and his defensive staff are focused on winning games at the line of scrimmage. Harrell, does not get it on the offensive side. We will lead the league in passing stats no question, but we will not win the big games or have a chance to advance in the playoffs with a one dimensional offense. On offense Helton and Harrell are not trying to compete with the highest level of competition nationally, and that’s the reason USC looks like Texas Tech, and Washington State at the end of the season with alot of good statistics but a little better than average records.

    USC needs to focus on USC, and not what is going on at Arizona State or Oregon. Mckay, use to build teams so he can beat Notre Dame, and other Top 5 programs, and if you do that winning the Pac 12 will take care of itself. The Helton era has been too focused on what’s going on in the Pac 12 , and trying to compete match up at this lower level of competition.


  6. buncha’ hooey over nothing…the recruits and parents wanted to do it…did it , and ncaa is too power hungry micro managing even parents…they want to visit, who is ncaa to tell them no.

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