Arizona State Under NCAA Investigation

I mentioned Tuesday that Arizona State was the school being referenced in a George Wrighster tweet about the college football world being rocked.

The Athletic has a story today about Arizona State being under NCAA investigation for recruiting violations during a dead period. Wrighster says there is much more.

I’m just not buying something involving Arizona State rocks the college football world. A program that usually underachieves when people expect big things?

31 thoughts on “Arizona State Under NCAA Investigation

    1. No, Tim. This is BIG. As BIG as it gets.

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      1. Michael,

        Oregon, bama, georgia, and a few others need to go down. However, even if they did, they could still be SC with the same size squad SC had back in the early 2010’s. SC is so irrelevent right now that beating bama would be so apethetic. Get rid of Humpty Dumpty Helton.


      2. why???
        ncaa has been power grabbing for over a decade…they think they own the colleges,and now they think they can tell parents,do not dare walk around any campus with your child unless we give you permission…just like all democrats they even use their political flu as a reason to make up their power


    2. I was likwise “underwhelmed” by this revelation.
      I guess this guy “Wrightster” (or whatever) needed to build some intrigue for the story.

      Now we get to sit and wait for the details.

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    3. Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Florida to name a few in the dirty south, the majority of their players test dirty for PED’s every year.

      The Corrupt NCAA looks the other way, so why even test them? A few years ago the NCAA tested bowl game bound teams and Nick Saban threw a fit. A few of his Tide players were suspended, but Georgia had 13 players ruled ineligible.

      Saban throwing a fit, crying to the media was enough to make the NCAA overlook the blatant PED abuse that runs rampant in the SEC.

      The PAC 12 is run by a bunch of weak pussies who let the NCAA push them around. ASU will get severely punished and they’ll take it without putting up a fight.

      Alabama can pay their players, let them do PED’s, commit recruiting violations year after year and all they have to do to avoid punishment is self report violations after they’ve been caught and the NCAA forgives and forgets.

      ASU will take the NCAA punishment up the ass and like.


      1. Tebewobuma.

        How dare you say Casino boy, aka the Pac 12 Commissioner is weak. he hasn’t even started. If you are talking about Scott, then you are correct. he is non-existent but collects a lot of money.


  1. This is not a bombshell. ASU ?? They are going after the wrong Arizona school IMHO.

    On a positive note, hopefully Chris Hawkins and Chris Claiborne become available if they drop the hammer on ASU.

    Personally, I want to see U of A get severely punished for all the basketball stuff under Sean Miller. Would love to see the Ducks punished but NKE is way too powerful in the world of college/pro athletics.

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    1. There’s a lot of smoke about the quacks sending a secret anonymous dossier to asu…. at first I thought it might’ve been scottie’s source. Hope CC and CHawk aren’t implicated in this mess. I’d hate to see those young guys end up with the chippie award (better known as a “show cause”).

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      1. Damn Pisley, you pathetic cretin, why would Oregon send ASU “a secret, anonymous dossier”? Why not just leak “the SECRET dossier” to the Pac-12 or NCAA and be done with it. Just asking for a friend.

        And if the dossier was sent “anonymously,” how do you know Oregon was responsible? Methinks Pisley you are SUCCing very early on the nipple of a fortified wine beverage.


      2. Mud! Even as stupid as you are, I’m sure you realize that they sent it to the compliance dept which has to self report. Only you can’t figure this out.

        Mud, dumb as dirt, only wetter… 💋🖕🏽


    1. When he got introduced as the new coach, Herm said “I don’t want to be the Sun Devils —I want us to be the Sun Angels….”

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  2. While Herm was a fantastic CFB and NFL player, he never quite could build a winner as an NFL HC. Nevertheless, he seems like an honest, standup guy.

    Is it possible Herm was not involved in the violation, but the minions were?*
    Irrespective, as the details unfold I expect Herm to go into full “Herm mode” and own it, correct it, and get ASU through it. My guess is a self-imposed bowl game ban, maybe some minor self-imposed recruiting fixes (ie, limiting visits, censuring certain recruiters). Wrist-slap kinda’ stuff.

    You want death penalty kinda’ stuff? Your parents have to do something egregious, not the coaches or staff or players.

    *I call this the Enfield/Bland defense.

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  3. LOL, Pisley, you stupid tw*t. So Oregon floats a secret, anonymous dossier to the ASU compliance office-BFD. What exactly forces ASU to act on upon the dubious document. Chance are ASU would file it in the same place C. L. “Max” Nikias filed the hundreds of Dr. Tyndall complaints – in the shredder.

    My guess is you’ve also managed to forget the Emperor Garrett’s response to the secret Bush dossier. BTW, what that AH doing these days?- trolling for bubblegummers in Venice


      1. Pisley, you SUCC moron, your argument is dumber than the AZ private vote recount trying to prove mega-voter fraud.


    1. To answer your question, Mike Garrett is a retired millionaire worth between 2 and 5 million dollars depending on who you ask.
      What is your net worth?

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      1. Am I replying to Emperor Garrett’s bean counter or tax attorney? If not, Not Me, whom did you ask? – Dear Pisley, SUCC’s crack Jimmy Olsen?


  4. Well Herm

    You start your FB journey through life with an NCAA probation mess at Cal when you
    and your buddies transferred to SDSU and 50 yrs later your journey ends with an NCAA probation mess at ASU.

    Nice knowing you. Best regards to you, Mike White, Isaac Curtis and the ethics committee.

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  5. Hey Pisley, you could use sign language or shout in Ebonics and it won’t sustain your doofus, dossier BS. Get a grip, eight ball, and quit SUCCing down the early morning Night Train cocktails.


  6. Owns owns up. Dear Pisley was right, I was wrong, dead wrong. Crow tastes shitty cold.

    “Earlier this month, an anonymous person sent a dossier of dozens of pages to the Arizona State athletic department. It included screenshots, receipts, pictures and emails related to numerous potential violations within Arizona State’s football program, according to sources.”

    “The NCAA enforcement staff is in possession of those documents, sources told Yahoo Sports. Among the enforcement staff members working on the case is Vic DeNardi, an assistant director of enforcement. And the arrival of those documents to Arizona State compliance chief Steve Webb has ASU officials conducting internal interviews. (The NCAA declined comment.)”

    “Arizona State vice president for media relations Katie Paquet confirmed the NCAA investigation to Yahoo Sports, which was first reported by The Athletic. She declined further comment on specific allegations.”

    “The documentation includes specific evidence of multiple examples of high school prospects taking illicit on-campus recruiting trips to the Arizona State campus. Those came during the pandemic-inspired dead period that ended June 1. For more than a year prior, NCAA rules explicitly banned players from visiting on campus because of COVID-19. The dossier, according to sources, lays out pieces of both the players’ trips to campus and how those trips were paid for.”

    “Sources said members of the football program deliberately, blatantly and consistently broke rules related to hosting players during the dead period, including coach Herm Edwards meeting with recruits. A source added that the evidence included pictures of the visits, including Edwards with a recruit who ended up enrolling at ASU.” “It’s clear whoever provided it had a ton of access and knowledge of the football program,” a source told Yahoo Sports. “The stuff in there wouldn’t be provided by anyone outside the football program.” ~ Yahoo Sports

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    1. You stupid jerk. You spent too many hours calling me names and telling me I was wrong. You also went out of your way MANY, MANY TIMES trying to make it seem like somehow posting related tweets was copying, yet here you are copying someone’s whole article.

      Screw you mud.


      1. Pudly,

        You have to realize that Just Rent is in a continual drunken stupor for over 30 years and it took him three days to find the article and copy and paste. Remember, he is one that has yet to draw within the lines.

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