USC Morning Buzz: Impacting Balance Of Power In West?

Did you see this tweet on Monday?

I don’t know the details of this story but I’ve heard the tweet is a reference to Arizona State. Since most of you are USC fans and some of you are UCLA fans, I thought I would mention this because some USC fans asked me about it on Monday.

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Impacting Balance Of Power In West?

    1. PT —We don’t want the “scandal of the new century” to cause Folt’s or Bohn’s departure. It would lead to Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher as USC’s new President and Athletic Director…

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      1. Good call, 67!
        There are “scandals of the century.” And there are “good times.”

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  1. The one school that has nothing to worry about on the scandal front —given the righteousness and righteous paths it’s current leaders dedicate themselves to –is USC. Indifference? Yes. Incompetence? Yes. Scandal?

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    1. Pudly –The more I think about it….and the more I scrutinize Wrighster’s remarks [and all the qualifications to those remarks —most notably, “maybe nothing will come of the rumors”], there is likely not to be BIG NEWS. Only a parade of confusing accusations…. with no clear cut violations of existing law or NCAA regulations.

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  2. My guess is that the big story breaking is that Nansen is going to be fired for breaking recruiting rules when he conspired with Toia’s family to steal him from USC. Just a guess. And maybe Chip Kelly knew as well and is also getting the boot.

    I dont think it is Helton getting the boot.

    By the way, HUGE pickup with a commitment from Mykel Wright. Will Scott finally admit that he has no clue about So’Oto as a coach?

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    1. Whatever the “BIG, BIG, OH, SO BIG” News is —it’s not about Nansen. The story is supposed to be one that’s been building for YEARS.
      [And I have a hunch it’s gonna wind up being a Big Nothing]…..

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    2. So do you think Toia’s “Uncle” is named Nansen or did Nansen just slip Uncle a few coconuts?
      This has been my feeling all along.
      The problem with the prophecy is legacies being ruined even Kelly has no more legacy. Some on Twitter thought it was ASU but again… Legacy? I’m going with Stanford. An academic cheating scandal sounds good.

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      1. It can’t be Stanford or Cal —the headline is “scandal will rock power structure of college football world.”

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      2. Even if Herm is cheating (especially if he’s cheating), I’d be proud to have him at the helm at USC…..


  3. When I taught English I always loved teaching the Shirley Jackson story, “The Lottery.” It’s about a lottery held every year in a small town and the punchline is that the winner gets stoned to death (real rocks not too much at the local tavern)
    Anyway the lady who won the lottery could have written Toia’s tweet, “It’s not fair, he (her husband) was rushed. Everybody saw it, we should draw again.”
    This is twenty-first century football? Nobody said, “You wanted to be a man, so be a man and honor your contract?”

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  4. Successful recruiting is closing the deal with a “SIGNED” LETTER OF INTENT”. An oral committment by Mykel Williams does not mean he is coming here for sure.

    Wake up people as we have all experienced alot of things can happen before official signing day, and sadly today alot of recruits make committments early to major programs in order in receive more offers before signing day especially with out of state recruits.

    Is it some good news for a change yes especially to get a 5 star lineman, but I have a hard time believing he will sign with SC. Hard to believe Georgia, Alabama, and Clemson will let this guy get away on signing day.

    Recruiting rankings mean nothing until after signing day

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    1. So true, tommyd.
      But, verbal commitments HISTORICALLY have meant that “the recruitment phase” is kinda over. IE, “Stop bothering me and let me enjoy a few days in HS.”

      The other benefit to a verbal is that it creates positive buzz for the University as it further recruits other student athletes.

      We’re getting some good news on the FB front tommyd. Try to enjoy it.
      Plenty of bad news will come our way eventually.

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  5. the power out west for football/ Pac 12 resides North…Wash/Oregon maybe Stanford
    not sure anything out west rocks ‘the world’ of college football
    the world of college football is Bama/Clemson/Oklahoma/Ohio St,etc…and their conferences, so it may happen in Pac 12’s football world but that is not a seismic rocker.

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