USC Notes: Two Players To Announce College Choices

I’ve heard rumors Mike Bohn has gone to Eugene, Ore., to hire a track coach.

All the coaches who were in Eugene for the NCAA championships are still there for the U.S. Olympic Trials.

  • Four-star cornerback Jaedan Gould of Oradell, N.J., will commit to either USC or Penn State on Tuesday. TCU tailback Darwin Barlow will announce his transfer destination later today. USC and Missouri are possible destinations.
  • Stanford is going to start letting athletes enroll before the fall. The university cited USC and Notre Dame in football recruiting as the reason for changing the policy. Stanford said 60 percent of football recruits enroll early at USC and Notre Dame.

23 thoughts on “USC Notes: Two Players To Announce College Choices

  1. When Bohn was hired little did he know he wasn’t going to be able to actually run the dept. By the time he realized it, it was too late, he couldn’t back out and go back to Cincinnati because they had already hired his replacement.

    Bohn had no other option, but to stay.

    Bohn is basically being paid to be a figurehead.


  2. When Bohn arrived at USC and found out that he was going to have to do as he was told he took a week to decide if he really wanted to stay.

    After a week he figured his best option would be to stay and get paid for basically doing nothing. It was that or the unemoyment line.

    So if you’re still wondering why Bohn hasn’t made any significant changes in the athletic dept. it’s because he would need the approval of Tessalone and Nikias.


  3. Are you kidding me Mike Bohn is in Eugene to recruit a track coach. Why in the world wasn’t he with the team last weekend. Bohn kept his distance from our track program because he did not like our coach, and could not control her. Bohn, is a control freak I hear, and he will probably hire a track coach from some smaller program like Colorado, or even Cincy if he can get away with it.

    I find it interesting that he is headed to Eugene now only because he has to. Maybe he will hire the Oregon Track and Field Coach, and pay him more than 1 million to really open up a can of worms. Once he sees the full house at Oregon’s Hayward field he will finally wake up and see track is an exciting sport, and can bring in revenue if you don’t have a football coach who is draining the athletic departments bank account.

    I say his recent handling of the track situation, and drastically overpaying for a women’s basketball coach just might be enough to get rid of this guy along with Helton.

    Like I said before if I am Quincy Watts I would go to Georgia as an assistant, and get as far away as possible from Mike Bohn. Bohn, knows nothing about track and field, and at this point it is hard to find something he is good at.

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    1. …..”MIGHT be enough to get rid of Bohn”……


    2. hiring the womens basketball coach was a good thing. in the woke culture that we now face, he couldn’t hire a bad womens coach and then spend a ton to hire a great men’s coach. so that move was necessary to allow him to pay out for a top men’s football coach

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  4. i wonder if SC steals Mykel Williams and Christen Miller out of Georgia, if Scott will admit that Vic is a good coach that players want to learn from.

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      1. We’ll get JT for sure if he leaves campus with a new “backpack” that he didn’t bring himself and insist on being the only person to touch it until he is safely back in the bank. Doh! I mean safely back in Washington.
        SC has no shot unless Andy Enfield (Yes I said Enfield), Julien Simon, USC’s Polynesian student body, and his family that live nearby in the greater Los Angeles area can convince him because a helicopter ride is all Helton has so far for him.

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  5. Why would Bohn sabotage any hope of getting another A.D. job by not hiring good coaches at USC?

    Do you think he wants his resume to read how bad he sucked at USC?

    Bohn can’t make the hires that any bonehead with an ounce of common sense would make if they had the authority to do so if they were an actual A.D. at USC.

    How stupid would Bohn have to be to not hire qualified coaches? Why would he purposely make himself look like the idiot he is portraying himsrlf to be?

    I guess if USC is paying him enough he wouldn’t have a problem with it.


  6. Don’t be so sure that Bohn is good at hiring assistant coaches yet alone head coaches. After all, was it Bohn or Helton who hired the new football assistant coaches. The answer is Bohn…

    Other than Donte Williams I am not so sure the other assistants were good hires but time will tell.

    As far as Gottlieb the new women’s basketball coach I don’t see that as a good hire based on how much money they are paying her. She was a little better than average at Cal and never won a Pac 12 championship. The NBA experience she has is a plus, but we paid top dollar for an unproven national championship level coach when some of that money could have been used to keep our proven national championship caliber track coach, or at least offer a raise. Great negotiation job by Coach Gottlieb, but not great for Mike Bohn and his athletic department who could have used this money in other areas.

    I see Lindsey Gottlieb as a job hopper, and after 1 good year at SC she will be off to the WNBA as a head coach. I don’t see USC beating out perennial women’s basketball powers like Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, Oregon State, and now Arizonafor a conference championship in the next 3 years if she stays here that long. No question her next stop after USC will be the WNBA sooner than later, and then we are right back where we started. Good coach probably, but USC not at the price USC is paying her.

    My money would have invested in the USC track program because we have become a national power, and we need to keep it that way rather than starting over with a new coach. Women’s basketball is a growing sport, but others in the conference have a good head start, have become national powers already, and the head coaches are icon’s at their respective schools with straight paths to the Women’s College Basketball Hall of Fame.

    Folks, tighten your seat belts I have the feeling Andy Enfield is the next news that could be coming our way.


    1. Is the money in the WNBA better than what USC is paying Gottlieb?
      Hopefully she built some relationships during her time in the NBA and can bring in some Asst Coaching talent with her.

      Hell, maybe she can offer some NBA coaching talent advice to the Men’s head BB coach.


  7. #USC Has 48 Hours with 5-Star ATH JT TUIMOLOAU and Family❕@USCScoop #FightOn✌🏼

    48 hrs with Mike Bohn, Uncle Fester, and Carol “Burnett” Folt ….might be too much time in the recruiting process, and scare the guy away. Even OJ would be a better recruiting host than these 3 especially if he picks him up at the airport in his Ford Bronco with Al Cowlings.

    I sure hope not…but I would rather have him meet Willie Mcginnest, Pete Carroll, Marcus Allen, and CHRIS CLAIRBORNE BUT UNCLE FESTER AND BONEHEAD let him get away to Arizona State.


    1. Don’t forget to include Uncle Fester’s nephew Dear Pisley. Just be sure to that Pisley wears his deaf, dumb and my eyes ain’t to close sign.


      1. Piss off little man. Let me know when you finished Walton’s book…

        Cheatin, Lyin, Dirty john…💋💋


      2. Just rent,

        how is recruiting at Thug U aka ruinville, aka ugly? I know, they are recruiting the drunks from Cerritos. I am sure you know a few.


  8. PT, Toia was sick of SUCC FB cuisine: thin-sliced, greasy, fried spam, white bread and margarine and grape Kool-Aid. That’s considered healthy nutrition @ Clown U.



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