USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Caryl Smith Gilbert

The national title had barely been won and she was already signed to Georgia. It was the quickest exit following an NCAA title in USC history.

Here some behind-the-scenes information on her departure.

The Pac-12

Finally get an expanded College Football Playoff format, no thanks to Larry Scott.

Domani Jackson

The USC football commit from Mater Dei won the Division 2 100 meter title in 10.48 seconds.

Magdi El Shahawy 

He brought Caryl Smith Gilbert to USC from Central Florida when he was a Trojans’ senior associate athletic director. He is now deputy athletic director at Georgia. Coincidence? Nope.

Anna Cockrell

She won the 100-meter hurdles and 400-meter hurdles at the NCAA championships, the first USC woman to accomplish that feat.


Mike Bohn

He’s got to hire a new track coach now without even getting to enjoy the NCAA championship. He put this statement out Sunday: “Our track & field program has an incredibly storied history and our momentum has never been greater. We continue to make further investments in our championship program, most recently with the opening of our brand new $16 million on-campus dedicated track & field facility. We plan to move swiftly to name our next Director of Track & Field.”

Carol Folt

It doesn’t make her look good that a women’s coach who won two national titles just bolted. But maybe money is more important to her.

Andy Enfield

If Smith Gilbert couldn’t get a big counter offer from USC after winning two national titles, why does Enfield think he deserves a fat contract extension?

The media

It didn’t seem like there was much coverage of Smith Gilbert’s departure to Georgia.

34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. I wouldn’t pay either one of those coaches that much money. How much money does womens basketball and track bring back to the school? Probably not that much. Football is the big money maker.


      1. Holy Shit, how could anyone have been so stupid and voted for that moron?

        Voting for that clown Trump is a shame you’ll never live down.


  2. wolf thinks he knows what Enfield thinks???
    any objective analytical/thinking person can see Enfield has improved the basketball team that was consistently losing vs the bruin dynasty, arizona dynasty,etc…wolf does not have an objective bone in his body…just preconceived notions that contain little thought behind them.

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    1. Remind me Mr. Leftwich, did Coach Wooden ever lose an elite eight tournament game by 19 points with Alcindor at center, or with any of his tournament teams?


      1. Wooden was a cheating lowlife liar. His own players have stood up and admitted it. Only you worship at his altar.

        Mud, dumb as dirt..

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      2. When pudly used to post as Gabby he used to say that when Kiffin was deflating footballs and having Cody “Quick As A Statue” Kessler switching jersey’s during games…he would get all hot and bothered.


    2. Have any of you ever heard about the USC Board of Trustees consulting with Carol Folt about any of the major issues the university is faced with?

      The answer to that question is no.

      Folt is a nothing. Same as Bohn.


  3. Losers of the Week

    All those trumplicans from out of state who are living in tents that are now being rounded up in Venice.

    Send them all back from whatever red state they came from


      1. There is a troll named tebowobama
        Who still lives with his mama
        A political hack
        With no nuts in his sack
        He’s proof that there’s life after head trauma

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      2. What’s with the constant spamming, Tebow? It’s really one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, spending your time spamming Scott Wolf’s message board. How low does a person’s life have to sink to get to this point?

        Oh, and Scott, please install an “ignore” function.


  4. Great photo of national champions, not sure how to fit the photo in when football season arrives, but I’d much rather wake up to see this than the ubiquitous “open mouth Clay” photo, which will grace these pages several times per week once practice starts.

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      1. I’ve listened to everything Wrighster has to say on his podcast —and it doesn’t sound like it’s us. It’s something that has been “developing for years.” That sounds like Oregon.
        [The only thing that worries me was the stuff about an “a high ranking, trusted insider cooperating with the evolving story” —if that turns out to be Folt coming to a ‘woke crescendo’, no Trojan will EVER forgive her. But I don’t think it is —I’m betting it’s our good friends, the duckies].

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  5. Losers of the week, and every week are Mike Bohn and Carol Folt.
    Folt, and Bohn are the bad apples not Caryn Smith Gilbert. Caryn, did her job no doubt about it. Mr. Bohn you opened up a real mess overpaying our new women’s basketball coach when you must first always take care of your current employees who are producing great results. Time will only tell if Gottlieb can produce the same national championship results that Caryn Smith Gilbert did in her short time at USC. You have created a morale problem within the USC athletic department. Loyalty goes two ways so I look for more coaches and staff members to exit next with some possible lawsuits tied in with this mess.
    Imagine what other coaches on your staff are now thinking, and if they do produce winning teams their only alternative is to move on to another program to get rewarded for their hard work.

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  6. Bohn and Folt- are consistent losers every week with their poor decision making.

    Mr. Bohn- you overpaid on a women’s basketball coach that may or may not work out, and probably will use USC to move on to a head coaching job in the WNBA within two years.

    You also created a morale problem within the athletic department by overpaying Coach Gottlieb. Great for Coach Gottlieb, but not so great for the other performing employees on the USC Coaching Staff payroll. Caryl Smith Gilbert performed beyond expectations at USC winning two national championships whether YOU LIKED HER OR NOT. Good management policy is too always first take care of your top performing employees first, and in this case you have not even offered our great track coach ANY counter offer whether it matches what Georgia offered or not. This is not how a good employee should be departing USC.

    Sadly, I now see few coaches that will be interested in coming to USC because both of you showed no loyalty to one of your top employees, and overpaid for a women’s basketball coach who has never even won a Pac 12 conference championship or made it to the Final 4. You paid essentially for an NBA Intern who was somewhat successful at Cal, but not nearly successful as the coaches at Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, and Oregon State while competing within the conference simultaneously.

    If I am a currently USC coach or staff member I am also getting my resume ready to get out of this mess ASAP. The feeling is if I build a successful winning program for Mike Bohn my staff and I will not be rewarded, and will be forced to then market my skills to another program.

    Losing players can be tolerated, but losing coaches the day after winning a national championship is NOT ACCEPTABLE, and definitely another BLACK MARK on the reputations of both you and Carol Folt.

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    1. The defining characteristic of bad leaders is they can’t see the big picture. Every managerial contract within a company is scrutinized by every existing manager. This fact of life leads to two sure routes of trouble: (1) granting newbies contracts that dwarf everybody else’s at their organizational level pisses everybody off, (2) retaining non performing managers at ridiculously high salaries while stellar performers are left unrewarded leaves everybody feeling cheated. Bohn is pursuing both paths at once.
      Caryl Smith Gilbert wasn’t “popular.” So the fuck what? She put USC Women’s track back on the map. Big time. Even if her sport doesn’t pay for itself directly, she was one of the few coaches at USC who was garnering good will and positive press for the university.

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    2. You clowns still don’t get it, Folt and Bohn are figureheads just like Haden and Swann.

      C.L. Max Nikias said he was going to De-Emphasize Trojan football and by that he meant all athletic programs at USC.

      Folt and Bohn don’t have the power to make serious changes to anything, Folt is the equivalent of a Walmart greeter and Bohn is just a plain nothing.

      Think about it, what big decisions has Folt taken the lead on or even had a hand in…not a single fucking tbing. She is nothing but a puppet for C.L. Max Nikias, that’s all she is.

      All Carol Folt does is put out tweets on Twitter for social events, that’s all she does.


      1. “Bohn is just a plain nothing.”
        “Biden is a Winner”…..

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  7. Hmm… Dedicated track facility….Yet when football wants it they have first priority…. Intermurals useses it too. and the community runs on it…but its dedicated to track. I guess we need to change the definition of the the word dedicated.


    1. Oh ya, and no one can be out there when band is using it in the fall. Seems like it’d dedicated to everything but track


      1. Not wishing to diss track, I would venture to say the band is many times more popular than the track team. In fact the only time the public at large pays attention to the track events is the Olympic Games and then only for the chance that a world record might be broken.

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      2. fine you can have your opinion… but don’t call it a dedicated track facility. That is the point i trying to make.


      3. T&F is an awesome spectator sport in sunny climes like SoCal, FLA, etc.
        It is also a sport for which USC enjoys a wonderful heritage.
        A sport for which we can compete with the SEC, etc, for the best talent.
        It is NOT an expensive sport by any means.

        As a young undergrad training on Cromwell in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I thought it freakin’ cool that Don Quarrie, a multi-gold medal winning Olympic athlete from USC was right there on the same field as I. I think he might have had a WR or so at some stage.

        T&F is a huge part of the Trojan Family Heritage and should never be neglected.
        Just cuz FB and Baseball are floundering (also part of the heritage), that does not mean that we should ignore other parts of our Heritage.

        Yeah I admire Allison Felix (even if her USC presence is a bit lessened). Watch out Allison. Here comes TeeTee!


  8. Memo to: Dear Pisley, #1 SUCC STD infection.

    Coach Wooden never had to employ a recruit’s daddy (ATM) to gain a recruit’s commitment.

    Andyain’twinning didn’t know squat……LOL!

    UCLA 11 BB NC’s

    Clown U OOOOOOOOOOOOOferever

    #SUCC bends over humming “Give it to Me” over after 3 minutes of the first half in a pathetic, humiliating 19 point loss to Gonzaga in the 2021 Elite Eight Tournament game. Clown U/Andyain’twinning’s Gonzaga “A” game plan: Trip, Stumble and fall!


    1. Nah, just used Gilbert to buy his athletes and their girl friends and fix their girl friends’ problems…
      Cheatin, lying, no good jerk. Ask his players, read their books.

      Mud, dumb as dirt… 🖕🏽


  9. Excellent write up Michael Guardino.! Imagine how the rowing coach must feel at USC with all these high salaries flying around. She probably makes 60,000 a year so Bohn just sent out a message that even if she wins the national championship there is little or no chance for a salary increase at USC which takes all the hope and competitive drive out of a coach. Coaches need to rewarded for an outstanding performance regardless of the sport and at what current salary level they are paid in comparison to the other coaches.

    To have a successful athletic program you need the following:

    Excellent President, Athletic Director, and Head Coaching creating a family atmosphere with one goal to win championships.1 team -1 family.

    USC had all of that in the 60’s and 70’s- President -Norman Topping Athletic Director- Jess Hill, and Verne Wolf, John Mckay, Bob Boyd, Rod Deadeaux. One happy family which all started at the top with Dr. Topping, and Jess Hill.

    There is no longer a family atmosphere at USC. Winning championships is no longer the ultimate goal for each sport, and our leadership team if you want to call it that still thinks the revenue will continue to come in at a fast pace despite a significant drop in team performances.

    I am very happy for our track coach. She did what she was hired to do by restoring the track program, and USC did not appreciate it so she moved on. However, a good AD would have negotiated with her to stay, and at least made a counter offer even though it probably would not match up with what Georgia was offering.

    Bottom line- it appears she left because of Mike Bohn, and Carol Folt. Money is important, but if she can’t work with your management team it is time to go. My concern moving forward is who can work with Bohn and Folt other than Clay Helton.

    Liked by 2 people


    Do you think this means much to Folt and Bohn who in reality are operating like they are independent outside consultants with little concern for the Trojan family.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. tommyd,
      Independent consultants might be tolerable (not ideal, but tolerable)…


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