USC Couldn’t Compete With Georgia

I’m told Caryl Smith-Gilbert gave USC three weeks to make a counter-offer after being offered the Georgia job but nothing really happened.

A source in Heritage Hall tells me Smith Gilbert wanted bonuses for her staff for winning the Pac-12 title last month but USC declined.

The fact is Pac-12 schools, including USC, are not going to compete wit the big SEC schools in salary, bonuses.

Remember, Smith-Gilbert was rebuffed in 2018 by Lynn Swann when she wanted a raise for winning an NCAA title.

21 thoughts on “USC Couldn’t Compete With Georgia

  1. I wouldn’t give her any extra money either. How much money does womens track make for the school. They should spend the money on the program that will pay for womens track and all the other programs…..namely football.


    1. The Women of Troy track team aren’t even a liability. USC’s perverted sex offender faculty members are into Asian’s. Not many of them are running track.

      The perverts C.L. Max Nikias protected all those years must have small dicks…


      1. Great song.
        The Candyskins have a great cover from the 1990’s.
        So does Del McCoury et al.


    2. You are an asshole simply put! You are 000 nothing. Outside of
      water polo when was the last time the Men won a National Title?
      Believe in Tennis under Peter Smith who won five. Does tennis pay
      for itself.


      1. Judging by your grammar and punctuation I would say your GPA was…

        Just slightly lower than your IQ


    3. it’s her fault people do not go to track meets anymore?
      in the 40’s and 50’s, into the 60’s SC track meets drew thousands for duals and invitationals ,they were held at the coliseum…I went to them,and the other invitationals were big too…SC was the powerhouse then, ncaa hated that and started limiting full ride scholarships .

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    1. God bless, Jake.
      In other news, USC could have kept a great track coach IF they wanted to. There is ALWAYS a deal to be made IF you want it to happen.

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    1. I know we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg —but —- losing a 2 time National Champ winner?! To Georgia?!

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    2. I wonder what uga will be paying her husband? And did her son graduate? He was a walkon football player. The sec has a very large purse full of goodies they hand out because they DIDN’T hire tennis larry.

      Sure wished it would’ve worked out.

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  2. Mike Bohn- we are all watching you.!!! You are overpaying for a terrible football non-performing coach, and not giving your current coaches in other sports raises after strong performance. How can you afford to expand your marketing staff this year, and what’s obvious you hired all your buddies?

    BS- you just way over paid for a Women’s basketball coach which is also a non-revenue sport, and she has never won a national title. Our track coach won two national titles she deserved a counter offer if it was probably not competitive with Georgia.

    Our track coach did a fabulous job here. We will watch who you now hire as her replacement, but I have a feeling you are going to have to pay even more if you bring in a national championship level track coach from somewhere else. It’s also doubtful based on your performance at USC that a good coach would want to work for you.

    The morale in your athletic department must be very low. Your best resource is to invest in your current employees who are performing at the highest level.

    I have never heard of a coach winnng a national championship, and leaving the day after unless that coach works for a terrible athletic director, or is hired by the pros which is not the case here. I also believe it is rediculous that you insulted the young lady by not even making a counter offer even though it was probably less than what Georgia offered.

    Mr. Bohn you were hired to fix the problems at USC, and many of us don’t see it happenning. Things appear to be getting worse under your leadership, and we can’t blame it all on Carol Folt since you are in charge of the athletic department. Coaches use to want to come to work at USC, but based on what I am seeing now this is no longer the case.


  3. If I am Quincy Watts I go to Georgia with Caryn rather than working for this ………hole. It is obvious things at USC are too unstable. If the U of Cincy has a track program that person will be the top candidate. Bone loves the buddy system he really doesn’t care about winning. Colorado, San Diego State, and Cincy don’t have great athletic programs, and that’s where he comes from so don’t expect much more out of him.

    I would not be surprised to see Enfield, and his assistants leave next. They have market value at the moment.

    How do pay a women’s basketball coach with no NCAA or Pac 12 championships a million bucks yet can’t provide a counter offer to a highly successful track coach who has won two national championships, and rebuilt the entire USC track program.?????? Also, remember she has been coaching both the men’s and women’s track program which is essentially two jobs.

    Sorry folks USC will not be a great athletic program until Mike Bohn, and Carol Folt are gone. We need the new resources at the very top not in the marketing department.

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  4. Fault ruined sports at N/C …so they fired her, they believe in tradition & their heritage in the south ,unless democrats run everything like at sc…sc apparently hired her to ruin sports,and their tradition & heritage,she will get a raise.
    Notice football at n/c is improving particularly in football…too many injuries for basketball last couple yrs, now roy williams has retired but they will be back

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    1. Well speaking only of basketball, I’d say that requiring kids to go to class and do their own work is making it harder to get and keep kids eligible.

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  5. USC could have thrown Helton, Bohn, and folt into the deal and not charge Georgia. Put Michael Guarino as president, put Pudly76 in as AD, and put Bourbon4me as head coach. That is an improvement just on paper.


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