USC Track Coach Caryl Smith Gilbert Quits

USC track coach Caryl Smith Gilbert has resigned to become the new track coach at Georgia.

This was obviously agreed to before USC won the women’s NCAA title on Sunday.

I mentioned the Georgia-Smith Gilbert link back on April 23.

Georgia had to offer a good deal because Smith Gilbert secured a job at USC for her husband when she came to USC.

USC assistant coach Quincy Watts, an Olympic gold medalist, will be a strong candidate to replace her.

This will be hard for some to believe but more than a few people at USC won’t miss Smith Gilbert, who had a prickly demeanor, alienated some alumni and routinely fired assistant coaches almost as often as Clay Helton.


34 thoughts on “USC Track Coach Caryl Smith Gilbert Quits

    1. Clown U shoots itself in the foots again. Oh well, I guess bad publicity is better than zero publicity. The Boner management style: “Who’s on first.”

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      1. Boner Stand-Up Routine: “Is reaching first THAT important?”


    2. Bohn is a real piece of work. Lousy hire for the Baseball program,
      Women Volleyball besides keeping some mediocre ones in other
      sports. Be very afraid of who the replacement will be. IMHO believe
      Coach Gilbert was great for the Women, not so much on the Men side.
      The money is tight due to all the law suits being paid out by USC


      1. Really?

        USC receives over $450,000,000 a year from the Federal Government.

        What has that corrupt filth C.L. Max Nikias done with all those Billions of Dollars he loves to tell everyone he raised?

        Trojan football alone used to support itself and every other sports program at USC. That was before Nikias went and De-Emphasized the football program.

        All the corruption within the Trojan athletic dept. and most of tbose worthless money grubbing, bribe taking thieves are still there.


  1. Gilbert knows it’s just a matter of time before C.L. Max Nikias would find a way to sabotage track just as he did Trojan football.

    Nikias can’t have Trojan athletics being seen in a positive light when the academic criminal filth he enabled to commit years of sexual assault have given the university a battered reputation of being corrupt and overrun by sex offenders.


      1. I’d say you’d wanna keep “prickly” championship caliber coaches….

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  2. The silver lining Scott was looking for. I thought he was going to have to mope all weekend on the positive news that USC won something significant.
    Snark on Scott

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    1. I’ve been thinking about this departure all morning — and for what it’s worth I offer one observation: It’s one thing to lose talented but willful athletes to the transfer portal. The program can withstand that. It’s quite another to lose talented but willful coaches. The inability of the university to deal with the kind of a coach who insists on doing it his or her way (cuz they know exactly what it takes to win) is a tremendous liability…

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  3. What in the world is going on at USC——-Mike Bohn how in the world do you let the 1 good coach you have get away right after winning a 2nd national championship. I could care less she was not liked in the athletic department she did her job that’s all that matters.

    You talk about putting new resources into the athletic dept I see your not putting the resources in the right places. Your keeping the coaches around that aren’t producing, and let the good ones get away.

    Perhaps- it’s time to evaluate what you have accomplished here at USC. I don’t see you as the right resource to get this athletic program going in the right direction.

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  4. Super bummed to hear Coach Gilbert will be leaving us.
    Not surprised.

    Just like the City and State of New York, California is starting to feel the sting of its “perceived” success and probably fully suffering from some of its woeful govt policies.

    As has been abundantly discussed on this site, housing cost in the entire state of CA are ridiculous and property taxes–despite prop 13–exorbitant unless you were lucky enough to buy that 1970’s home and keep it FIFTY YEARS. Traffic sucks and the infra-structure is crumbling. The greatest wealth and income disparity in the World. And, despite exorbitant property taxes, the public school systems are failing their students.
    Explain to me why anyone would want to spend a major amount of their life under such hardship. Yes the beaches and the mountains ARE beautiful–they are the only thing I enjoy during my 4 months in residence. The cities (LA, SF, SD) are vibrant–always good for 3-4 days about twice a year.

    So a bright, successful Black woman decides to leave the cesspool for a State with a brighter future. Smart woman.

    The SEC and the Big 10 are the future of Collegiate athletics. It’s about money (and moderate politics–‘Bama not included) and taxes. Pardon my wonk, but did you know that if you combine the economies of the 12 states in the “Great Lakes” region, they would be the 7th largest economy on the Planet. And they have 24 (out of 100) Senators.

    Cali? The number 4 or 5 largest economy on the Planet, but only 2 Senators.
    Ridiculous governing policies and demoralizing tax policy. Glad I gave up on her 33 years ago.

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    1. I hear ya, Bourbon. I had the best times of my life in California. My children live there. ALL my best friends live there. I wish that state the best. But any halfway smart person can see that unlimited illegal immigration COMBINED with free services isn’t gonna be sustainable. I fear for California. I really do.

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      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong.
        Love Cali.
        I just can’t afford to live there…full time.
        And I could not afford to get sick there.

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    2. The last republican governor of California, (R) Arnold Schwarzenegger and his republican governing policies left the state with $91 Billion Dollars of debt.

      (D) Gov. Jerry Brown’s two terms in office left California with the 5th Largest Economy in the World and a $30 Billion Dollar Surplus.

      That is ridiculous, republicans always complaining about democrat economic policy and yet it’s always the democrats that have to straighten out the fiscal mess and huge deficits and debt the republicans create.


      1. I’m not an R, TO.

        Your conundrum is how you extract such an egregious tax haul (over and above what the Feds already take) and spread it around while the bottom quarter of Cali gets poorer and dumber.

        Smart successful Californians are taking the equity out of their homes and moving to TX, and CO. Montana and Id also. Doubt many are moving to FLA.
        Most are decidedly lower tax states.

        Irrespective, you missed the point. Collegiate sports (that financially matter) are declining to an unsustainable level on the West Coast. Trophies in Men’s fencing
        and Lax don’t pay the bills.

        Gilbert left one of the greatest sports and academic universities of all time for Georgia, cuz that’s where financial and professional opportunity exists.

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      2. Folks who see illegal immigration eventually crushing their beloved State of California have an obligation to explain Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stewardship ???


      3. Yeah, republicans have been saying that illegal immigration is going to be responsible for the demise of California any day now…they’ve been saying that for decades and decades.

        And yet the actual freeloading drain on society are the trumplicans living in all the Red States. Their whole standard of living is based on how many natural disasters take place in their shit hole states every year as they stand in line with their hands out waiting for their F.E.M.A. socialist welfare checks.


    3. “Cali? The number 4 or 5 largest economy on the Planet, but only 2 Senators.”

      “Glad I gave up on her 33 years ago.”

      – BoreBohn4me

      That’s when BoreBohn4me decided life would be easier living off government socialism/welfare and moved to a freeloading Red State.


      1. I preferred Frankenstein, bub.
        They only come out at night.

        Paid in about $2.8 million into fed and state taxes during my big work years.*
        Paid $0 to the state of CA in State Income tax, but I proudly pay about $25,000
        a year in property and sales taxes and car taxes.


        *Oh, I chose the private school route after high school, though the Cali system did
        prepare me quite well for College and Medical School. Aren’t too many who consider me a freeloader. You?

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      2. Yeah, but some are for realz, knucklehead.
        Just like NYC, smart liberal DEMOCRATS are fleeing California in droves.
        Who you gonna tax when they’re all gone?


  5. Breaking news: Clay Helton to run the track program with football due to depleted funds. Folt states we have no more dinero. No mas she stares. More to come.


  6. In the 50 years I have followed USC athletics the only good coach we didn’t lose is Rod Dedeaux the baseball coach who won several championships. We lost Mc Kay to the NFL, John Robinson 1 to the NFL, Pete Carrol to the NFL. But we keep Clay Helton. I hate to state the obvious but the more liberal a school gets the less they care about athletics. If you look at the teams in the top 25 in football they were almost all in states that voted for Trump. That’s not an accident. Here is a trivia question for you baseball fans. When is the last time we finished ahead of Oregon St. in the conference standings ? 2003. 18 years ago. How pathetic is that.

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  7. We can’t keep a good coach but have not problem keeping the bad ones. Now that Georgia has taken are great track coach why don’t they do us a favor and hire our football and baseball coaches.

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  8. Bottom line good coaches will no longer come to USC because of the terrible and unstable leadership here starting with Folt, and Bone. If you look closely enough very few of our ex players come around much like they use to because they know something is terribly wrong.

    If the fans, boosters, and alumni stop giving this university money the changes we are all looking forward will be made. No question the other coaches at USC see how much Clay Helton is making with little production, and as a result those that are producing are going to now look to move on quickly to get out of this mess.


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