USC Gets Commitment From 5-Star DL

Mykel Williams, a five-star defensive end from Columbus, Ga., announced today he committed to USC.

Williams is rated the No. 25 player in the nation by Rivals and No. 2 strongside defensive end.

It’s a big commitment — if he actually follows through and comes to USC.

It also takes some heat off defensive line coach Vic So’oto after he lost Jay Toia to UCLA.

Here’s another issue with recruiting: What happens if, in a perfect world, Clay Helton gets fired and a new coach like Luke Fickell fires the assistant coaches except Donte Williams.

Do recruits like Mykel Williams still come to USC? The answer is yes . . . if you hire the right head coach.

9 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From 5-Star DL

  1. Breaking News of the Near Future:

    Williams to transfer after watching one dysfunctional practice and coaching staff work together. He prefers to have a future in the NFL rather than a BA in Communications from USC as he would be delegated as manager of Best Buy at his peak.


    1. As I have been saying, So’oto is regarded by players as a really good coach. He is going to lock down plenty of top talent in the coming years. USC will leverage the improvements in the defensive line to also recruit better players on the offensive line. But that will be the toughest pitch of all. Does McGuire have the ability to lock in o-line recruits? SC is in the running for quite a few top o-line players, but it will need to do a great job of recruiting them.

      Once again, the defense seems to be leading the way in every aspect of the team. Donte will probably bring in another highly rated cornerback and he needs to help Navair land some safeties.

      Does this mean Christen Miller is also a commit?

      I’m not saying everything is right with SC football, but there are real improvements in some areas – recruiting, S&C, defensive coaches. The big question mark is Graham Harrell and Clay Helton.

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      1. Christen will commit very soon, if he isn’t a silent already. After all, his brother is on the team, and his close friend just committed…


      2. Spot on, gamer.
        I would fine tune your final sentence. The big question mark is the O-line.
        Our QBs, RB’s, TE’s/H backs and WR’s will be top notch in 2021–with or without
        HC CH. Harrell might be open to running the football. Hard to tell, as he has NOT HAD an O-line (despite two first round Oline draft picks) in his 1.5 years at USC.

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  2. SC needs d tackles and linemen. D ends are nice, but you havew to stop th run and you have to start the run. Congrats on SC getting a 5 star

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  3. Commitments mean nothing nowadays. Until you have his signature on a LOI, you can’t be too secure and even then he may decide to move on. But it is a step in the right direction.


    1. Best way to make a lot of money? Start with money.
      Best way to get a lot of verbal commitments? Start with good verbal commits.

      We all know plenty will fall by the wayside. You often lose a commit because a better
      player committed afterwards and the earlier fella then decommits.

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