Coliseum Will Be At 100 Percent Capacity . . . In Theory

USC announced the Coliseum “will operate at full 77,500-seat capacity for the 2021 season.”

“We are beyond excited to welcome the Trojan Family back to the Coliseum for the first time since 2019,” Mike Bohn said in a statement. “Our home games were not the same last year, and the gameday experience at the Coliseum is so special primarily because of the fans. Our players and coaches can’t wait to see fans and family in the stands and that energy is a difference-maker for us on the field.”

In reality, this means for some games the Coliseum will get 45,000 fans in a stadium where 77,500 are now allowed. I still hear from people who did not renew their season tickets purely for football reasons, not COVID-19 reasons. The Helton Effect!

47 thoughts on “Coliseum Will Be At 100 Percent Capacity . . . In Theory

  1. 100% Capacity Is NOT Just a Theory, Scott!

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      1. My dear friend, Owns,
        By the end of the season, when these teams are ranked #1 and #2 in the country, the USC/San Jose State game [which will be won by USC by a score of 49-48] will be seen as the Game of the Year.

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      2. Owns! This is truly a case of the kettle calling out black. The Rouse Bowel (1922) is older than the coliseum and in much worse shape. Parking is an adventure on the golf course and the vendors are out of this country (literally). I attended an event hosted by the Boy Scouts and saw a cement bench from the Olympics that had been busted by vandals (not from Idaho) the bathrooms smell (and not just Ben Gay worn by aged Bruin fans)
        The coliseum (1923)renovation has made the stadium a work of art. And when the team returns to its potential (post Helton) the place will roar like no other places I’ve been. The only time I want to be in the stadium you guys rent, is New Year’s Day (perhaps independence day)

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      3. Owns you know the Bruins belong in the Home Depot Center or the kick ball stadium where the sports arena was. 27,000 fans is a great day for Bruin Football.
        Tailgating before games must be brutal at the Rose Bowl. You have to hitchhike or drive to the next neighboring Bruin fan. Not many people showing up my good man. Almost as bad as Clippers games at the Sports Arena. How the heck did they even survive those years. Clippers are still boring. But you have to admit the Bruins need a Oregon size Washington State size field.


    1. Snake oil hucksters are usually a lot savvier and more charming than Mike Bohn….


  2. FACT- The Coliseum will not return to full capacity until

    1) CLAY HELTON has been removed from his duties.

    Mr. Bohn you and Carol should have listened to us. The fans will not come back to the Coliseum until the requested change has been made.
    There are many other things to do in Southern California rather than attend a USC football game with a bozo for a head coach.

    Please keep in mind the value of a USC football ticket has gone down. The program is no longer a National Championship contender, and barely one in the Pac 12. You can hire all the marketing staff you want to stimulate demand for a bad product, but the bottom line the product your putting on the field is not acceptable.

    Is USC football still entertaining? The answer is no.
    Perhaps it is time to lower the ticket prices rather than raising them during this low demand period. Wake up Mr. Bohn your trying to sell a brand that was once very powerful throughout the country. You cannot rebuild that brand with Clay Helton.

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    1. USC football may not be Alabama caliber (okay, you can delete the “may” from that clause) —but it’s hard to say it’s not entertaining when 4 games in it’s abbreviated schedule came down to the last second.

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      1. Just not the critical Pac-12 Championship game vs Oregon at the crumbling mausoleum. Afterwards SUCC took their ball and went home to mommy for warm milk and cookies.

        BTW MG, according to Master Wolf, “Andy Enfield is telling people he might leave because he is upset about not getting a contract extension.”

        WTF, since when does a pathetic, humiliating 19 point SUCC BB loss in the Elite Eight deserve a contract extension? That hideous19 point loss is hardly worth the $24 million Clown U has shelled out to Enfield in the last 8 years – flop, flop, flop!

        Cue S. Miller’s “Take the Money and Run.”


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      2. That 19 point loss was a lot closer than the score….we were coming on strong at the end —- you could see the fear in their eyes…


    2. Disagree.
      The offense has been very entertaining for the last 19 games (2019 and 2020).
      Dominant like the good old days? No.
      Smashmouth like the good old days? No.
      Entertaining? Yes.

      The Defense in 2019 was deplorable. The defense in 2020 was improved.

      If you don’t see enough value to buy a ticket, I understand.
      But don’t denigrate these fellas or accuse them of being a “bad product.”

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  3. I will be there on September 11th, October 9th and November 20th. Not attending on September 4th solely due to stupid insane 2PM start time. Not sure about the remaining dates due to family’s busy schedule. Trying to fit a couple of away games in as well (ASU, maybe Boulder).

    Hopefully there is flyover on the 11th.


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    1. October 4th in Boulder should be awesome. Great weather. Still some Fall colors in the high country. Usually about 50% Trojan fans, 5% CU Buffs fans, and 45% vile/angry CU buff alumni/CUhaters.

      Great atmosphere. I’ll buy you a Colorado craft beer.

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    1. If you’re gonna go this route you might as well go ALL the way & adopt the Hollywood ending credit —which would read something like this: “No Song Girls were lost or seriously harmed during the making of this program.”

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  4. If USC wants to fill the Coliseum this year they should do some advertising with 99Cents Only- 4 tickets for .99cents only with a free autograph picture of Uncle Fester-Clay Helton the Million Dollar baby. This is how far the program has slipped, and gotten even worse since Mike Bohn, and Carol Burnett Folt arrived.

    USC thought about making a Clay Helton bubble head dollar to give out at games, but they were afraid no one would want them


      1. Exactly! I always laugh at the whiners: “I’m not going to another game until they fire Helton! Waaaahhh!!!!”

        They’re no better than SUCLA’s bandwagon fans.

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  5. Will Quincy Watts stay or want to work for Mike Bohn that is the question. I hear alot of the coaches want to get as far away from Mike Bohn and Folt as possible except of course for Uncle Fester Clay Helton.


  6. Going to an SC game of that quality is like having to go to Alcatraz and having to pay extra for an ocean view cell slot. San Jose State, is much better than people think, but still why donate any money to crime which is going on at SC at the moment.


  7. hi folks,fans, heres anews flash!that guy tossed out the window in china was none uther than shorty ganghis khan?he jumped out the window as Achilles approached him!!khan didnt have his horse around so good by little bastard!!!!!!!!!!! edward

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  8. The fans should do the following for the San Jose St. Game.
    1)Purchase 70,000 Mike Bohn, Carol Folt, Clay Helton, and Max Nikias cardboard images to fill the Coliseum designating each section with the TITLE- 2021 USC Season Tickets Holders and Renewals
    2) Hire a Helicopter and fly over the Coliseum on game day with the following flag- RESTORE USC Football Heritage- Fire Mike Bohn, Carol Folt, Clay Helton and Honest Max Nikias.


  9. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. No one has mentioned it.

    The highlight of 2021 will be the weekender to Union Square and subsequent game against the 2020 Oregon beaters, aka The Golden Bears.


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    1. Well now, there’s a possibly! I like the Cal Memorial Stadium. My mom and Sister used to go up north every year. I got a free ticket if I drove, so I’ve been on the Farm and Memorial, of the two I’d pick Cal. The crowd was civilized, and almost human compared to the animals down the street from the Winchester Mystery house.

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    2. Man, great memories.
      Drunk Trojans (mostly undergrads) taking over the cable cars singing Fight On!
      Spilling out of Lefty O’douls…etc

      Thanks Cal.

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  10. Memo to: “Me”

    If you google the best 50 venues for CFB you won’t find the crumbling mausoleum listed. It seems that aggressive wino/homeless panhandlers, an out of control, wild rodent population as large as Shetland ponies or a 50-50 chance you’ll get mugged or have your vehicle stolen or hijacked are definite negatives. Besides “Me”, who wants to attend a CFB venue where fans have to dodge bullets addressed “to whom it may concern.”

    Yet the worse thing about attending a crumbling mausoleum FB game is you have to mingle with ugly, drunk, screaming, obnoxious Ripple and Puke fans. The stench is abominable. It reminds me of what it might be like to attend a bloody, sleazy cock/dog fight in the San Bernardino warehouse.


      1. Honestly Owns, you are so funny that Tebowobama’s sides hurt. Who would go all the way to San Bernardino to see a dog fighting a chicken? Those are held out in Eastvale these days. But if you haven’t noticed the city constabulary is abundant in the area of Exposition Park on game days. Now as for getting your car stolen, if they want his Kia Soul I guess they are more desperate than I thought.
        On the golf course it wouldn’t take much to crawl under a car and remove the catalytic converter, rev your engine twice before leaving, because if the Pinto you drive sounds extra muscle bound it isn’t.
        Finally I know the crowd size will be down at the coliseum until 2023, but never as far down as a home game in Pasadena. I know a guy who went to a 4th of July show at your home field and was told by an usher that the half full stadium for a fireworks show was double the size of the Ucla crowd.

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  11. Memo to: “Me”

    I’ll take your word for it “Me,” ’cause I’ve never hankered to attended a cock or dog fight. Obviously “Me,” you’ve got serious self-esteem issues. You’re a small bozo tit mouse and you hate it. Hence your penny-ante, third-grade, sandbox malarkey. You remind me of Allwind Wallace.

    The LSU vs UCLA game will be featured nationwide. SJSt. vs Clown U will be broadcast on KABC, the #1 bottom-feeder radio station in LA.

    #SUCC FB: warm milk and cupcake FB.


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