USC Morning Buzz: Who’s Going To 100 Percent Capacity Coliseum?

I still can’t get over the publicity/hoopla over USC having 100 percent of its tickets available to not be sold. Ditto UCLA.

If USC thinks it is so great to have a full-capacity Coliseum, it should announce its season-ticket sales. The real figure, not an announced figure.

John Morley, the USC ticket manager for 29 years from the 1940’s-70’s, used to hold a weekly press conference and say how many tickets were sold for games. Now, the ticket managers are in a witness protection program when it comes to public disclosure.

It doesn’t matter because no one is buying season tickets. The End.

Coach Bohn likes to use the phrase “intensity of interest” to assess fan participation. But he’s strangled the “intensity” by keeping Clay Helton around.

  • USC athletic director Mike Bohn was in Las Vegas on Tuesday with the other Pac-12 athletic directors. Or per his description, “partner athletic directors.”

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Who’s Going To 100 Percent Capacity Coliseum?

  1. Where is the Pac 12 commissioner in the photo? He should have been there. he could have comp’d everyone for dinner and bed.


  2. Nice of the AD’s to get dressed for success. Looks like they just came from a Del Taco convention. Who’s the Martian in the gorgeous green space suit?

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      1. Bourbon
        Lol, I wasn’t being snotty, I really wanted to know and I’m too to two 2 lazy to use Google. I have P76 for that.


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      2. Bourbon,

        Why can’t the female be disrespected? The men are. With all of the equality crap going around, she should be disrespected equally along with the men. Besides, who dressed her? I know, the LBGT-QZXY club did.

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      3. PT 5*

        I am forever in your debt. Thanks for the astute observation. At the very least, the AD’s could have worn a school color jacket. Or any jacket for that matter. Surely, they can afford one but $700,000/yr ain’t what it used to be.


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  3. Who’s a contraction of who is? Or whose the possessive of who? Which do you mean? I am confused by your headline. To be clear the coliseum has undersold its capacity for many events. However in the PC era football games pushed the capacity upward. Those days are gone. The only way to go back is to field a superior team. With Helton that doesn’t seem likely.

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    1. …..trending upward, Me.
      We actually have some assistant coaches not from the SunBelt “conference.”
      Hang in there. Just one or two pieces of puzzle needed to regain relevance.

      Recruiting has been strong except for 1 or 2 cycles.
      I’m interested to see how Orlando and friends’ D does in 2021.
      Does it improve, or does it decline–as has been the Orlando meme?

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  4. Thank you, I can understand the question now.

    Memo to Owns: I don’t have esteem issues as you posited in a previous post. I am just Me. I have no account on this blog I can come and go as I please. This is a trick I learned from the trolls, no need to prove I’m me no log in to stop my posts. My avatar is constant if someone else logs in with a different email you’ll know it’s not Me.
    I am a proud Trojan fan. I do not need to troll any other sites with Trojan wisdom, as some Bruin posters feel compelled to do. Even on this site you are just a troll allowed to post for comic relief and notFor relevant information. It must be lonely at the bottom, is that what you Own?

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  5. “No one is buying season tickets?!”

    That’s funny. When I considered my relocation options due to relinquished seats, there weren’t many better seats than the ones I have. So it would appear that statement is about as dumb as Kamala Harris.

    Scroter would do well to remember these words:

    “I would hope you support who we are, not who we are not.

    These individuals have made a choice to work, a choice to sacrifice, to put themselves on the line [12 Saturdays] over the next 3 months to represent you, this school.

    That kind of commitment and effort deserves and demands your respect.

    This is your team.”

    – Coach Norman Dale

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