USC Locks Replies To Tweet Wishing Clay Helton Happy Birthday

Today is Clay Helton’s birthday so USC wished him a Happy Birthday on twitter.

But Helton’s status is so toxic that USC locked the tweet so fans could not respond. That sort of sums of USC at the moment.

Here is the “locked” tweet below:

23 thoughts on “USC Locks Replies To Tweet Wishing Clay Helton Happy Birthday

  1. What a fucin joke can’t even wish clay a happy birthday wish, good riddance why don’t you resign, already. The emperor has no clothes. Try blocking that Twitter twits.

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  2. Now this speaks volumes. Makes me happy to know that the athletic dept. is finally acknowledging our valid & long suffering dissatisfaction with this man, even if its informal.

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  3. Happy Birthday Clay. May this coming season be your best effort yet. While losing the PAC 12 championship was a bummer, wussing out of a bowl game was classic Clay. If they hadn’t locked the comments I would have suggested you show the team a Disney movie called “How to play Football.” Swivel Hips Smith could be on our team and Taxidermy Tech had great defense. Then maybe watch the football sequence in the animated movie “Robin Hood” where a group of barnyard chickens defeated the palace guards. Finally watching “Gus” would be appropriate. Either way maybe you can learn something from Goofy.
    Enjoy your birthday and don’t eat the candles on the cake even if they do magically relight.

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    1. Nice piece. But the films suggested are…. on the light, breezy side. [btw, Have you ever seen the ending they had in store for the smiley fat fuck in True Detective Season One]?

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  4. Sadly USC knows the unpopularity of helton, but they don’t care. This again is a slap in the face of the fans. People who have no USC TRADITION OR RELATION other than a new job are making decisions that are adversely affecting how USC football is viewed outside of their circles. They are stomping on our tradition and destroying our reputation.

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  5. Just so it’s not all doom/gloom, I gotta tip my cap to whomever is/are the new hype video editors. The job they did for Clay’s birthday clip on twitter was outstanding… think about it… you got what, 20 or 30 players half-assin a clap for clay as he does his tough-guy sashay walk up the stairs and I couldn’t see any of the guns being pointed at the well wishers.

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      1. Peanut Gallery? No way. Center of the ring!


  6. This could be an indication of things to come.

    Not a good read that Twitter replies were locked.

    I think the odds of Clay being removed as coach by end of 2021 are now even money.

    On another note, TOS is reporting 2 boom 5* about to announce for men of Troy. OL and a DL, perhaps?

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    1. Thanks. Can’t wait to sing your version of the birthday song at my sister-in-law’s birthday next week…..


    2. What an idiot you are So Cal. USC doesn’t like to use your moniker ,
      dip shit. All you faggots couldn’t clean up the piss in the Coliseum.
      When was the last time you fools were on campus?


      1. You’re the idiot for thinking I use the moniker solely for use on this site. The two have nothing to do with one another, Moron. Besides that, while the official statement regarding the matter is exactly what you expressed, there are several items in the bookstore with “So Cal” on them. But thanks for displaying your ignorance on several matters, including how recently some of us were on campus.


  7. Mike Bohn has very thin skin. First he doesn’t do interviews because he doesn’t want to answer Clay Helton questions. Now, he has to shield his Sacred Cow Clay (and by extension himself) from negative public comments. Bohner hiding in his bunker. He can’t stand up to Carol Fraud because he doesn’t know how to fight … he would be right to feel shame. Bohner and Brennan are USC short-timers and answers to future obscure USC trivia questions.


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