Here’s Some Ticket Transparency

I write frequently about how USC used to be transparent with ticket sales under John Morley, who was ticket manager through four decades and even held a weekly press conference.

Well, even something like this from USC would be nice.

27 thoughts on “Here’s Some Ticket Transparency

      1. Yeah — It’s all relative. “Up 2000” is pretty easy to do when last season’s attendance was “limited to parents due to covid”…

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    1. Anyone that attends a USC football game while that clown Clay Helton is the head coach really is a sucker.

      That’s what USC is taking you for, a sucker, if you’re dumb enough to pay money to see a clueless clown in way over his head, who has no business being an Errand Boy at USC, let alone the head football coach.


  1. It would be very interesting if some anonymous USC employee leaked USC’s 2021 season ticket sales. Perhaps given whistleblower status!? Think of the greater good. Carol Fraud and Mike Bohnerino are a house-of-cards waiting to happen. Fight on for ol’ SC✌️

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    1. September 4th & September 11th will tell the tale….
      #IfUSCKicksAss,”TheyWillCome”For September25,October9th…..


  2. I don’t really care what the ruins do. Although for the record they are going to be a tough out this year. Kelly is just starting to get his feet and the type of player he likes. The buildup of the ruins, Utah, Az St along with Oregon and Udub are our own fault. If we had a head coach that was respected those schools would be fighting for second place in the pac 12…..and everybody would know it. We would also have a reserved spot in the playoffs. Instead I am hoping we win 7 games. Tops being 10….bottom being 4.

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    1. Fred, agree 100% regarding oregon and huskies. ucla? Worst power 5 record since Chip came aboard, and one of the highest “transfer through the portal” rates. Chip’s genius is long gone and the kids who are being recruited now were 7 years old when Chip was at oregon. They don’t him from Adam.

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  3. Memo to: ’67

    The crumbling mausoleum will be SRO for SJSt., and televised nationwide.

    Nobody will be watching LSU vs UCLA.

    SUCC can always draw a crowd for a cupcake game/schedule.



    1. Let’s see if the buy one get five free works better for lsu than it did this weekend…

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    2. Just Rent,

      How are you getting to the rose bowl for the lsu game? I know, you aren’t going because you can’t afford a ticket and bus fair. If you start to collect bottles and cans, you might have the money by the end of August. Get going.

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      1. Unfortunately MG SJSU has a real coach and a very solid roster. It will be a dogfight.


  4. That’s a real fear. SJSU is an easy game to look past, but the Spartans are the real deal. And it would make their year to beat USC in the Coliseum to start the schedule. SJSU will play like they have nothing to lose, and that is a concern. Especially if you actually think Clay Helton will have the Trojans ready to play that game…


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