USC Saturday Buzz: Is Isaiah Mobley Working Himself Into NBA Draft?

Isaiah Mobley’s had a strong performance at the NBA Combine with 18 points, five steals and four rebounds in less than 24 minutes of action.

Mobley wasn’t projected to be drafted in some mock drafts but that might change now.

  • USC sprinter Nicole Yeargin placed 2nd in the women’s 400m final at the British Athletics Championships with a time of 51.26 to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

18 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Is Isaiah Mobley Working Himself Into NBA Draft?

    1. Hey Jimmy Lemon, you barking dachshund, don’t worry about Juzang, worry about why Andyain’twinning didn’t tap into Isaiah’s surprising NBA combine game…T’anks Enfield!

      SUCC BB: oooooooooooofereverandproudofit.


  1. hi fans,well hollywood has some ties to cannibalism!? lets guess some lousey actors like the mumbler harr ford? a carpenter!!!!!!!! sincerely, Edward

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  2. Well Yimmy Lemon, this hen and the boner don’t think Andyain’twinning deserves a contract extension based on his 4-0 win streak (BFD) vs UCLA.

    I mean, after 8 years and $24 million $$$, Andyain’twinning hasn’t made a Final Four, and his last game was a pathetic 19 point humiliating loss on national television. T’anks Enfield

    Andyain’twinning vs Colorado last 8 games: 0 – 8

    Hooray for Booger and his daddy.


    1. But against sow he’s 4-0… what’s little mick doing vs his crosstown rival? Oh yeah, it’s 0-4.
      0-4. 0-4. 0-4. 0-4. Hahahahaha 💋

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      1. Christ, Pisley, you asinine hyena, Cronin made the Final Four in his second full year at UCLA, and, in spite of his 0 – 4 record (BFD) vs Andyain’twinning, CRONIN GOT a contract extension.


      2. Wow.. how cool is 0-4?? Your team is sooo cool. They finish 5th in conference then lose in the big dance.


        Still must suck to be 0-4 tho, huh? Having to use others accomplishments rather than your own. What a joke.

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  3. Basketball isn’t a favorite sport for me, so I don’t really care. That being said, I wonder what a better coach could get out of the Trojans.
    You know Bohn is fine with status quo. He might be putting feelers out, but he’s used to being beaten. I like making Disney analogies and Bohn reminds me of the coach at Medfield college where winning is an unexpected plus.
    Helton is the Joe Flynn character and he’s perfectly cast as the foil in every situation.


  4. UCLA: Made the Final Four despite finishing 5th in the Pac-12 conf. and losing two games to the bozos.

    SUCC BB: Just missed the Final Four due to a pathetic, choka, choka, choka, humiliating 19 point loss to Gonzaga. When SUCC has to win, they choka, choka, choka, choke like a wino that chugging ripple.

    #So, 24,455 days since the last time Clown U BB made the Final Four.

    #Answer: Hee Haw BB.
    #Question: What’s an accurate description the bozo BB program.

    #Andyain’twinning: the $24 million $$$$$ BB fraud


      1. As bad as we are…. your still our bitch‼️

        I remember when sow thought of itself as a basketball school. Now it’s motto is lose close, the closer the better… hahahahaha

        0-4 and counting… clap on little buddy.


  5. If IM leaves for the NBA, USC basketball will go .500 next year at best, which will make Bohn decision to move on from Andy easier.

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    1. 2021-22 will be a “rebuilding” year in all probability.
      After the last few years of Boatright, Metu, OO, the Mobleys, we’re looking a bit young.
      However, Goodwin is a player (and might return for a 6th season) and maybe Coulibaly will develop. Peterson was steady and should be a solid 10-12 ppg, and I’m optimistic Agbonkpolo will have a strong year. A lot to build upon.

      I see 2021-2 as a litmus test for Enfield. If the Trojans end up in the top 4 of the Pac, then maybe the haters STHU? The 2021 class is strong but not “elite.”

      (With HS BB stars going straight into the G-league, a lot of the top recruits may never see a college court.)

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