Sunday Buzz: Another Look At Olympic Auditorium

With the Olympic Auditorium a topic the past few days, it is worth noting USC played some basketball games there.

The Olympic used to get 6,000 on Sunday afternoons to watch the Los Angeles Thunderbirds.

The Olympic Auditorium

This is what the interior looked like for the 1932 Olympics with dual wrestling platforms.

Marvin Hagler KOs Doug Demmings at the Olympic Auditorium This Day April 7,  1978 - YouTube

Marvin Hagler knocked out Doug Demmings at the Olympic on April 7, 1978.

31 Olympic Auditorium ideas | olympics, auditorium, los angeles

Here’s Freddie Blassie at a 1970 event.

Here is the Battle Royal in 1976 with Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, Porkchop Cash and 17 other wrestlers.

Below is the 1975 Battle Royal.

36 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Another Look At Olympic Auditorium

    1. Look at how big the ring was for the Battle Royal in the picture above.

      Thats the size ring the British boxers like to use so they can run away and avoid contact.


    1. Yay for us… we only lost by 3‼️ Said the sow wannabe who cried “make them stay home, I’m too embarrassed”.

      Let’s see how long has it been in football and basketball? Mud? Mud? Mud?

      mud, dumb as dirt, only wetter.


      1. Thank you “Jimmy Lemon” for the UCLA kudos. The ‘Zag’s vs UCLA game is up for an ESPY in the category of Best Game of the Year.

        SUCC BB is up for the 2020-’21 worst choka, choka, flop, flop, trip, stumble and fall, Elite Eight, nanny goat award on the Colin Cowherd morning radio show. SUCC is favored by 19 points.

        #SUCC BB: Hee Haw game


      2. Sow sucked. Finished fifth in conference and lost their final game in an all too familiar way. Losing at the end of a game they should’ve won. Yay for the sow and yay for their wannabe alumn. They suck at home they sucked on the road. Their football team choked out a big one paving a road 6 lanes wide for the basketball team to follow. And that they did.

        Any way you cut it, sow left much to be desired in both sports.

        And mud cheers on.. dumb as dirt, only wetter.

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  1. Someone pointed out that wrestling is “faked” Wrestling isn’t faked it’s scripted, there is a difference. Whilst looking like the three stooges in a brawl, there is ample time to get hurt. Wrestlers have even died from injuries in the ring.
    It’s an unfortunate fact that my own children have turned away from watching USC football and are avid fans of AEW. (On TNT)
    Many professional wrestlers were forced to continue in the ring long after injuries and age had taken its toll. Andre the Giant could barely walk without a cane in his later days. They had to wrestle for peanuts and got very little in actual money for their work in he ring. (I guess it’s a lot like college football was before the NCAA got slapped by SCOTUS)

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    1. It is fake. It being choreographed doesn’t make it wrestling, no matter how many moves they pretend to use. There have been countless documentaries on this. The fact that it takes its toll on a body doesn’t make it real, just dangerous.

      Next they’ll tell me Basil Rathbone was actually trying to kill people during those sword fights.

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      1. Speaking of Basil Rathbone (a fine old gentleman and a fascinating actor), he once uncharacteristically & undiplomatically said, “Errol [Flynn] may have gotten the girl, but were it not for the script I would have killed him in a fight.” One small problem: Fights over girls aren’t fought with foils anymore —and in a street fight Flynn woulda kicked his ass.

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      2. Who knew, “Jimmy Lemon”? Thank you for ‘splaining the Pro wrestling game. I’m shocked. Pro wrestling looks so real on TV.


      3. Do your best little buddy.

        You’re still not a sow alumnus, no matter how you try and fake it. If this is the best you can do, it’s too little.

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      4. 2-11…. wow juzang really filled it up yesterday, eh? And he had as many turnovers as assists. He must’ve worked out with joshie rosen..

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      5. entertainment is always fake,or no one would engage in its endeavor,acting is just that… too much logic almost ruins the entertainment aspect, for some.Like hellton on the football field playing the part of a real football coach.

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      6. Tim, mostly agree with your opinion here, except that sports are entertainment. And most aren’t fake, just the opposite.

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      7. I’m only guessing, Pudly —but that’s the direction I think Tim wanted to go in: unlike most forms of “entertainment”, sports “entertain” by being real….

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      1. Michael, excellent observation. Anybody who asks Burgess Meredith to cut him is not operating with full faculties.

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      2. Anybody who marries a psycho who screams “Rocky, you can’t win!” before every big fight is not operating with all his faculties…..

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      1. I saw that movie in a HUGE theater downtown —people who’d never seen a real boxing match were on their feet screaming and cheering as Rocky started landing the big left hooks….it was really cute. The only other time I saw the audience get THAT into a fight was when I saw Darker Than Amber (starring Rod Taylor). My girlfriend had just broken up with me (yeah, the pre-med guy was a better catch) so I just drove to the nearest theater and went in. The audience turned out to be a biker gang and they got so into the last brawl (“Kick his ass, Rod!”) that it was like being at a football game where your team comes back at the end. I wrote Rod Taylor to tell him about it and he wrote back “Wow. Losing your girlfriend to a UCLA guy. Insult to injury. Glad Darker Than Amber helped!”

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  2. Scooter,

    Real cool photos and reporting on the Olmpyic Auditorium. You need to write a book on the inside of USC football history, Mar Goux, and the Olympic Auditorium.

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    1. Think of the amount of free advertising Scott would get from Mike Bohn and Carol Folt when they condemned the book as “a pack of hateful lies…”

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  3. Excellent work Scott Wolf! I remember seeing a fight between Carlos Palomino, and Hedgemon Lewis at the Olympic. Sat right next to Ryan O’Neil who was heavily involved with Lewis as a managing partner. A good friend of mine was a very good friend of Palomino. Great fight I think Palomino won.

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      1. Speaking of boxing —fixing a fight is a tricky business for the judges. They don’t know if “their” fighter is gonna come on at the end so they have to give the early rounds to “their” fighter even if he’s losing —-just in case he loses the later rounds even worse. Last night Mario Barrios was beating Mayweather’s fighter, Gervonto Davis, so badly in the early rounds that Mayweather was screaming at Davis from ringside to change tactics. He did and he won by a TKO. But the apparently crooked judges had Davis winning ALL the early rounds —just in case.

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  4. Stallone and Tyson did some great post fight analysis on the Joshua vs Ruiz fight.

    They were brutal in their assessment of Joshua and how he looked scared once he took that shot to the side of the head, dude was totally discombobulated, barely knew where he was and and that point it was all over with for the Brit. Ruiz smelled blood and just pummeled his ass.


    1. I think you, Tyson & Stallone are being way too tough on Joshua, tebow. Try looking at this fight in a more sympathetic light. Joshua just smiled as he was getting his ass kicked. He just smiled at the ref when the ref asked whether he wanted it stopped. He just didn’t complain when they took his heavyweight crown from him and handed it to Ruiz. He just smiled all the way back to his dressing room.


  5. This Just In: Fan Nation USC (Claudette Montana) predicts USC will ONLY lose two games this year…..

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      1. Ha! I was thinking the EXACT same thought: “Good thing she doesn’t know crap.”

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