USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC football

The entire month of June was nothing but breathless reports of recruiting visits to campus from top prospects. Now they just need to commit . . . and be coached!

Isaiah Mobley

The USC forward raised his stock at the NBA Combine but was it enough to actually go pro?

Evan Mobley

The NBA Draft lottery last week ended up giving the Houston Rockets the No. 2 pick, which makes this the likely destination for Mobley.

Domani Jackson

The USC football commit/sprinter from Mater Dei tied the state record by winning the 100 meters in 10.25 seconds at the California State championships.

Endyia Rogers

The former USC point guard/last season’s leading scorer transferred to Oregon.

USC baseball

The fact Arizona baseball coach Jay Johnson has left for LSU and will no longer be in the Pac-12 can only be viewed as a positive for the Trojans.

Dalilah Muhammad and Anna Cockrell

The USC duo finished second-and-third in the 400-meter hurdles to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Muhammad already won the gold medal in 2016.


Marv Albert

The legendary announcer did Sunday night’s Bucks-Hawks game and said Onyeka Okongwu was “out of the University of Southern Cal.”

We’ll give him a break since that’s probably what everyone in New York called it back in the day.

USC social media dept.

Someone decided to wish Clay Helton a Happy Birthday on twitter but locked the replies, which turned the tweet into an all-day subject of ridicule.

USC ticket sales

You don’t hear a peep on this unless someone says they dread to think of attendance figures in September.

Arizona State

Nothing in the past week made the NCAA investigation less concerning. In fact, things seem to be getting worse. I’m sure the attitude in Tempe is to just tough it out.

55 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Clay Helton, 49 years old, living the American dream, making nearly $5 million a year, has an ocean-view home. Has done absolutely nothing to earn it. Continues to be propped up by equally incompetent Mike Bohner and Carol Fraud. Put your ✌️down … you’ve done nothing to be worthy of Fight On.

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    1. Hey! Comments like that forced USC’s social media department to lock out replies on little Clay’s birthday……

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      1. Hey my favorite resident racist! You ready for the football season? At what point will the first embarrassing loss happen? I say San Jose St. I predict an all out loss, but, I would be satisfied even if they just make you sweat for 4 quarters… 😂😂😂. BTW, Chauvin got a light sentence. Black and Brown skin folks get more time for non violent drug offenses and you know it. You were there for some of those ridiculous sentences.


      2. Yeah I was there — to see justice was done. I fought harder than the chicken shit public defenders to make sure black and brown defendants weren’t treated differently than whites. I ran for City Attorney to advance that exact position. That’s why the cowardly leftist media in Los Angeles wouldn’t cover the campaign. But you wouldn’t know that….

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    2. The Biggest Loser, just as he is every week, is Donald J. Trump. The Trump Trainwreck rally in Ohio this weekend was a complete catastrophe.

      Trump was spewing the same old tired lies and crap talking points, the trumplicans were so bored they were leaving in droves during Trump’s speech…


      The Trump idiot was blaming the wind for moving his teleprompter around to where he couldn’t read it. Trump was stuttering and mispronouncing words all over the place…Trump is completely senile, his brain is mush.




      1. Brilliant piece, tebow —with impressive supporting documentation provided by the star of HBO’s “A Girl’s Guide To Depravity.”


  2. hi folks, well trae has both ankles with splints and all thoughs many basket attempts have trae wore down! he has sore shoulder rittious! sincerely, eddie

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      1. Pudly –I’ve never heard of one single NFL QB coming back from a vaginal pull…

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      2. Along with achilles tendon reconstruction and rotator cuff surgery, the dreaded vaginal pull is an incredibly difficult recovery.

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      3. (1) 67 –“Difficult” to the point of being virtually impossible to “bounce” back from….
        (2) I see what you did there, Pudly….

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      4. Pudly my friend if there was ever a shocker it may be that JT Tuimoloau will sign with USC.
        There are no words that would describe that upset. But we now have a chance.


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      5. True Sam… wouldn’t it shock just about everyone in the country if we ended up with the top 2 players in the 2021 class?

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  3. Biggest winner of the week is Anna Cockrell making the Olympic Track and Field team. Fine young lady will probably be a US Senator one day, and she fought very hard in the Olympic Trials against some very stiff competition 400m hurdles.

    Amazing person..Honor Student…and Amazing Athlete. Go get em in Tokyo Anna! FIGHT ON!


    1. Back in the day, it was either “SC” or “Southern Cal”. I never heard the term “USC” until decades later. People who said “USC” were assumed to be noobs. And nobody could say “Southern Cal” like that southern gentleman, Keith, RIP. One of the all-time greats, as good as anyone IMHO.

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  4. Baseball needs a new coach like Jay Johnson! Every AD from
    Mike Garrett forward has been an incompetent boob dealing
    with the baseball program.


      1. “Jimmy Lemon” goes rhetorical: “Are their(sic) any such thing as bad boobies?” Funny stuff!

        #Hee Haw


      2. Keep worrying about me little buddy. But at the end of the day nothing changes… you’re still a wannabe and your team hasn’t won a game that matters in football or basketball.

        0-4 and trending down.

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      3. Michael, I was having a pretty good day until you brought up Hillary’s mammaries…

        Ed G, my brother, time to chime in on this one.

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  5. Southern Cal was okay for USC, until Mike Garrett pointed correctly the name was the original name given to th JC Southern branch of the University of California. Before it became a stand alone University, it was known as Southern Cal. Garrett would rather be called racist, than UCLA, by a troll who uses a name his mother wouldn’t say to her worst enemy.

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  6. Big winner – Donte Williams now sits as the number one recruiter in the country. If he gets Gentry Williams to commit to SC, then he will be locked in as the top recruiter for certain.

    Goes to show that anytime USC has a quality position coach, they are able to win the best recruits against the top programs. Why shouldn’t this be the standard requirement?

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  7. Hmmm, somebody thinks the ruins will suck…

    Again! Hahahahaha 🤩🤩 🍆 💥✌🏾💥

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    1. SportsPac12’s prognostication is based on bozo FB’s warm milk and cupcake schedule.

      The bozos don’t play Oregon or Washington and get a CS bye prior to the ND game.

      SUCC FB: Tough as a feather pillow.


      1. So it is written, so shall it be!

        Must be hard to be a bandwagoner wannabe sow alumnus. All the shame and no diploma. Heck of a combination. But then you’re a heck of a drive thru window attendant.
        How bout a fried pie wit your burger?
        Haha 😂 💋🍆🖕🏽🖕🏽💥✌🏾💥💪💥✌🏾💥

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      2. Here’s another look into the ruins season predictions by PFF. And in this one they actually improve to ALMOST .500!

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      3. The one thing that bothers me about our predicted win total is folks are saying our losses will be to our archrivals…..
        #….I.E., TheTeamsCoachedByTheKellyBoys

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      4. Another losing year for westwood, according to the article. What will this be, 5 losing years in a row? 6? Does it even matter?

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      5. It does matter ‘67. The ruins strive mightily for consistency. Not easy to lose at the end of games like they do. You’d figure just the odds alone would favor them sooner or later, BUUUUUTTTT NOOOOOOO‼️ Not them.

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    2. I sincerely have to question why UCLA is a whole percentage point ahead of Arizona and Oregon State…..

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  8. 10% for ASU to win the PAC. Ha !! What good would it do? ASU now exists to make any PAC-11 recruiting transgressions seem minor.
    Me thinks maybe 10% probability that they field a scholarship team.


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    1. You’re right. USC is about to pick up a few prize recruits we weren’t originally counting on….

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  9. Love Mike Bohn’s quote: “Everything is on the Table”

    I hope he too understands that his job is on the line this fall also. He can no longer hide, and as of this date more than a year later we all see very limited results.

    Season Ticket Sales are really down, and attendance at games this fall might be quite small. I hear many coaches including men’s basketball who already have 1 foot out the door.

    Mr. Bohn you were hired to turn our athletic program around. No more excuses please. 2021-2022 will be either the Rebirth of Troy, or the downfall. Your on the clock– We will watch your performance.

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    1. Mike Bohn: “Let me clarify –I meant everything but MY job, my salary, my office and my car are on the table.”

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      1. tommyd is coming after me too?
        —-Tolstoy’s “War & Peace”


      1. We part company on this one, pardner. Kevin Love is the greatest bruin of all time…..

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      2. That wasn’t my opinion Michael, just an obscure article by an irrelevant, unbiased observer. Not at all like the daily ruin piece….

        All we need is love, love is all we need, right?

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      3. Damn Pisley, whether or not Love belongs on the team is irrelevant; he’s on the team.

        The pertinent question still remains: how many DESERVING(?) ex-bozo BB players made the US Olympic BB team? Just asking for a friend.

        #Hee Haw
        #SUCC FB: tough as day old kitten


      4. How many of your track and field athletes made it. This is a sport where talent is relevant. As opposed to those nosen for the team…

        *s/b chosen not nosen…

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