Who’s Coming And Going? You Need A Scorecard

I repeatedly make references to people being disgruntled within the football program, mainly because there are some difficult personalities to deal with in the McKay Center.

Now I hear there’s been another departure because of the frustration of dealing with some power-hungry egos. To be clear, this starts with Clay Helton, who tends to enable those who least deserve it.

That’s one reason there seems to be a turnstile in the football program with people constantly coming and going.

33 thoughts on “Who’s Coming And Going? You Need A Scorecard

  1. In two days student-athletes will be allowed to make an income from the NIL proposals. How will this affect the other sports and smaller schools?

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    1. 10 million bucks each for Drake London and Kedon Slovis? Pretty sure this is gonna change the coach/player dynamic…..

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  2. We may have lost an O-lineman. Media trying to get hold of him and he’s scrubbed a lot of USC related stuff from his Twitter feed.

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  3. “Power-hungry egos” at the McKay Center!? That may very well be true, but has there ever been a less capable group of “power-hungry egos” at any football school in the history of college football!? Gomer, Bohner, Brennan and all of the rest of you are an effing joke and an embarrassment to the fine legacy of USC football✌️


    1. Bohner you’re a career failure as an AD who somehow bullshitted and glad-handed his way into USC. That in itself takes some talent. One born every minute eh Carol Fraud!?


    2. Brennan such stupid hype when you arrived at USC. Do they realize you’re no Theo Epstein!? You’re young, marry into some rich USC family. Play some golf.


      1. btw, seems like EVERYBODY is predicting a banner year for Arizona. By the end of the year —when Herm is under lifetime suspension — that should be quite a rivalry game…..

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  4. UCLA plays LSU, Oregon, and Washington; the bozos don’t.

    But SUCC scheduled the cupcake SJSt. at home.

    #SUCC FB: Tough as lollypops
    #Hee Haw


    1. You play quacks and fuskies because you have to you stupid vapid dolt. Your only other choice was join the CIF, which they tried and were rejected for. Trying to take credit for those games is a joke like your football and basketball programs. So you have 1 (one) tough game by choice. And who, btw, do you play the week before lswho? Hawaii? How’d they do vs SJSU?

      You really are dumb as dirt.

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      1. Vapid am I Pisley. LOL, I bet you’ve spent several years to think of a sentence to use “vapid.”

        Dear Pisley, you flatulent blowhard, of course we have to play Oregon and Washington. That’s just the point, you obtuse clown. UCLA plays the more difficult schedule and still is predicted to go 9 – 3; whilst the bozos pantywaist FB schedule is only good for a 10 – 2 record.

        If SUCC’s FB schedule was a hard-on it couldn’t penetrate cotton candy.

        #Hee Haw!


      2. You’ve clearly said that it was by choice that we didn’t play them you lying twerp. You’ve made it sound like the ruins have finally chosen to enhance their schedule by playing tough teams. Who by choice have the ruins put on their schedule other than lswho?
        That’s right. NOBODY.

        Hahahahaha you’re such a cuckold.


    2. 3 guaranteed losses for sow. What are you so giddy about Owens? Especially after that Rice beat down from your out of conference schedule a few years back. Who can ever forget that embarrassment that the ruins brought to the conference. That’s saying a lot considering its the Pac12. The embarrassment of college football right now. THANKS to that classless, clueless, Grifter Larry Scott who has been shown the door.

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  5. By the way Owens how many cases of natty lights did you go through after that Rice beat down or was it your old reserve of lucky lauger? Predictions and opinions are like a holes everyone has one. It just seems like yours come out of your ass most of the time when you post about the school out west. Biased liberal lush! By the way don’t you have a mai ty to finish off.

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  6. Pisley you rectal thermometer, here’s my direct quote:

    “UCLA plays LSU, Oregon, and Washington; the bozos don’t.”

    LSU is a home and home series and Oregon and Washington are Pac -12 conf. games. UCLA must play Oregon and Washington per the conf. schedule set by Pac – 12. As usual Pisley, you pinhead, your view from a rectal cavity is FOS.

    Prior to Clown U’s toughest game at ND, SUCC gets a bye. SUCC get a kiss and a fondle from the Pac -12.

    BTW, I can’t wait to watch the nationwide telecast of SJSt. vs bozo FB. The nation salivates for FB match up’s like this.

    SUCC FB: Tough as wet toilet paper.
    #Hee Haw


    1. Much like your matchup with Hawaii, there won’t be much of a national audience but at least we’ll have fans in the stands that outnumber the opposition. And nobody outside the swampland called baton rouge will be watching them dismantling sow (except maybe their next opponents). You’re so stupid. No one has cared who the ruins play, played or will play for years, and you somehow think this will lead to a national resurgence of ruin football? Please. Remember this…

      Can’t even get your own people to show when you gave away 4 free tickets with every 1 you bought.

      Mud, the life of no one’s party.🍆🖕🏽🍆💋


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