USC Notes: Recruiting And Bad Logos

Here’s a recruiting story that won’t make the rounds.

Is this real below? These logos are terrible. And didn’t Noah Baumann transfer?

I guess it’s just important to create hype instead.

4 thoughts on “USC Notes: Recruiting And Bad Logos

  1. We’re all very early in the “N.I.L.” phase of life.
    Gonna’ be a lot of mistakes made along the way, until “things sort themselves out.”

    I think some minor benefit will come to the programs which are on the forefront of this N.I.L. “movement.” The “blue blood” programs will continue to attract top notch talent, fill stadiums, win games (and Nattys), and make money.

    Irrespective, when dealing with the “tender personalities*” of these young student-athletes, hype will always win out over substance and gravitas.

    I don’t see anyone on this site reading these books, but I’d recommend
    Generation Me, iGen, and the Narcissism Epidemic–all by Professor Jean Twenge.
    Might understand these generations a bit better. I’d hate to be a FB coach in this time.

    *pardon me if I’m a bit snarky.


  2. hi folks, looks like giannis got brain washed early in greece! too much basketball and too little formal education!? basketball is just a past time !? Sincerely, Edward these nba finals all 4 of these teams have many problems! the winner just the best of a mediocre bunch??????


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