Mike Bohn’s Vision For USC

USC athletic director Mike Bohn was asked by Jon Wilner what his vision was for USC

“To be the most student athlete-centered program in the country.”

This is USC in a nutshell: It’s all about an athlete’s hype, image and anything else that will help in recruiting. The superficial reigns supreme.

Things like player development and coaching are secondary; old fashioned and out of touch.

14 thoughts on “Mike Bohn’s Vision For USC

    1. That stupid mother fucker Mike Bohn is blind in one eye and can’t see out the other.

      “Mike Bohn’s Vision For USC”?

      The guy is a fucking puppet who has to fo as he’s told.

      Shit, that worthless asshole Tim Tessalone has more say in the athletic dept. than Mike Bohn does.

      Bohn is a nothing.


  1. Mike Bohn- loves to hear himself speak, and every morning loves to read his famous quotes in the paper. . The guy should be selling used cars. He is nothing more than a dumb “jock”.

    Do you all remember Republican Lieutenant Governor Mike Curb. His style did not work in the State of California, and he was in office for 1 term, and then ran for governor. Great gift for BS just like Bohn. Both he and Bohn look the part as politicians but there is too much mustard on the hot dog. ALL SHOW NO GO! Just like Mike Curb failed to win approval in California the same will happen to Bohn. Hopefully he will be asked to leave before 4 years to prevent further damage.

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  2. Read the Wilner article … YAWN! What does “most student athlete-centered program” even mean!? Just some slick marketing BS. Give me a dominant coach who can coach-up these guys, win a National Championship, and graduate these guys to the NFL. In the process, NIL and brand will take care of itself. Bohner doesn’t have the juice to bring in a big-time coach.


  3. Yes, I agree this is nothing but bullshit. A scam and a way to hide.
    If the football program fails to perform on the field the way he is setting it up he has a way out: “but look at our graduation rate or look at the
    GPA improvement”. This guy is a snake oil salesman.


  4. Bohn looks like a Kansas farm boy dressed up in a suit, and he looks as fake as they come. He will never fit as a Trojan just like Clay Helton.


  5. You can “be the most student athlete-centered program in the country” and still challenge for national championships. It’s not as if you can’t walk and chew gum at thew same time.

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  6. #Thanks Boomer.
    (and I’m a late boomer).

    The World of young people–and therefore student-athletes–has changed.
    Need to change with it. Folt is the President and has told Bohn what is required
    from the Athletic Dept. Good citizenship, high grad rates, no more Sark-gate, etc.
    Bohn was AD at CU–a school with a deep liberal history and agenda. He helped build a
    decent Women’s sports program at CU, recruited one of the best MBB coaches in the Pac in Tad Boyle, and hired Mike MacIntyre who was a quick winner at CU before the program descended into its rightful position as a perennial FB loser. IMHO, Bohn is not the problem. If HC CH lays an egg in 2021, then likely both will be gone soon.

    I think putting student-athlete welfare at the top of the list is an expectation.
    It will lead to winner, also.

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  7. Unfortunately, Bohn is a bit of a politician. Which is too much like Clay.

    But that doesnt mean he does not understand that the football team needs to return to being a national contender.

    This focus on the individual is the new norm for kids today. All this focus on identity issues and equity, instead of achievement.


  8. hi folks, brown the 57 midget /?wheres he going to play!bench warmer!?is usc recruiting any white corner backs!? Sincerely, Edward


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