Morning Buzz: USC Uses NIL To Mask Weaknesses

The thing that bothers me about USC’s whole fervor with the name, image and likeness issue is that the athletic dept. is using it more to mask deficiencies than enhance the actual experience of being a Trojan.

Forget about being coached up, prepared for the NFL and actually performing on the field. I’m not even discussing winning a national championship. USC doesn’t prioritize that anyways.

It’s all secondary because USC is going to make you famous with hype videos, personal logos and a DJ booth at the McKay Center.

Heaven forbid that another Ricky Bell come to USC, a linebacker from Fremont High School in Los Angeles who was converted by the coaches to running back and became one of the greatest tailbacks in Trojan history. Bell improved and developed.

Now, this is more important:

Preening and projecting something. Talking. Winning? Well, that might come later. No promises. Besides, winning’s not important if you can maximize your brand.

62 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Uses NIL To Mask Weaknesses

    1. Mike Bohn & Clay Helton— just another CEO and Operations Manager who understand advertising & branding way better than product.

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  1. Conceptually, USC should be the #1 school in the country for athlete branding and NIL. However having Clay Helton for a coach and finishing 2nd or 4th in the Pac12 will taint player brands and limit their NIL opportunities. Make sure you get your USC diplomas because you’re going to need them.

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    1. “ Make sure you get your USC diplomas because you’re going to need them.”

      You’re a dope. By implication, has there ever been a more stupid statement made to a student? Perhaps the school would do better not wasting time on the education of these athletes?

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      1. You understated the very stupid nature of that statement. Imagine, for example, if the student athlete in question wanted to attend the USC School of Business? Good grief!!!

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      2. USC sure is wasting the time of it’s football players having Clay Helton as their head coach.

        How stupid do you have to be to take the scholarship offer to play football, hoping to get to the next level and you choose to play for Clay Helton?

        Who the hell has Clay Helton coached up that has made it to the NFL?

        I dare anyone, especially that Clay Helton knob polisher pudly, to name one player that went onto the NFL and said he made it there because of Helton’s coaching.

        11 years Clay Helton has been at USC and he hasn’t coached one damn player up, most regressed or didn’t learn a damn thing at all.

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      3. Good analysis … I don’t get how pudly and tommy don’t get how if you don’t make the NFL (which USC recruits expect to do), you have to go out and get a regular job like the rest of us.


    1. There was so much RB talent on those 1977-1981 USC teams that playing FB was the only way Marcus was gonna get on the field with #12 on the team. The guy paid his dues as the blocking FB and had two epic seasons (1980 and 1981) to show his talent.

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    2. Actually Pasadena they moved him from Quarterback to full back knowing he was a great athlete and eventually move into the TB roll after Charley graduated. The could use him as a threat while he learned to hone his blocking and blitz pickup game to become a complete player. So that when he was a soph and ready to take the reigns he would have the complete skill set. There is no insight or projective planning like that any more. Now offensively you have a coordinator who only cares about one thing. Pushing gaudy numbers so that he looks like a genius and can then claim he is superior and maybe be a trendy hire. The air-raid guys out of the leach tree (and not mike himself) are all like that. They all think they are the smartest guy in the room. They all played qb under him and non had great talent but had ridiculously gaudy numbers and broke passing records (and absolutely no championships). But because those guys had records for yards and completions and such, they are convinced that their way is the only way. Even though some have made pro rosters, they have never learned other perspectives and modalities to enhance a complete offense. “that’s not what we do.” Sound familiar. That is Holgersen, kingsbury, herrell, etc. We just know that that came out of our sociopath’s mouth but they all believe that way. Funny thing is Leach doesn’t necessarily think that way. He understands how offense and defenses and special teams work toghther and how run game sets up pass and pass sets up run. He just never has any running backs. USC has backs but doesn’t use them.


  2. This is more than a little disingenuous. Kids now can get paid coming out of high school, perhaps even while in high school. Some will earn $1M a year and the blogger acts as if it’s smoke and mirrors. Next he’ll be jealous of these kids who bring in more income than he before they even attend a class …

    Some here need to enter the 21st century with the rest of the world. The fact they’re out front on this is a positive in every way.

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      1. Perhaps because it is linked to the opportunity to financially benefit from name and likeness. Of course, this will open up lawsuit upon lawsuit.

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    1. “Kids now can get paid coming out of high school, perhaps even while in high school.”

      – pudly dumb fuck

      What a stupid ass…AHA HA HA HA HA!

      Eric Dickerson and Craig James got paid while in high school and when they were playing at SMU, and kids were getting paid long before those two were made an example of you stupid half-wit pudly dumb fuck.


    1. Somewhere along the line a pundit labeled the three shooters in the 2021 class as “deadeyes.”

      Maybe Enfield knows a good shooter when he sees one?
      #20 SG, #24PF, #42SG (out of top 100)

      Not blockbuster like DeAnthony/Metu, OO, IM/EM, but a solid class.

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      1. He does! There’s a whole video devoted to players saying “coach has us practicing free throws! Here, watch!” —then you see everybody taking turns at the free throw line!

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  3. hi fans,giannis is having problems on the road mental with free throws and always wants to drive to the basket when theres players in front of him??? sincerely, Edward

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      1. As Larry himself astutely noted, “I would term my tenure a qualified success —now someone else can take the Pac 12 to the next rung up the ladder.”

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  4. If you are Bohn and you cant fire Helton this year, what do you do? You build a framework around him and wait for him to implode. So you build a recruiting department and then use the assets you have. NIL, USC degree and network, LA, a few solid position coaches.

    You do the best with what you have. And wait for the inevitable collapse of Helton. It is coming, this year. The horrible roster management and lack of player development catches up, particularly on the offensive line. The defense will keep us in games and win games for us in some cases, but having to replace Hufanga and having questions on the defensive line with the departure of Jay Toia mean that we cant expect them to keep us in games against Notre Dame or maybe even Utah or UCLA. Helton got lucky again that ASU could be imploding.

    But the offense without some of the talent from last year will be a real challenge. It is all riding on the shoulders of Kedon Slovis and Drake London. Can GH and Clay McGuire solve things? Highly unlikely.

    So we just need to let the chips fall and Helton can finally be let go. And the current recruiting efforts can be backed up with the right coaching and development. I still think that many of the pieces that have been added since Bohn took over – TO, Vic, Donte, Steiner – are pieces that can be kept after Helton is gone.

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    1. Nice analysis.
      At 10-2 I consider firing the HC.
      This schedule is beyond ridiculously easy.
      Many of our rivals are breaking in new QB’S.

      A non-conference game with BYU at end of Nov and then the Pac 12 champ game in Vegas (assuming USC wins the South). Then a month until the Rose Bowl (or similar).

      At 12-2 I have to retain the HC.
      At 11-3? Move on.

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      1. I think that either this year or next year USC is forced to make a long term decision on Helton. You cant refuse to renew his contract all the way up to the end 2023, because it will just kill the recruiting efforts. So either Helton and Harrell prove that they have national title contender chops this year, or I think it is over for Helton. With the bar as proving they are on the road to a national title contender, I think it means:

        – no blow-out losses to teams like Notre Dame or Oregon. even if you lose those games, you have to be competitive.
        – go to a decent bowl game and dont lose
        – 10 or more wins in the regular season
        – some demonstration that the offense is getting on track. you need to be able to blow-out all of the easier teams
        – move up into the top 6 Pac-12 teams in running game efficiency, at a minimum. but it should be more like the top 3-4. remaining as one of the bottom 2-3 in running game should be sufficient reason to move on
        – defense needs to also take a step forward. top 25 nationally would be on track, with reasons to believe they can improve further
        – beat ucla. if you cant do this, you shouldnt be the head coach at SC
        – minimum top 10 recruiting class. it really should be top 5 if they have a good season on the field.

        Although they might put this decision off for another year, I think that they need to make a decision on Clay this year. Maybe they have a bar for him this year and then a higher one next year and if he fails to clear either one, he is gone. if I was bohn, i would write these expectations down, similar to what I have done here and just tell him to either succeed, or he will not be renewed. quite frankly, they might already have an agreement that Clay is not going to get a renewal, but he wanted to coach another year or two, to try to salvage his reputation.

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      2. I think we are in agreement, gamer.
        You just put in a little more analysis.

        At 12-2, HC CH keeps his job.
        At 11-3 AND WITH ALL THE ADVANTAGES to the 2021 schedule, I’ve seen enough.

        I am assuming that Donte and TO have a strong Defense that we all can be proud of.
        In that case, does Donte (a gentleman of color) leap frog TO for HC?


    2. Mostly agree –but “if the best thing Bohn can do is build a framework around Helton” it might have been a good idea for him to build a framework around Slovis by bringing in a top O-Line coach who’d attract top O-line prospects. [If the reason this didn’t happen is that Bohn didn’t have the juice to MAKE it happen, we have problems beyond Helton]……

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  5. When did comments start becoming moderated? There is more trash on here than I can remember, but a comment about disagreeing with the premise of the bloggers post is moderated?

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    1. Take it from someone who has quit this blog more than once, There is no moderator. The problem lies in the login system. If you write a post and it disappears it’s most likely lost through the shaky system used by the blog. If you have an account the process goes through a different system than if you just enter your name and email without an account. I talked to Me not too ling ago and he said he copied and saved his last entry with an account. Then when it got bounced he waited a few minutes and posted it again. Boom it went. So it’s not a moderator, its a crappy blog company.

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      1. I literally had a message that said the moderator was reviewing the comment. I’ve never seen it before and I’ve been on here from the beginning, under other names.

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      2. No problem, Mrs. Helton. Maybe you’ll be the FIRST person in InsideUSC history to make it out of “review” ….
        #ModeratorMessageShouldRead: “SeeYouInHell”

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  6. Hey Scott you got anything positive to say about usc football on your blog…….Usc don’t need no enemies when they got you LOl


  7. Damn Pisley, you incurable breath of halitosis, yesterday I was “vapid” and today I’m “precocious.” WTF doofus, make up your mind.

    I must admit Pisley, years ago, I dated a lovely lady who used to scream at me “you’re so precocious” when she reached her thrill.

    Pisley, did MG slip you a cheat sheet of Enquish adjectives cribbed from an ESL 100 class?


    1. Your granny doesn’t count as a date, you stupid little prick. Although that’s as close as you’ve gotten to it.

      Oh mud, oh mud… oh well.


      1. That’s it Pisley, you accuse me of doing my Nana; such sophisticated repartee. It speaks volumes about your education and family values. SUCC grads on the blog must be proud of your ugly, churlish, redneck behavior.

        Pisley, you’re a prime example/reason nobody likes bozo u. You’d be a perfect SA Brown Shirt.

        SUCC FB: Tough as a dandelion
        #Hee Haw


    2. I’ve always reserved the term precocious for a child or teen or young surgeon who is preternaturally more socially or mentally advanced than expected for age. So yes, JO, you are not precocious. No insult intended.

      Happy that you are walking the path of sobriety, which I salute.
      If you want to take the next step in progress, dump UCLA and join the Trojan team!


    1. You can laugh all you want, Pudly —but it was very upsetting to a large number of Oakland Hills lefties (my former neighbors) to see their brand new “Violence Prevention Chief” castrated on local television on his first day on the job…

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  8. Football players choose to attend a school that is winning, plays consistently in national televised games, appears on College Game Day, and how many players they are putting into the NFL. Winning means everything, and a strong marketing program to build a players image comes second. Players will still go to Ohio State, Clemson, and Alabama because they win every year not because they have a great marketing department that will improve their brand image.

    All this marketing stuff means nothing until you start winning football games that mean something. USC still plays Notre Game but rarely does the game mean much anymore in terms of the college football playoffs. In the past USC use to play Top 10 teams in the non-conference schedule, and it appears now they are avoiding that, and putting all their focus on just winning the Pac 12 South.

    Ask many of our successful recruits of the past why they came to USC- 1) To play for a national championship 2) Play in the Rose Bowl 3) Play on National TV 2-3 times a year 4) Make it to the NFL like all the others great players have that have come through USC.

    Bottom line- All 4 of those steps are the keys to recruiting. Marketing will create brand awareness for the players, and the program, but if the final product put out on the market is not good everything else fails. Will we ever become a national power again the answer is not until we schedule some great non-conference games, and play on National TV 2-3 times a year, and win those games.

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    1. Scheduling a tough starter with a national power helps focus everybody —coaches and players — in fall camp. I can guarantee getting ready to face LSU is gonna help UCLA all season long.

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      1. Playing ND each and every year is a good tester.
        The Pac 12 is fairly balanced, and playing two gimme’s is not unreasonable at this stage.

        Once we get a real gamer of a coach, then maybe we can schedule OSU in the Horseshoe, UF in the swamp (watch the 1982 game again), LSU in Death Valley (what a game in 1979!), and maybe even the Fighting Dabo’s.

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    2. The Supreme Court has spoken.
      The NCAA has been b!tç#slapped like the beeches that they have always been.
      The progressive programs which recognize this and augment this will lead CFB and MBB and WOMENS SPORTS for the next few decades.

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      1. I’m enjoying the vision of the NCAA’s bitch-President crying in his queen sized bed with the silk covers pulled over his head…..

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  9. Is Mike Bohn moonlighting as Logan Byrnes of KUSI news 9 in San Diego? They both talk like news anchors, one gets paid to the other thinks he’s an athletic director. They look alike and I ‘ve never seen them together.
    While away from Rialto, staying my future retirement home in San Marcos, I have watching the local San Diego news stations. This guy is Mike Bohn the resemblance is uncanny. Too bad nobody covers USC in San Diego.


  10. I see many like Mike Bohn selling new and used cars. Hard to get them to shut up. If Bohn is so good why would he leave a good job at Colorado for Cincy which is a smaller athletic program. Many are saying he hired some good coaches at Colorado, but last time I checked Colorado has not won a Pac 12 conference since they entered the league way back when. I just don’t think Bohn is USC material perhaps Cal Poly Pomona, or UC Santa Cruz is a better fit. USC fans deserve better, and so do the athletes that come here to win championships, and continue the strong Trojan heritage which was built in the past.


    1. I think Tad Boyle–a Bohn hire–won the Pac 12 tournament title early in his tenure.
      Recruiting top hoopsters to Boulder is not an easy task. Boyle does more with less than just about any coach in the P5. Mike MacIntyre put together a great staff despite SERIOUS limits on what he could pay an assistant coach per CU Boulder salary policies. So, predictably, all fled. There was a coach who hit his spouse/GF and was permitted to still coach, so the school booted Mac. He was a good hire.

      Nevertheless, after 18 months on the job (and likely without the permission to hire Urban Meyer), Bohn likely is feeling the heat. I like the new FB hires. This season is
      most certainly going to be interesting.

      I’m likely more patient than most, having been after this for 52 years now.
      I don’t think HC CH is HC material but he gets 2021 to show his mettle.


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