USC Salvages Banned Video

Remember that hype video last year that USC pulled after about one day because of the backlash to its tone-deaf nature?

Well, the athletic dept. found a way to salvage it today with a new hype video that inserted a scene of Donte Williams and others walking down a red carpet. And no one will notice. Well, almost no one.

Here is the repacked video.

18 thoughts on “USC Salvages Banned Video

  1. These videos suck. There is no clear message or purpose to them. The execution is fine, but without a clear message it doesnt really influence the perception of USC.

    You need to have a strategy. Has the athletic department defined clearly the positioning of USC and the unique selling proposition to recruits? This is marketing 101 stuff.

    Too many images that just dont really tell a story.

    Let’ see, USC film school students learn to tell stories. USC business and communications students learn how to create marketing strategies. Either group of students could be better. I give this a C+.

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    1. I think USC will do very well on the N.I.L. front.
      We have the Cinema School, the connections, the business school, and the talented student athletes all around campus. I’m not worried.

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    1. Hey Pisley, you chronic, nauseous flatulent, Malik Thomas will fit right into the choka, choka, flop, flop SUCC BB program.

      “On 6/17, the Damien varsity basketball team lost their away playoff game against Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA) by a score of 63-42.”

      Damien’s team scored 4 whole points in the 2nd quarter.



      1. How’s 0-4 fit?

        Little tight around the collar?

        0-4, 0-4, 0-4 poor little mick and his precocious little prick.


      2. Just Rent,

        50 years ago, that Lew Alcindor and the rest of his whore friends were getting paid. The ugly payroll was larger than the Laker’s at that time. 50 years ago, Pepper Rodgers was getting his ass kicked around by SC.
        50 years ago, SC was winning the college World Series, while uglies baseball team was playing on a little league field. 50 years ago, SC was winning the ncaa track and field championship and smoking ugly while on the way.

        Nothing ever changes, SC dominates U Clowns Lose Again. Except Johnny “Cheetin'” Wooden is the greatest cheater of all time and a piece of junk. What a fu#king hypocrite that piece of junk was.


  2. USC can’t sell their head coach Clay Helton because he’s crap so they’ll sell Los Angeles and the California lifestyle.

    In 2018 Clay Helton had USC finish with a 5-7 record. In 2019 Helton finished 8-5…USC couldn’t very well hype those two garbage seasons under Clay Helton.

    Up until that disastrous 2020 recruiting class that ranked #78, the three prior recruiting classes were ranked #3, #6 and #10 in the nation. Helton coached those three top 10 recruiting classes to an 18-13 record…hype that!


  3. LOL Pisley.

    Would I rather be: 0 – 4 or oooooooooooostinkingferever?

    Would I rather make the Final Four or choka, choka, flop-flop lose by 19 points in the Elite Eight Tournament round?

    KA-J or Reggie Miller’s sister Cheryl?


    1. You have no choice. 0-4 IS WHAT THEY ARE. You have no part in it. You’re a wannabe. Period. All else is fluff and smoke, nothing of substance. What has the sow done this century? Nothing, zilch, nichts, neyt, nada mas.

      #somekinkof basketballschoolsowis


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