Reggie Bush Wants His Heisman Back With No Strings Attached

I don’t have a problem with Reggie Bush getting his Heisman Trophy back.

But can he show at least a little contrition for his refusal to cooperate with the NCAA and the poor football players who had to play with bowl bans and scholarship reductions. Never.

When will he show remorse to the USC community?

Instead, Bush is being packaged as a martyr now. He wants his Heisman back because athletes are getting paid today? Should we give Mike Garrett an extra year of eligibility because freshman are eligible now and they weren’t when he played?

25 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Wants His Heisman Back With No Strings Attached

    1. For a bunch of dumb legal reasons Reggie can’t even hint that he did anything wrong —it would open the doors on to many issues & implicate too many people.
      Give Reggie back his trophy and give USC back their “W”s (including the Bush- push win over Notre Dame)….

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      1. “too” many issues (I’m blaming this one on Cal75 —I felt like he was out there rushing me)…..

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      1. Just as – and speaking of Mike Garrett versus what slithered in after him – USC should never have accepted the NCAA hit job…Garrett may have had many, many faults…and maybe he lucked into Pete…but once it fell into place, he had enough sense to take full advantage of and more or less leave it alone…to include reacting to the NCAA in the right way…USC could have been a decade ahead of the curve if they would have done what they absolutely had the power to do at that moment, instead of going turtle in failure to recognize that the NCAA was merely the SEC’s shell organization…USC should have refused the NCAA and threatened to withdraw from football in favor of operating an NFL preparatory discipline as a degree-granting program…at that point, only USC could in effect run an NFL combine/scrimmage each day…with accompanying business decisions to capitalize on packaging it in a new way for multimedia and a fan experience…

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  1. Is USC going to bring out their copy of the trophy? I don’t think Reggie was required to return the Trophy and nothing will stop him from putting it on his resume’. It is just a piece of hardware. My brother has one given to him by the Pop Warner team he coached in the 80s.
    It would be petty of the downtrodden athletic club to keep the trophy at this point.
    I don’t know Reggie, but I do know the NCAA had no jurisdiction over him when they trumped up the charges that leveled USC. Everyone wants him to apologize, but what about the false and misleading statements that were being flung around by the NCAA to justify the fleecing of the University.
    I think if I were him, I’d apologize when the NCAA pays Todd McNair back the money he lost when USC fired him based on (known) false testimony.
    And remember other trophy winners have done far worse things and were not stripped of the trophy (they had it stolen and sold but they weren’t stripped of the title)

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    1. Johnny Manziel signing thousands of autographs while still an amateur at TA&M comes to mind.

      Cam Newton’s dad selling his son’s services to the highest bidder–Auburn as it would be.

      There aren’t that many John Capalettis, Eddie Georges, or Charles Whites out there.

      BTW, we never called him Charley. It was always Charles.

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      1. Terrelle Pryor was paid $40,000 for his autographs and had his choice of vehicles to drive while at Ohio St.

        After being caught this is what Pryor did…

        “Pryor drove up to a players-only team meeting on Monday night in a coal-black Nissan 350Z sports car with 30-day plates.”

        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!


  2. Reggie Bush was shown the $$$ and he (+ family) took illegal cash. Bush threw bozo FB under the bus. Then he lied about it. Bush got what he deserved.


    1. Says the knucklehead who worships at johnie wooden’s altar after all those guys have publicly admitted (including in writing) that they were paid.

      mud, dumb as dirt only wetter

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      1. Pisley, you congenital moron, Bush wreaked the bozo FB program and still you act like he’s innocent just because other CFB players were paid. Yeah, that legal defense always works.

        Those other CFB players weren’t as greedy as Bush and his family, and, this is a biggy, they didn’t get CAUGHT and then voraciously deny the truth until Bush lost the Lloyd Lake civil lawsuit! SUCC deserves Reggie Bush.

        #Hee Haw
        SUCC FB: Tough as Bambi


      2. Who said innocent, you stupid knucklehead. No where can you find me saying or implying such a thing. And if you had the reading skills of a 3rd grader, you’d realize that I compared what he did with the BIGGEST CHEATER in the history of sport. johnie CHEATIN wooden and his buddy sam.

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      3. 0-4, 0-4, 0-4, 0-4

        How’s your football team doin, oh yeah they’ve got their own streak going.

        Hahahahaha 🖕🏽🖕🏽

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      4. Just Rent,

        you ignorant slut, quote from John Belsiu to Jane, the anchor lady in SNL, Gene Bartow took a hit and uglies basketball team, I mean their pro team was placed on two years probation due to Johnny, “Cheetin'” Wooden. One ncca pencil neck geek said that the uglies AD at that time was friends with the ncaa president and that is the reason why ugly was not put on probation. If the ncaa would have gone after Johnny “Cheetin'” Wooden and his band of slimy pukes that cheated they would have been on permant probation. Poor Sam Gilbert upchuck and died on the steps to the Grand Jury. he was gonna sing like no other. You moron, know your fu#king history before you open up your pie hole.

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  3. Reggie should’ve given the NZAA the middle finger. He should’ve told them, “I’ll give my Heisman back when Cam Newton gives his back.” As far as Reggie taking money BruinRob? That’s rich coming from a ucla hack. It was his parents and no one at USC had anything to do with it. Like Jerry Tarkanian said, “UCLA had a bigger payroll than the Lakers.”

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    1. I second this. Flow is so outta touch…You telling me the SEC is squeaky clean? Gimme a break. Reggie left it all out on the field, it showed, and he earned that trophy. Did Reggie give the trophy back to maybe aide USC so they wouldn’t be hammered with those sanctions? Who knows? It’s his step-dad who is the one who caused this mess. Reggie was just a kid and a pawn. All I know is that the NCAA saw their opportunity with Paul Dee, etc., to finally bring the Trojans back down to earth and crush them which was totally wrong. Way too heavy. Give that trophy back to Reggie and stretch #5 over those seats in the Coliseum.

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  4. Memo to: Dear Pisley, the Blog’s largest female swine

    bozo BB: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOferverandproudofit.

    #Pig sooey
    SUCC FB: Tough as Jell-O


    1. Doesn’t change the fact that 20+ yrs into this century all you have is 0-4, think about it. It’s 2021 and all you can show for this is 0-4….

      Hahahahaha 💋🍆🍆


  5. Just Rent,

    Another classy ruin, Trevor Bauer, women choker, beater, and sodomizer. Things he learned at ugly, especially the co#k suking and sodomy part. he got tired of being the catcher with this stuff at ugly, so he tried to be the pitcher. He and Henely can be bu#t partners.


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