USC Morning Buzz: Long Live NIL! Now Go Away

Today is the landmark day for college athletes as NIL legislation allows endorsement deals and other ventures.

Can I just say I hope every athlete earns what they deserve. Can I also say how boring I find the topic. I’m not waking up every morning wondering what every pro athlete makes and I won’t care too much about what college athletes make.

I like college sports because of its spirit and enthusiasm. I don’t think NIL issues will harm that.

But I’m tired of how in twitter sports media world, it’s NIL non-stop. And here will be the really annoying bit: The fan sites are going to no doubt trumpet who makes the most money as they try to perform their cheerleader function for schools.

I will note if a USC athlete makes a large amount of money. The fan sites will turn it into a noble accomplishment that must be hailed to all high school prospects.

Especially with Mike Bohn’s vision “to be the most student-athlete-centered program in the country.”

Gag me again.

P.S. — We don’t need to hear about Reggie Bush this week either.

  • Last week, I highlighted USC’s social media own goal when it locked the replies in a tweet wishing Clay Helton a Happy Birthday.

Well, UCLA returned the gaffe this week. Here’s what it tweeted out the same day Trevor Bauer was accused of assault. Of course, the replies are worth a look:

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Long Live NIL! Now Go Away

  1. Hope these profit guys off of NIL, but brace yourself for USC football social media turning into one, long continuous episode of Entourage. I suspect football talent development will erode even further at USC. USC football has no leadership (including Bohner) and its priorities are [messed] up.


      1. If UCLA and Usc play their cards right this could be a game changer for recruiting. They are the only two division one schools in a major media city much less the number one destination for media attention I’m sure both schools will find a way to F up the advantage they have over schools like Alabama or Georgia who play in those power house cities Tuscaloosa and Athens respectively

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      1. Yes. Absolutely. It’s now up to agents and attorneys to find whole NEW ways of exploiting the system….

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  2. NIL means the school has to recruit exceptional athletes. In recent memory, how many offensive linemen have earned endorsement contracts? I wonder if they would get paid if a late night comedy show used their name? “Did you hear the one about Toa’s snap? No? Well don’t worry it’s over your head.”
    So, outside of the thirty or so players people pay to see on any football team how many can actually do a commercial? There’s not enough deodorant and toothpaste to go around. They can maybe find work as extras in a football movie, but I don’t see a lot of money in likeness fees.
    This could backfire too. What happens when the athletes demand a cut of the proceeds from a televised game? Are we about to experience the end of televised college football? Are popular games going to pay-per-view status to increase revenue ? With the rest of the teams playing on networks, will the unwanted teams quit playing on TV all together?
    We may never see a Trojan or Bruin game again if this happens.

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    1. Don’t worry, Me. The fact that USC is one of the teams playing in the USC/UCLA game will keep UCLA on television…..

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      1. Yup. mud’s constant harangue that their schedule is tougher than ours is only true because they don’t play themselves…

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      2. bruins CURRENTLY don’t play themselves —but that’s gonna change. Chip is working on the logistics.

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      3. Solid point, 67. If the bruin offense were just allowed to practice against one of the very fine local high schools, it could grow immensely….

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  3. Sorry bourbon, but precocious fits perfectly for a prick who developed as early and as well. On this we’ll just have to disagree..


    1. Maybe, but I got to use one of my favorite vocabulary words of all time….
      That’s one you wanna’ pull out for special occasions only!

      Bourbon4me. Building the blog’s vocabulary one day at a time.

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    1. I’m being asked to purchase Mercury News to read Wilner’s article (that’ll be the day). What’s the gist, Pudly?

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      1. Thanks, Pudly. I just paid $799 to read that article.
        P. S.
        An early Pac12/SEC game in Las Vegas would only help the Pac12 if the Pac 12 team doesn’t get beat 52-6….

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  4. This is manna from heaven for all the avaricious, corrupt agents who feed off these young athletes. I’m curious to see how the NCAA and universities will control “agent signing”, monitoring, restrictions, violations et al. It’s a time for those money grabbers to find ways to further line their pockets…..for them, it’s to hell with the game, tradition, sportsmanship, price in your university…’s just how big is my bank account. Bohn is at the head of the line putting more emphasis on the NIL than on a competent head coach and great play on the field.

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    1. Carra —
      I love how much your post sounds like a Clay Helton promotion video…..

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      1. Wow!! Thank you for calling to my attention an error in my communication. I am not now or ever have promoted helton. That thought sends shivers down my spine. I will more carefully re-read my message to see how my language failed to convey my point.

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    1. Pelosi actually said “I’m not sure we need statues.”

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  5. Agree that the N.I.L. discussion is tiresome.
    Seems to me–much like compliance–that each progressively-minded school needs to hire the best staff to augment this opportunity. In fact, likely needs to be a branch of the compliance dept.

    See my summary, next comment.

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      1. Matt’s comments should count for something…

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