Sunday Buzz: Did USC Recruit Decommit?

Here’s a tweet from Servite tight end Keyan Burnett that does everything but say he decommitted from USC.

And his QB, Noah Fefita, seems to think it is a decommitment.

29 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Did USC Recruit Decommit?

      1. syncere massey…what ever I read it on he was a 4 star d/end from TEXAS
        not talking about burnett…maybe I was too vague,they happened the same day,just pointing out ASU not hurt by whatever is wrong about parents and kids visiting a school on their own


    1. Sc if he wants to go to a mediocre football program let him go……Wouldn’t waste time recruiting him again


  1. Great size, speed, power, ball skills, YAC… You can’t coach that. And to top it off, he was a terrific playing DE, with a lot of speed and power, aggressiveness. That commitment to his team to be a key defensive player for a top 5 TE says a lot about him. Losing Servite players to Arizona? Dis tew much. Will someone just get rid of Gomer and Opie already and find a real head coach and OC?

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      1. You’re right, Pudly. It’s not really surprising or the knock on USC some make it out to be…..

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      2. You again? Lol The kid was an SC commit. SC gets lots of his teammates from Servite, So Cal… Half his family went to ND. Kids don’t give a discount to their parent’s alma mater if they’re night and day, or we wouldn’t have most of our recruits. (That’s true even for some big programs– Domani Jackson would be at Michigan, etc.) Now go, I’m not interested.


      3. 🖕🏽Sit on it. You one note good

        You’re still blowing smoke. But now you’re inhaling, consultant my azss! He and three teammates will end up there and the only one in all of California who doesn’t know it is you.



  2. AZ and AZ St. Both have a lot of problems right now. For different reasons, Frankly I’m amazed why anyone would commit for this next year. If a kid likes either AZ school, go to a good JC program for a year and play every game, home your skills and wait a year to see how those programs shake out.

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  3. Jaylahn Tuimoloau, aka JT set to announce his commitment:

    Latest odds per Caesars:

    tOSU 1 to 2
    OR 3 to 2
    USC 2 to 1
    UW 3 to 1

    If he chooses USC, it will be the “helicopter” ride heard round the world.

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  4. Honestly, USC doesnt use the tight end position and we have an abundance of TEs that are in the program. Until GH demonstrates he actually wants to use the TE position, it makes no sense to bring in more bodies. We can use that spot for another position where we need it more.

    Or maybe guys like Ethan Rae are never going to play and we need to be able to write them off

    On the upside, Devin Brown was proving himself a stud at the Elite 11 and throwing to Tetairoa. Hopefully that makes T want to play at SC with Devin.

    The problem with SC now is balance. We have elite level QB talent, but not so elite level offensive line.

    I think every fan just ponders how this team could recruit with a head coach that is considered top notch. Like a Lincoln Riley. I dont think any program in the country could touch SC with a top HC.

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    1. Replying to last sentence of gametv’s post: That is exactly why Carol Folt doesn’t want one.
      #[HowElseCanYou POSSIBLYExplainRetentionOfClayHelton]?

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  5. Happy 4th Guys! [I say “guys” cuz we’ve run all the women off the site with our combined charm and tact].

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  6. Even if he does de-commit, the new re-vitalized recruiting staff is doing a good job except for on the O-Line. Why they ever hired this guy as O-Line coach is a mystery to me. If you look at his resume, there is nothing there to recommend him. They went after a lot of other good O-Line coaches but none of them wanted to come to USC. This new guy is not an especially good recruiter. They probably should have stuck with Drevno. As I have said before, Bohn ought to be climbing all over CH to find out why good O-Line coaches and 4 and 5 star O-Linemen seem be looking at USC like there is a bubonic plague outbreak on the USC campus.


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