Happy Fourth Of July!

It’s the Fourth of July and that means time to run this wonderful color photo of the fireworks show at the Coliseum in 1964, that even lit up Mudd Hall and the USC campus.

The Mudd Hall Bell Tower was used in the 1923 version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Of July!

  1. Hmmmm. He runs the same picture every year- kinda like the counter march.
    Happy 4th to all Trojans and loyal trolls. We can all celebrate our independence.

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    1. How did I skip this post? [Guess I just went straight to the headline about USC losing a key recruit].
      Happy 4th back at ya, Scott and crew! Great to see Mudd Hall again. Last time I walked around that courtyard all I could see were the phantoms of all the folks I knew so many years ago—still standing around the fountain….laughing and talking.

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