USC Morning Buzz: Winners and Losers Of The Week



The Ducks got a commitment from 5-star offensive tackle Kelvin Banks of Houston. He is the No. 2-ranked OT in the nation per Rivals. I thought USC was focused on Texas recruiting?

More seriously, the Ducks are stockpiling quality offensive linemen and becoming Lineman U. Imagine the reaction from some in the media if Banks had committed to USC?

Devin Brown

The USC commit had a great weekend at the Elite 11 camp. My question is when will he play if the coaches see Jaxson Dart as the QB of the future?

J.T. Tuimoloau

I can’t believe this guy waited until July to make his college decision.

Zach Wilson

Do you know who he is? A walk-on wide receiver who has appeared in two games in two seasons at USC. But he is now a “Barstool Athlete,” which apparently means some type of endorsement deal. NIL!


Recruiting media

Did tight end Keyan Burnett decommit from USC or not? The recruiting media industrial complex was practically in full radio silence on the subject over the weekend. But there’s no shortage of fluff stories on how USC recruiting is back!

USC social media

It’s almost impossible to catalog all the recent bad posts. A post referring to Mark Hamill as a “big-time Trojan” even though he didn’t go to USC. Somehow promoting jersey No. 1 over No. 42 as an iconic number? The Reggie Bush campaign is way over the top and trying to turn him into a victim. And it has the full blessing of Mike Bohn, who just wants to suck up to a former star.

Reggie Bush

He said he “tried” to talk to the Heisman Trust regarding his Heisman Trophy. Did he ever try to speak to the NCAA? It might have made the penalties other football players at USC paid for his violations less severe.

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners and Losers Of The Week

  1. USC’s recruiting is going fairly well except for O-Linemen. Their O-Line recruiting is terrible and the O-Line coach they hired has nothing on his resume to recommend him. Rutgers has recruited 5 O-Linemen so far this year. One 4 star and four 3 stars. Arkansas has two 4-stars and one 3-star. South Carolina has one 4-star and three 3 stars. Kentucky has two 4 stars and one 3 star. Oregon has a 5-star and three 3-stars. SC doesn’t have one O-Lineman coming in for 2022. I predict that with all the talent at the skill positions, they will lack a running game as they did the last 2 years.

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    1. Insoluble Problem: We can’t really run our offense at 100% efficiency without a good o-line, o-line recruits want a “name coach”, “name” o- line coaches shun working with Helton.

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    2. Clay McGuire is going to have to prove he can develop players. The roster is stacked with “development” players who either must be improved, or they will be a drag on the program for years to come. Top o-line recruits will not come to play at SC if we have a position coach who doesnt have a real track record.

      So the bottom line is that USC should NEVER just add players to fill the roster. Because USC had such pathetic recruiting efforts in the past years, they allowed the roster to deteriorate, yet it is filled up with guys that might never play.

      Bohn allowed GH to pick his o-line coach and I think this year is the last for Harrell to prove himself, or get booted. If there is no running game and an offense that isnt in the top 20, then there is no way this offensive coaching staff remains in place.

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      1. In his first full season at USC (2019), GH “developed” the #9* offense in CFB–all with a Freshman QB at the helm. The Trojans played 4 or 5* (UW, ND, Iowa, Utah, etc) top 10 Defenses (out of a total of 128 defenses) in 2019 and put up plenty of yardage against those sturdy defenses. The Covid season cannot be counted for or against anyone.

        However, we all expect great things out of the 2021 offense with a top-notch, proven RB in the backfield, a QB with about 18 starts–mostly very solid–under his belt, and a corps of wonderful but mostly unproven WRs (London will be getting double coverage).

        If GH runs a top 10 offense again (not likely, given the WR losses) and TO runs an improved, turnover producing D, then this team should win a lot of games.
        Big if’s, but I like these players.

        *per Football Power Index algorithm

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      2. Phil Steele has Notre Dame, USC and Oregon bunched together, pretty close to the top 10, in his Power Poll (talent rating, basically). The BIG unknown is how much of a distraction Helton becomes if USC blows an early game (or even looks unimpressive in victory). It’s hard for a team to get jacked up every Saturday when the media focus is how overdue USC is in getting rid of it’s head coach…


  2. Tell Gomer Claydo HE’ll ton to get his head out of his. A OOO. START RECRUITING OFFENSIVE LINEMEN. That are at least 4 star….that can BLOCK and protect your Quarterback also so you can Run the Dam Football. …Start putting your Quarterback under the center No Shotgun 3 step drop and throw the Football quickly to a reciever. Also to hand the football to your Running Backs Quickly. . Play up tempo Aggressive ….and change up the play calling. …

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    1. Wow you get it and you are not even on the payroll. We got a coach making millions and earns his Nick name clueless Clay instead of earning millions in his contract by winning big games. Talk about incompetence! Plenty of it going around at Heritage Hall.


  3. So why the fuc was the o-line coach hired in the first place ? If he can’t even recruit at a place, like USC. They need 4 and 5 star offensive linemen because obviously they can’t develop 3*s with shitty coaching. Bohn pull your head out of your ass. The achilles heal of the team has been the o-line for years when you can’t run the ball at tail-back U.


      1. From the start of his tenure at USC, I have followed every story about Helton’s attempts to get good line coaches. It’s not that he isn’t trying. Lots of stories about him pursuing the best guys out there. But they wind up not coming.

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      2. Michael, That is the problem with having Clay as head coach. With Clay as HC, we cant get top quality coaches. TO is a good coach, but he was tarnished from being fired at Texas. TO brought in some good position coaches, but Graham Harrell is not viewed as a top OC, so the offensive side of the ball is a hodge-podge of left-overs. Keary is the only one who would easily get another equivalent job on the offensive side of the ball.

        We are just a few months away from some answers and accountability.

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    1. Loved this song from the first time I heard it driving along with my kids in the backseat. Everybody started car dancing —to the concern of other drivers on the Santa Monica Freeway. I don’t want to hear it again until we’re beating BYU to complete an undefeated season……

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      1. Remember Sinatra’s words: “Never let a hangover affect performance.”

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    Good football coach even better person.


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    1. You’re right. A tremendously decent man and a damn good coach who believed in & taught PHYSICAL football. Always had time for everybody who wanted to talk ball on the front steps to church on Sundays.

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      1. After years of getting run over by more physical Nebraska teams, Terry had UCLA REAL ready in 1988. I turned on the game late and it was already UCLA 28-0 —and ABC was scanning the UCLA bench to show all the UCLA players laughing.
        That ’88 UCLA team was really something and it would go on to take the Cotton Bowl. All of which reminds me that Larry Smith led USC to a 31-21 victory that year. A huge accomplishment —especially since Rodney Peete was playing with a flu so bad he didn’t have enough voice to call signals above a whisper.

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    2. Great biography on Coach Donohue in today’s LA Times (on-line).

      His Bruin teams in 1982 and 1983 were stalwart–winning back-to-back RB’s while we were on probation. His Bruins were always fun to watch. Great Bruin and great CFB coach. Rest in Peace.


  5. Helton sent out a memo this morning: “Houston we have a problem, they moved to Texas and nobody told the Coaches. Who knew Houston was in Texas? I want names!”
    Helton’s offensive line philosophy is ; get a fat kid and put him on the line, no talent needed. It’s typical second string quarterback thought. He isn’t concerned with the trenches, he wants a
    quarterback who can zing a dart in under five seconds, he doesn’t care if he has tubs of goo (not Marv) on the line. I wouldn’t be surprised if he saved his time- outs for the fourth quarter just so he can give the outa breath line ample time to waddle out to the field. “Time ref, the fat kid looks like he’s gonna barf.”
    It’s like we are watching a perpetual showing of the movies Replacements versus the Longest Yard. (Burt Reynolds version)
    I gotta wonder if Helton really does put his pants on one leg at a time. Maybe he rolls out of bed into pants already setup like a fireman. I’d call him a moron but I don’t want to insult morons everywhere. He a less-on …less on the ball than normal folks.
    Happy July 5th.


  6. Terry Donahue did a wonderful job at UCLA even though he had to compete across town against John Mckay, John Robinson, and Larry Smith. He took full advantage of building the UCLA program up especialy when the USC program was down in the 80’s, and 90’s. Don James, at Washington did the same thing, and stole many local recruits away from USC when the program was struggling like it is now. Kids go to schools where they can win now this is why many of the best players now go to the SEC, Big 12, and Big 10. USC use to get all of them not anymore. Sure, we still get some blue chipper players but not enough especially on the offensive line.

    I hate to say this like we all do, but I have a feeling UCLA is going to have a very good year this year. I give them a good shot to beat LSU at the Rose Bowl.


  7. If you think about it John Robinson did a tremendous job in his first term at USC. It is not easy to replace a legend like John Mckay, and he kept the tradition going at SC with a strong running game, and with more emphysis on throwing the ball. Too many of these young coaches come in and change everything like Tollner, Helton, and Harrell, and many times it backfires. Once Tollner came here USC got away from the running game with more of a finesse one back set, and boy did Terry Donahue take full advantage of another poor hiring decision by USC. To me Ted Tollner was probably as bad as the Paul Hackett, and Clay Helton hires maybe worse because he took the program down very fast from the top.



    Scott Wolf
    “The Ducks are becoming Lineman U”

    PS. He is the only beatwriter not allowed in his teams locker rooms.

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  9. On the Reggie Bush thing. It would be nice if you could ask him these questions instead of asking the viewers.
    Damn! I forgot all the great players at USC won’t give you that time of day.

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  10. I agree, I feel no sympathy for Reggie. USC owes him nothing. Yea I’m sure it was mostly his stepdad being greedy but actions have consequences. He was a thrill to watch but the punishment must remain.


  11. Terry Donahue never cried about our drum major stabbing their field. He concentrated on what his team would do on that field. Guess that’s why he was more successful and more respected than Mora. May he rest in peace.

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  12. Err, Reggie Bush a loser? Ever? No.
    His parents worked a deal.
    What is a teenager gonna’ do? Tell mom and step-dad, “No”?
    The family couldn’t wait 12 or so months for the kid to finish his 3rd year and go pro.

    The parents and agent need to apologize. Fer cripesake, they were adults trying to cash in on a VERY HARD WORKING, TALENTED, young man. During his run at USC Reggie would consult with LaDanian Tomlinson on LT’s work-out schedule and then try to reproduce the workout himself. Look at the difference between Reggie as a frosh and Reggie his final year. That physical change doesn’t happen without monster workouts.

    Lay off the guy and give him the trophy back. He earned it each and every day for his 3 years in CFB. Never embarrassed his school like Baker Mayfield did. Manziel still has a trophy. Plenty of evidence that Cam Newton’s dad was durty.

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    1. You forgot jameis winston on that list… and you’re right, when he stepped on that field (practice or games) there wasn’t an once of cheatin involved. It was all work, and every teammate I’ve seen speak to this has been on his side.


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