Notes: A Winning Formula For USC?

Is this a winning formula for USC?

There’s an interesting quote from someone who previously worked with Mike Bohn.

41 thoughts on “Notes: A Winning Formula For USC?

  1. Because a guy in his position may not be that well liked doesn’t necessary necessarily mean that he is not a good AD. When you are in charge, sometimes that alone makes enemies. Leadership can sometimes be a lonely place.

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      1. I don’t like Trump on a personal basis either. It was downright embarrassing when he’d waste time going after Rosie O’Donnell or Meryl Streep —I mean wtf? But he stood up to folks devoted to dismantling our institutions in the name of “globalization” — and he understood, just as Bernie Sanders understood, massive medical, educational and housing assistance requires closing our borders to illegal immigration….


      2. Your side can never ever again claim to be upset about having an idiot in charge….

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    1. Yeah, pretty funny anyone supporting Biden-Harris crying “idiot”. Dementia man forgets where he is and has to be saved by Jill wherever he goes. Harris lies like a rug; The MLK story she stole was pathetic. Claiming to address the “root causes” when the biggest one was reversing the policies of the previous administration! Cackling whenever presented a difficult question! And she’ll soon be President! Anyone with a brain knew that a vote for Biden was a vote for Harris. The puppet won’t last much longer.

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  2. Gotta clean house in the entire USC athletic dept.

    Bohn, Tessalone, Helton and all those corrupt assholes in the athletic dept. who have gotten too comfortable in the cushy jobs they’ve managed to hang onto for far too long after proving to be totally inept.


    1. Oh yeah, and USC has to stop with that polynesian pipeline crap, those girls have contributed next to nothing in terms of winning performance on the field over the last decade.

      Time to start recruiting some blue collar kids that don’t have that self entitled bullshit lazy ass attitude that those polynesians have…those girls are always fucking hurt before they play a single down in an actual game. They’re a waste of a scholarship.

      Just being real.


      1. I’m racist because those polynesian girls can’t finish a practice without stubbing their toe and being sidelined for the year?

        How do you figure?

        Nevermind…I really don’t care WTF you think.


      2. How about when Tonya Hufanga got trucked by that 5 foot nothing 175 lbs. Arizona RB and got his pansy ass knocked senseless and sidelined for two weeks?

        That Wildcat was 175 lbs. soaking wet and ran over Tonya Hufanga like he was a cardboard cutout.

        How fucking embarrassing!


  3. Wait, what? Is that a quote in the title, or a tease for the future? That’s an old picture. And since nobody responded to my previous challenge, (bottom of morning buzz) I’ll go first again and caption this picture: Wait, guys can I get one of those football hat thingys? ” -Mike Bohn.


  4. Just in case SUCCster’s get tired of bozo non-conf. lollipop BB games and want to watch a real CBB game.


    Bruins scheduled to take on the Tar Heels on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021


      1. BS Sammy, every team in this year’s CBS Classic have won a NC.

        Jalen Rose’s opinions are FOS.

        No chance SUCC would be invited to participate in the CBS Classic.



      2. Ok you got me.
        I just wanted to get a reaction from you on that. So I admit Jalen Rose didn’t say that but I’m sure he was thinking it since he likes USC.


  5. California BB Player of the Year:

    2021 – Amari Bailey, Chatsworth Sierra Canyon, 6-5 Jr.

    Headed to UCLA – Yowsa!


    1. He’d better if his dad is Tobey Bailey. But you guys can’t seem to beat the basketball team at USC so get more of them. Does Shabbaz have a brother? He was Gatorade National Player of the Year and led Ucla to a great run in the sweet 16.

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  6. Clay Helton’s lack of player development is causing players to drop down or out of the NFL draft and them $$$ millions. Many of these players are black. White Mike Bohn and white Carol Folt refuse to address this situation by firing white Clay Helton. Ergo, Mike Bohn and Carol Folt are racists. #USCInstitutionalRacism


  7. Charles Smith……if Helton were black he would be a distant memory…..its only white guys that get the excuses.
    Actually I don’t want to make this about race…..but if it works…..lets all get woke!


    1. If Helton were black he never would have gotten the job.

      Same reason you won’t see a black QB starting at USC anytime soon…Hell they won’t even pretend to recruit one.

      USC loves their proto-typical golden hair beach boy looking QB’s even when they aren’t worth a shit. Prime examples, Cody Kessler and Max Wittek.


  8. Well there ain’t nothin’ goin’ on here. Trolls crowing about hoops players and politicians while Pro basketball is dribbling to a close, a bunch of bicycles are lost on tour in France and the Olympics are about to start.
    Welcome to the summer bummer before the August hype cranks up.
    Three posts one apparently moderated (although I never get a notification so it’s most likely an internet thing) two without response. I think I’ll watch some Fast and Furious movies (because they’re real and wrestling isn’t.) Wake Me if you need Me.


  9. I know about Peete and Evans. Name a black QB at USC that has or was given a legitimate shot at starting since Rodney Peete.

    Perry never had a chance in hell at starting on a regular basis.

    It’s why Bryce Young decommitted and left for Alabama, USC is racist as fuck…how ironic is that?


    1. Bryce Young decommitted because Nick Saban is Nick Saban and Clay Helton is Clay Helton. But if you want to allege that about Carol Folt specifically vis-a-vis USC football, there’s an argument to be made there.

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      1. Helton told Young he wanted him to play DB and Young laughed in his face.

        USC was never going to allow Young to play QB…becauae he’s black.

        That’s just the way it is at USC.


    2. I’ll go this far — it would have been nice if USC gave Jalen Greene more of an opportunity….but it would have meant getting more innovative than Sark or Helton wanted to get on offense.


    1. The concept of good race relations isn’t altogether clear in tebow’s mind….


  10. The winning formula for winning at USC is, get rid of the three stooges, Sorry Moe. Larry and Curly, and replace them with a president that knows what is necessary for the school, get an comptent AD that knows what is the gem of the school, and get rid of Humpty Dumpty helton and his experiment of third rate football and replace him with a proven winner.


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