USC Finds New Way To Rent Coliseum

USC is always looking for ways to make money/charge fans.

Here’s one: You can rent a suite at the Coliseum for a minimum price of $2,000 to have your fantasy football draft.

That includes the suite for six hours for up to 12 guests and a $250 food credit. And working Wi-Fi, of course.

If you want the President’s suite, it cost $6,000 for up to 50 guests.

9 thoughts on “USC Finds New Way To Rent Coliseum

    1. How can you say that?! The suite looks so much nicer than the ones at the Beverly Hills Hotel……

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    1. The room in the photo looks just like the one in the Paul Newman movie, “Harper” —you know, the one he said he wouldn’t want to die in…..

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  1. Bohner can you give me special hourly rates!? Me and 1-2 female guests!? A bed would be nice … cheap alcohol credit … Pipe in Fanfare, Tribute To Troy, Fight On.✌️


  2. Wait until USC gives Helton a contract extension, they’ll have to pay people to step foot in the Coliseum.


  3. That’s pretty clever I think; smart way to try to make a little extra money. Dont know who would do it but I applaud the effort.


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