USC Sunday Buzz: Wide Receiver Chooses Oregon

Isaiah Sategna, a four-star WR from Fayetteville, Ark., committed to Oregon over USC this morning.

He was originally committed to Texas A&M. Now I don’t think it’s a big deal when a receiver goes elsewhere because they are usually the easiest position to replace.

But . . . if Sategna had committed to USC, the usual media suspects would be going nuts right now.

24 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Wide Receiver Chooses Oregon

    1. Thanks for teeing me up, Troy.

      “I can’t understand why any student…”

      …would chose to attend the #350 ranked University in America when they were offered a full ride to the #19 ranked University in America.

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    1. Rumor is Oregon isn’t recruiting anymore —at least not strictly speaking. They are sending out DVD’s with 2 halftime speeches –the one given by Clay during the 2020 Pac 12 Championship game —and the one given by Mario Cristobol.

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      1. Extremely insightful post. I’m sure that Scott will have the last laugh though.Within the next 3 months the people who regularly comment on this site will be “up in arms “ distraught over Moron & the Trojans record. We should not throw stones in our glass house. Vegas has USC win total at 8 1/2 waiting for the line to move to 9.

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  1. Bohner where is your recruiting fence around Southern California!? Why are you recruiting WR’s from Fayetteville!? Cherry-picking guys from different parts of the country reminds me of the UCLA approach which isn’t sustainable. Get your own backyard in order, Punchy!

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      1. Mean spirited, MG.
        But true.

        Personally, I don’t find any solace in any losses myself.
        I’ll take an ugly win over a “moral victory (in losing)” any day.

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      2. I’m “liking” the part about me being “mean spirited”…..
        Speaking of liking people —-is it a sign we’ve all been particularly childish lately that Pudly is staying away?


    1. Just Rent,

      Only a ruin would cheer for a loser. The ruins lost that game. it doesn’t matter if it was by one point or by 20 points, ruins lost. The ruins will always be losers.

      U Clowns Lose Again.


  2. USC recruiting efforts are all flash and no substance, that is the problem and why we land on top 5 lists, but dont get the commitment. All those new recruiting staff getting athletes to show up, but they cant convince players they will be developed in the same way as Ohio State, Alabama, Oregon, etc.

    Donte, Vic and TO have made improvements, but beyond that, still major problems with execution. It seems to be a management problem.

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    1. Clay Helton: “People who complain about management problems on our team don’t know football.”

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  3. Urban Meyer wanted this job badly. But ‘woke’ USC wouldn’t have him because of the some incident that had nothing to do with him concerning his O-Line coach and his wife. He thought this was the greatest job in the world. He said so on the Colin Cowherd show. He turned down the Michigan job and the Texas job but he never said no when asked about the USC job. I like CH but until we get a proven winner in there as HC, we will continue to be a mediocre 8-4 each year.

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  4. I have decided to write a post that doesn’t mention Clay Helton. I mean everyone who knows me knows I think Clay Helton wouldn’t make a pimple on the ass of a tee ball coach, but I am certainly not going to devote time to mentioning Clay Helton. So this is not about Clay Helton because I don’t want people to think I only write about the king of dimwits and his inability to earn his income in an honest fashion.
    Yesterday the TMB posted a video where Mike Bohn (but not Clay Helton) showed up at what I assumed was band camp. He spoke to the band. My problem was the smallness of the band itself. It looked like there were fewer than 30 band members in the video. I don’t know if that’s because of Covid or Helton, but the band was small in the video. And this bothered Me.

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