7 thoughts on “USC Notes: Does The Ship Have A Captain?

  1. USC has a ship’s captain, he’s wrong way Clay. Hiring an equipment manager is a huge deal. Some candidates didn’t recognize the old school jock straps. They were wrong for the Trojan family. Some even postulated that they were special Covid masks.
    Also Helton’s leadership was on display when he would pop into the interview and say, “Oh excuse me I thought this was the men’s room. “

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  2. Thank you for bringing this photo back, Scott. I’d forgotten how much I liked it.

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  3. Everyone knows Clay Helton is King Dip Shit, but Quincy Watts was said to be my many in this forum a few weeks ago…the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Another clown hired to make sure Trojan athletes don’t excel.


  4. The ship isnt exactly sinking, but it sure isnt a well-managed organization. I dont know why anyone who expects Clay to be replaced sometime this year would be surprised that it is difficult to hire new people.

    I still dont think that the team is going to stink on the field this year. Defense will win games for them. Offense is a huge question mark, but they have too much talent to assume it will suck.

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  5. From the top down there is no captain. Dolt is not a person who I would take a bullet for, Bohn needs to show he runs the show and get rid of Dolt by not letting her decide who the coach will be, and Humpty Dumpty Helton is, well, put it this way, janitorial services is too big of a job for him. As long as these three are there, especailly Dolt, SC will be medicore at best.

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  6. Wolf why would USC hire an equipment manager DURING THE COVID PANDEMIC?
    There weren’t any players on campus for most of that period. Why pay a guy to sit around a sweat in the locker room all day staring up at the clock?

    You actually think USC people were like “Bohn needs get his sh** together and hire a fu**in equipment manager!”?????

    My vote is they probably said “We can take care of that later”



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