USC Morning Buzz: Insiders Try To Read Clay Helton’s Future

A USC administrator told me yesterday that one reason the athletic dept. hired an “interim” equipment manager for 2021 could be in case a new football coach wanted his own person in a year.

“But I wouldn’t read too much into that,” the administrator said. “They offered the job to about 10 guys who turned it down so they wanted a full-time guy but they couldn’t close the deal.

“Also, there is a growing feeling around here that Mike Bohn will keep Clay Helton barring a meltdown.”

Isn’t that an uplifting scenario for 2021?

“Helton might blow it but Bohn seems to be giving him a lot of leeway so people are bracing themselves for the possibility Helton stays,” the administrator said.

  • USC sprinter Brian Herron has transferred to Texas. A rare case where the athlete is not going from Texas to USC.
  • USC pitcher Chandler Champlain was selected in the ninth round of the MLB Draft by the New York Yankees. He had a 5-8 record with a 5.31 ERA and 107 strikeouts in 127 innings at USC.

37 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Insiders Try To Read Clay Helton’s Future

  1. Bohner and Brennan are such worthless Carol Fraud sycophants that they allow the Clay Helton charade to go on. Hang your head in shame and put your ✌️down.


    1. The bar at USC has been lowered, going 6-6 is now good enough for the head coach to keep his job.

      Shit, USC football should just join FCS and call it a day.


  2. Reading Helton’s future isn’t all that hard. It will take a massive administration response to get rid of him. Helton has dirt on each member of the BOD or he wouldn’t be employed at all. In the interest of saving the University from being dragged into the abyss of mediocrity, the board must unselfishly resign. Last one out fires Helton.
    Actually if Helton were a comic book criminal kingpin, he’d be the Penguin. He has an impenetrable umbrella of protection. His henchmen are expendable and barely loyal to him. But what really sets out as a comic book villain is the crimes he commits, such as killing talent and NFL careers. He overcharges for shoddy production and cheap rhetoric. And being outfoxed by every other coach in the country. Cast Harrell as Batman.
    Of course this makes Folt and Bohn police commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Harah. (From the 60s TV show) I guess that’s why they had trouble getting an equipment guy to be Robin, “Holy Towels Fatman.”

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    1. Greatest scene in Batman TV series: Batman has been transformed into a frog by the Penguin and sent as a present to Commissioner Gordon’s office in an aquarium tank as a gift. After a few days, an unsuspecting Gordon, missing Batman, looks out his window and cries “Batman, Batman —where for art thou Batman?” The frog replies “I’m over here, Commissioner.”

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      1. Once again you are wrong Mickey! Greatest Batman scene is actually a very early episode where he is dancing in the club à la Austin Powers! But back to your pathetic schools football team. How does it feel that 3 straight 5 star quarterbacks are leaving the beautiful state of California to play for a real team? Malachi Nelson out of Los Alimitos will not play for USC. 🤔 so you mean Alabama starting QB from Mater Dei and Clemson Starting QB from St. John Bosco both play in the Deep South? I thought LA was sooo cool and beautiful that nobody would ever leave? Oh unless you want to play real football and be part of a real program! At least the recruits are finally figuring out USC is just as racist as the Deep South! Haha! Your team sucks and so does your dumb ass political views! #USC 24 SJSU 28 😂😂😂😂

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      2. The dance club scene is the one all the amateurs go for.


      3. Surely you haven’t forgotten Surf’s Up Batman where the Joker uses new technology to attain world champion surfing skills. A massively entertaining episode.

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      4. Often Caesar Romero as Joker would ask for another take, feeling he could improve on the scene —he was always told, “no, that’s good enough.”


  3. Bohn is putting his job on the line if he keeps Helton around another year. Perhaps, he thinks the team will go undefeated this season which is hard to believe. We see what happens this season


  4. I want Helton gone as much as anyone, but it seems off the wall nuts that an equipment manager position would be an impediment to replacing him.

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  5. “Also, there is a growing feeling around here that Mike Bohn will keep Clay Helton barring a meltdown.”

    I see 6 games that SC might not win: Stanford, Utah, Notre Dame, Arizona State, UCLA, and BYU. So 6-6, and an invitation to a third tier bowl game. That’s not a meltdown, but it’s pretty much the textbook definition of mediocrity.

    So if my prediction pans out, Helton will be back for the 2022 season. If going .500 and staying out of trouble with the NCAA is what Carol Folt wants, then she’s got her guy.

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      1. …But what happens if UCLA and Notre Dame are his ONLY losses?

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      2. P. S.
        Pudly has left us due to the level of negativity —it’s time to post some positive stuff…..
        Practice Post: Drake is gonna awe people this season —scoring innumerable TD’s despite triple coverage. And Ingraham is gonna prove to be the smartest get in USC history —single handedly saving Harrell’s offense by adding a whole new dimension.
        AND — Coach Helton is gonna be hyper aware of how bad it looks to leave his mouth open like a ten year old —and will concentrate on breathing through his nose for a full three and a half hours.

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    1. I thought SUCC would trip, stumble, and fall to 8 – 4 despite its cream puff schedule.

      But damn Friday, your 6 – 6 bozo FB prediction warms the cockles of my heart. Clown U FB schadenfreude is so exhilarating!


      1. It (USC record of 6-6) might seem exhilarating to a brubabe—but would you bet money on it? Honestly?


  6. I think with the upcoming media rights negotiations and with a new commissioner of the Pac-12, there is alot going on that the general rank and file of the USC athletic department really dont have a clue about. Maybe that is why Bohn seems to be MIA.

    It could be that the reason for all this uncertainty is that there are going to be much larger sweeping changes in the USC athletic dept and the uncertainty that is felt is not that Bohn is planning to keep Clay, but that he is simply allowing Clay all the rope he needs to hang himself. Bohn might be distancing himself from the carnage and preparing a resurrection on the other side of this year.

    My guess is that the people Scott is talking to are far out of the loop with the real plans. I just dont see how Bohn is able to keep Clay around unless he fields a really stellar team and goes at least 10-2. With the media rights negotiations starting in 18 months, Bohn knows that he needs to have a resurrected USC football program by next year. If Clay goes 8-4 this year, top recruits will not sign up and the ship will not be headed in the right direction.

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    1. Little known fact: Scott is negotiating media rights for USC behind the scenes. He & Petros are in the thick of things —-& they were placed there by President Folt himself [not a typo —I know many things the “general rank and file” are not privy to]…….


  7. The P12 is Pee Wee fb. That can’t be overstated. We’re not playing for Power 5 stakes.

    With the division bullsht, SC can easily “win the South” as if that’s a thing, and “play for a conference championship”, as it that was a thing. Nothing real about any of it.

    Beating irrelevant UCLA should be a gimme. (Chip is trying to learn how to coach a whole different offense to prove to the NFL he doesn’t just know his old “gimmick” offense, and his notorious loyalty to even mediocre friends set his defense back still…) Again, nothing real about it.

    ND is obviously not playoff, big boy caliber, just consistent, which means they won’t embarrass us.

    With the right crap match up SC can easily win a bowl.

    10-3, bowl win, victory over UGLY, a shot at the conference title, competitive game with ND, and all the shtheads will be happy.

    Meanwhile real college football at championship stakes will be played elsewhere.

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    1. It would take huevos grandisimos to fire the HC after a 10-3 season, irrespective of the result in a decent bowl game, but it would be the correct thing to do. The 2021 schedule is truly cupcake for USC Trojan football and a 10-2 regular season result should be viewed as unacceptable for this HC and this team. At 9-3 the decision is easy.

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  8. MG –

    IIRC, an inability to beat ND and UCLA contributed to Larry Smith losing his job (that, and a bad attitude). But those were different times.

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  9. Face the music, Humpty Dumpty Helton will not be looked at until his extension has expired. That will be the time that Bohn will look at Helton. This are the orders from Dolt. The reason is she likes looking at helton’s ass and she doesn’t want to spend any money on the team when she wants to upgrade her house. When his extension expires in 2023, Bohn better say they are looking for a change. If not, then they will lose revenue. I am not renewing my tickets until Helton is gone and they get a bettter schedule. SC shold be playing LSU not San Jose St.


  10. Batman was cool. the special guest list was awesome, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and others. The villians were great, Frank Groshen, Cesear Romero, Burgess Meredith, Julie Newman, and others. Bat girl was a babe, the only problem was that the suit was tight on her and she wore a bra. Tighter suit and no bra would give 11 year old boys heart attacks. I was one at that time.


    1. Bohn has told close friends that Helton is gone even if he goes 12- 1..


  11. It’s the third quarter, and USC’s so called air raid offense is merely an excuse for a “no run” offense. Tuning out now as USC is again out coached, but this time it is not with a a “San Jose State.”
    How sad and predictable.


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