USC Selling Another Historic House

USC wants to sell the historic Freeman House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

It wants $4.25 million for the Hollywood Hills house, which is a 2,884-square-foot property, that features walls made of textile blocks,. The house was valued at $687,000, according to PropertyShark.

In 2019, it emerged USC allowed the house to fall into disrepair and valuable items were stolen but not reported missing for more than six years.

22 thoughts on “USC Selling Another Historic House

  1. In 2016 USC allowed the football team to fall into disrepair. Tradition was stolen ….and USC still refuses to report it missing.

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    1. USC is doing the wrong house cleaning, they should be clearing out Heritage Hall, all those corrupt filth that have gotten too comfortable collecting paychecks they don’t deserve.


  2. btw, lots of us had fun inside the Freeman House back in the day after hours…. zero security…

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  3. Seems a bit like Hurst, the guy had so much stuff he didn’t know what he had. He once saw a picture of a chandelier he really wanted and had a person searching the world for that light. Three months later the guy returned and told him after searching he finally found it in a Hurst warehouse.

    BTW MG Pudly hasn’t left us, he’s just looking for a cool name. Rialto, Pasadena, Bourbon, Me, Owns, Tebowobama and F0@& you are all taken. Maybe we’ll see him as Scott Wolves’ smarter brother.
    Could happen.

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      1. Me was referring to the fabulously engaging William Randolph Hurst —- his failed attempts at establishing a rental car company and publishing empire are legendary….


      2. Owns is right. It’s totally my fault for following my wife around DDs while composing my drivel. I have actually been to Hearst Castle a few times. I should have known. Usually I take time to look it up, but my wife asked if the pants she had tried on made her butt look big. I was speechless. So I hit post while my phone was still working.

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      3. The details in this post support your credibility, Me…..


  4. USC is selling off many of its prized assets to pay for lawsuits, worthless football coaches, a president, and athletic director which are truely liabilities. Season ticket sales, and booster support are at an all time low. It’s time to clean house or the next thing you know they will be selling off the properties at Heritage Hall, and Cromwell Field with the famous Tommy Trojan statute included in any deals that are made.


    1. USC selling off the two houses doesn’t even come close to paying off the $50 Million Dollar judgment awarded to UC San Diego because C.L. Max Nikias tried stealing their faculty and research.

      As long as USC provides that criminal C.L. Max Nikias to remain on campus with an office and a bunch of puppets to do his bidding…USC will remain fucked!

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  5. USC cannot sell the horse because luckily it is not owned by the university. Unfortunately, they cannot sell off Helton, Bohn or Folt because no one wants them any longer.


    1. Hurst, Edelbrock, Holley – a forgotten industry. Once I bought a Tesla I lost all interest in ICE muscle cars I used to lust after.

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      1. Tesla’s are very fast. They rock you head when they fully accelerate. But muscle cars are still cool. If Steve McQueen can drive one, then they are good enough for all of us. Chevelles, Old’s, GTO’s, Barracuda’s, Mustang, Camero, Chargers, Challengers, there is something when you hear the cam just going.

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