USC Morning Buzz: A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

I always like hostage photos.

This picture of USC “head coaches and senior staff” seems to be missing someone, but I can’t figure out who.

It also seems like former Cincinnati people are the biggest bloc represented. Don’t think that’s not noticed within the athletic dept.

Note Andy Enfield in the middle, no doubt stewing over the lack of a contract extension, and not next to Mike Bohn.

At least we know Bohn was with his employees on this day.

If you need a Clay Helton fix, here he was at the spring scrimmage with Bohn and Carol Folt, right before a fan supposedly heckled him.

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

  1. Clay’s there, who’s missing?

    Case of beer to the USC fan who heckled Clay Helton in the 2nd picture✌️


    1. Sorry. Case of beer has to be placed on hold. I checked with Coach Helton’s office manager & that fan is now listed as “missing”….. when I asked if she thought it was at all possible to locate him/her I was told “that’s not who we are”……


    2. Reportedly, heckler was singing “Clay Helton’s got a MAN-gina.” If that wasn’t bad enough, some of the parents started singing along.


  2. In other news…pudly went to visit gotroll22 who is being held at Patton State Mental Hospital in San Bernardino ever since Trump’s landslide defeat to Sleepy Joe Biden.

    pudly is now also being held for observation after having provided hospital officials with multiple fraudulent identification cards.

    pudly may be released under his own recognizance if the hospital can detetmine which one of his multiple personalities that is.

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  3. As for gotroll22, he suffered another breakdown and setback on the 4th of July, all the American flags on display for the holiday were just too much for him or her to handle.

    Doctors say gotroll22 won’t be getting released anytime soon due to the fact that he or she is nuttier than a fruitcake.

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  4. If you don’t raise your hand with the victory sign, you are putting rabbit ears on the person in front of you. I looked for Helton, but couldn’t find him. (actually I don’t care if he’s there) But my first reaction was Helton on a beach near the sewage leak going, “Guys? ” “Is this the right beach?” And then a wale vomited him on the beach (Jonah Helton, the coach at Nineveh college)

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    1. Helton is there —somewhere….lost in a sea of minor coaches of inconsequential sports. The photo on the USC 2003 Sports Schedule Mail-Out had Pete Carroll smack in the middle of the front row….where the Head Football coach should be….


  5. Looks me to that Bohn is trying to show it is one happy family under his leadership in the picture! Sorry, I am don’t think so especially looking at Andy Enfield. and that should not be the case since he is one of the top coaches we have in terms of winning percentage, and growth of his program.

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    1. One Happy Family? If that’s what Bohn is trying to project…well….let’s just say the photo is about as successful as his “it’s all about the seed!” speech…….


  6. Maybe this really is the Adams Family with Carol Folt being Morticia, and Mike Bohn looking and acting like Lerch each and every day.

    No one seemed to be having fun in this picture for a reason. Where’s the beer, and the bbq??/Are we really celebrating the upcoming season for the coaching staff or was this event planned to make Mr. Bohn look good to Carol Folt. To me this looks like they just finished hunting for grunion the night before, and even though it was a full moon there was not a grunion to be seen.

    My goodness at least they could provide some entertainment for the coaches even a hot dog eating contest would be great followed up with a softball game to generate more unity within the athletic dept.


  7. Addison Nichols released his top 3 and USC was not in it. That is a huge blow to USC recruiting. I highly doubt any other 5* or top 4* o-line recruit will sign up for SC. Tennesee, Ohio State and North Carolina have o-line coaches who are not inept.

    I think that the early narrative that USC is back in the recruiting game is going to fall flat on its face now. Great skill players will not come to SC, if they dont have the big heavies to protect them on the line.


  8. I don’t think it will be a big year at all. For the 3rd year in a row, we won’t have a running game. We’ll beat all the weaklings and lose to all the good teams. Let’s hope we can beat the weaklings. Remember, last year we had an overly cupcake schedule and although we were 5-1, we needed 3 miracles to win 3 games. Without those miracles we would have been 2-4 and if we would have played Utah at the end of the year we would have been 1-5.
    Everyone says that we are doing such great things recruiting. Are we? Last year we did pretty good. But this year we are only 23rd and Oregon is 7th and they are getting the 4 an 5 stars in the positions where they need them. We have much more receivers and D-Backs than we need but the good O-Linemen are avoiding SC like the Plague. I don’t think that we are anywhere’s near taking back the west. Let’s be honest

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  9. When I seen the word hostage I pictured Wolf going postal or having a very “bad day” losing his mind like he does normally but taking some coach at USC hostage while negotiations are going on because he made a demand that he be brought a subway sandwich. He screams on live television “It better have onions!”


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