Reggie Bush To Participate In Documentary

Former USC tailback Reggie Bush has agreed to participate in a documentary directed by Kirk Fraser, who directed ESPN’s “30 for 30: Without Bias.”

It will be made by Believe Entertainment Group, the studio behind the Oscar-winning “Dear Basketball.”

If Bush is cooperating, that means the documentary will probably be favorable to the former Heisman Trophy winner.

It will be interesting to see how balanced it is and whether it tries to make Bush the victim, as many are doing now.

Will Bush show any remorse for what his actions did to USC?

Will he take any accountability?

Those are the real questions even as his transgressions are being minimized.

40 thoughts on “Reggie Bush To Participate In Documentary

  1. Reggie still exists within a complicated legal universe. Every lowlife connected to his downfall has a lawyer who’d love nothing better than to claim his client has been libeled in the upcoming documentary. Don’t expect Reggie to say much beyond, “it was a confusing time —I was just a kid —and I’m happy this is now behind me.”

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      1. PT — I don’t think Reggie’s legal team will let him say anything that sounds like’s he’s shifting blame to someone else. It’s over. Nothing to be gained….except starting some fresh statutes of limitations running on new libel suits against him. What would be the point?


    1. It was his rotten step-father taking advantage of Reggie’s name while his mother went along with it. Bush gained no advantage on the football


  2. Maybe he’ll clear the air on why he didn’t take part in the investigation, but people tend to forget the FBI got involved in the extortion plot against Reggie. He was not innocent, but he was hardly the criminal he is painted as.
    People also forget his picture was on the front of the college football video game and he was one of the players in it without compensation. Also his teammates were not punished. He was long gone when the harsh penalties were handed down. The NCAA wanted to tarnish USC and nothing he did or didn’t do was going to change that. Do you really think Pete left USC because of a once in a lifetime deal from the Seahawks? Well you’re probably right so have a nice day.

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    1. Wow changed my name I’m following the wife around a mega thrift store, typing with my thumb. I found two USC shirts here … it’s a bad sign the End is near!!

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      1. Me,

        You might have found two USC shirts there, but how many ruin shirts are there? I say about a hundred since Just Rent, FU, and the rest of the ugly crowd can only afford to shop there.


      2. …cuz it would mean that the Bruin shirts were cheaper at the the thrift store than the big bag of cloth rags at Home Depoo.

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    2. Yes! So many of the same ingredients involved in NASA’s faked moon mission are present here…..

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  3. You’d think Bush would keep his head down and his pie hole shut, but no way. SUCC wouldn’t employ U. Meyer, but the utterly disgraced Bush is allowed to mouth-off, on Clown U’s behalf, for “30 for 30.”

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    1. You are the master of the false equivalency — Urban Meyer is a hard driving perfectionist who will bend the rules as far as they can be bent to come out on top….while Reggie …..

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    2. “You’d think Bush would keep his head down and his pie hole shut”

      Owns, I am guessing that you think the same about Bill Walton, who understood all that went on with Sam Gilbert:

      “UCLA should have been on probation for about 100 years and should have forfeited about 10 national championships.” – Bill Walton

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      1. trojan1967,

        Too bad Sam Gilbert up and died on the steps to the Grand Jury. I would have loved to hear what he had to say. The perfect exit would be for him would have been that he testified and answered all the questions. then in a couple of days he die. That way he misses out jail. Then Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden would have been called on stage to answer all of his cheetin’.


  4. You clowns act like Reggie Bush is the only football player that was paid for playing at USC.

    The #CorruptNCAA and the SEC were looking for any excuse to take down USC during their dynasty run, Reggie was the scapegoat.

    With all the evidence against the NCAA about how they blatantly stated they wanted and were determined to punish USC, had C.L. Max Nikias and Pat Haden taken the NCAA to court, USC would have never been sanctioned and the NCAA would have been dismantled.

    Instead Nikias and Haden sold out USC and were rewarded by the NCAA, Nikias being appointed as chairman of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers and Pat Haden being placed on the College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

    You all should be giving those corrupt assholes C.L. Max Nikias and Pat Haden hell…instead you continue to give them a free pass.

    You Fucking Idiot’s! And you wonder why USC is the dumpster fire that it is today.



    1. You so nailed it! Nikias! Haden! Destruction of USC’s Brand …. in exchange for….. Spots on the College Playoff Board! And the untold power and wealth that went with those spots! The crime of the century..

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    2. Not true tebowobama, of course thousands of college/University athletes have taken cash under the table, enjoyed no show employment or were sustained via other clever means of available dinero.

      However Bush’s level of filthy, me, me, me cupidity cost his University FB program and his teammates a FB Natty. Then he tried to gaslight his fans with fake news denials, only to lose the Lloyd Lake lawsuit.

      Why Bush is allowed on the Clown U campus is dumbfounding!


      1. Little buddy, don’t double down on a losing hand. Walton, Wicks, Curtis Rowe, Lucius Allen, they all said the same thing about Gilbert. That he bought them everything from cars to stereos to paying for certain medical procedures for their girlfriends. It drove Dean Smith and Bobby Knight crazy that the NCAA wouldn’t go after St. Johnny Wooden.

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      1. Michael,

        I hear it now, for the ESPN Doc. 30/30 for Reggie Bush, The opening has the voice of Steve Sabol who will say, “On the frozen tundra at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a player, a player who calls himself Reggie Bush will light up the Colsiuem and the nation of college football”….

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  5. Memo to: ’67

    Bush got caught and cost the Clown U FB program and his teammates a FB natty. Bush flashed on the money tit and SUCC’ed hard.

    UCLA still has 11 BB NC’s on the books.

    Your UCLA BB, BS ’67 is loser-whiny and tiresome; Sam Gilbert never suited up for a UCLA conf. or tournament game.


      1. Everything points to it, Pardner.


      2. Stating the fact that Sam Gilbert never suited up as a UCLA BB team member is hardly looking “the other way.” It’s a fair assumption though, that Walton, when not on a BB court, rarely knew where he was.

        It’s also a fair assumption that Clown U’s BB and FB teams have similar sugar daddy’s a la Mr. Gilbert. So quit the weeny sanctimonious act, OK?

        #EvanandIsiah: “HeyPop,let’shaveourcut.”


      1. Lol. Casting is as follows:

        George Clooney = Clay Helton
        Booner = Harvey Korman
        Harrell = Owen Wilson

        And Carol Burnett as Carol Folt.

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      2. That’s actually perfect casting all the way down the line….


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